Pinewood Derby Day at EHOVE

MILAN Gentlemen, start your engines! At the call, Pinewood Derby cars of all shapes,
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Gentlemen, start your engines!

At the call, Pinewood Derby cars of all shapes, sizes and colors whirled down the track to the checkered finish line.

Thirty-four scouts in grades 1-5 and 18 families raced their cars in the Milan Pack 215 Annual Pinewood Derby.

Brightly-colored flags adorned the inside of EHOVE Building F as the bright silver race track gleamed under the lights.

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"It's fun," Daniel Tatum, a second-grader at Milan Elementary, said with a smile.

Tatum's car, carved and painted into a fierce hammerhead shark, won the award for Most Unusual Car.

With some help from his grandfather, Tatum spent weeks working on the aquatic-inspired automobile.

The families and friends of the racers filled the stands as the Scouts sat along the track cheering each other on.

Sam Pullen, a second-grader at Milan, won the award for Most Original Car.

"It's an Edison Shark," Sam said, explaining how he carefully outlined a lightning bolt with tape before paint-ing the bolt orange.

"My dad helped me," Sam added.

The "pit," where the cars cooled their wheels between races, housed cars shaped like a bus, boat, army tank, tape measure and even an ice cream cone.

Fourth-grader Alex Stelzer designed the cover of the derby program, which showcased two derby cars flying toward the finish line with the scout logos along the edge of the track.

"I'm a NASCAR fan, and I like Dale Jr.," Alex said. His car, adorned with stickers and logos like a real racer, won an honorable mention from the judges.

In the scout division, Carl Riems was the winner of the Judges' Choice Award, Jeremy Toller's car won the Best Paint Award and Max Davis won the I Made It Myself Award.

In the family division, Julie Stelzer won the award for Most Unusual Car, Matt Keller won Best Paint and Zack Frederick received the Judges' Choice Award.

"This is one of our big events for the year," said Rich Shafer, cub master and race director. "(Scouting) offers kids an opportunity to do things they might not otherwise have the chance to do."