Life after the blast at Edison Woods

BERLIN TWP. A year aft
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



A year after Erie MetroParks used dynamite to create vernal pools at Edison Woods Preserve, the pools are already a success.

Around 20 people equipped with waterproof boots came out Sunday afternoon for a guided tour of the park and its thriving vernal pools. Vernal pools are small collections of water that fill from spring and fall rains. They don’t support fish life because they can dry out through the course of the year, but they are an ideal habitat for frogs and salamanders.

A muddy and wet trek off the path of the “Big Meadows Trail” revealed large vernal pools that are already supporting small frogs, water insects and wetlands plants.

Brad Phillips, environmental projects coordinator, said there are no salamanders in the pools, but the pools are not mature yet. The pools are supporting two very small and very vocal types of frogs, chorus and peeper frogs, said MetroParks naturalist Lois TerVeen.

Andy Hammersmith, 12, and her friend Cassandra Stout, 14, came out especially to see the frogs. Andy, who had a keen eye for spotting the tiny amphibians, said she learned some new facts about her favorite animal.