Gravelles part ways after 20 years of marriage

NORWALK The life the Gravelles shared is over.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



The life the Gravelles shared is over.

That was clear Monday when Michael Gravelle agreed not to go near Sharen Gravelle, his wife of 20 years, under punishment of arrest and possibly jail.

Sharen’s attorney, Linda Fritz-Gasteier, said her client will file for divorce this week.

Michael Gravelle, 59, of Wakeman signed legal paperwork agreeing he won’t go within 100 feet of his wife, his attorney, Jennifer Keller, said.

The civil protection order is good for five years, and the terms of the agreement are beneficial to both parties, Fritz-Gasteier said.

“Rather than having a trial on it, it’s a compromise position. He doesn’t have a finding of domesticviolence,andshegetsthe protection that she wants,” Fritz-Gasteier said.

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