REGISTER VIEWPOINT: Thumbs up and a hurry-up

Thumbs UP with a touch of "about time" to the compromise of sorts that will let the cargo containers be f
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs UP with a touch of "about time" to the compromise of sorts that will let the cargo containers be fished out of Sandusky Bay, months after the they were blown off the bay rail bridge by high February winds. State wildlife officials worried the salvage would disturb spawning walleye but others, including the Coast Guard, were worried about boaters injuring or killing themselves by running into one of the half-submerged cargo boxes. Let's get this done as soon as safely possible.

Thumbs UP and, again, a touch of "about time" to some long-awaited decisive action in the city's investigation of the Community Housing Improvement office. Mark Warren, one of three under investigation for financial questions in that office, was fired after not showing up for a disciplinary hearing. Didn't have enough time to know what was going on? That investigation has been going on for months. Finally, though, some action.

Thumbs DOWN for yet another study, this time to see what can be done about rebuilding the East Harbor State Park Beach to what it was before storms eroded a large part of it three decades ago. Yes, a beautiful public beach is an asset, but is this just another half-million dollars that will go into the study hole?

Thumbs UP for A Light in the Harbor, a public art project to get local artists and those of artistic bent involved in prettifying and promoting downtown Sandusky and local tourism.

Thumbs UP to the Erie County Jail inmates and County Commissioner Tom Ferrell for heading out to Groton Township to stack sandbags against the flood. It's more productive than just keeping people locked up.

Thumbs UP for the local lawyers who are responding to the Ohio Supreme Court's call to donate their time to help homeowners fight foreclosures.

Thumbs UP to the alert reader who pointed out to us that Oxford Township voters, too, had a hand in passing the Sandusky Library levy.