Norwalk reserve officer, girlfriend arrested after scratching fight

A Norwalk reserve officer and his girlfriend were charged with domestic violence Tuesday following a scratching fight at a Bardwell Road home, an Erie County deputy's report said.
Emil Whitis
May 17, 2012


A Norwalk reserve officer and his girlfriend were charged with domestic violence Tuesday following a scratching fight at a Bardwell Road home, an Erie County deputy’s report said.  

Curtis Rakosky, 42, and Carie Zimmerman, 40, were arrested at about 10 p.m. and taken to the Erie County jail.

They were released Wednesday morning after posting bond.

Deputies were called to the couple’s Bardwell Road home at about 10 p.m., arriving to find a bloody smear on the stove and scratch marks on both parties — clear evidence of some sort of clawing match, according to the report. 

“It appeared both parties played an equal role in the physical altercation,” the report said. 

For more on this story, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register. Listen to the 911 call above. 



"It appeared both parties played an equal role in the physical altercation,”  . . . maybe LE should've looked to see from whom the bloody smear on the stove was from.  Listen to the audio tape and see if both people were involved.  



I certainly hope the dispatcher had units rolling from the first seconds of the call when she heard a disturbance going on.  It was evident that the female was being assaulted, and needed help NOW!

Dispatchers have a tough job, and this one did well in keeping the victim on the phone, but never asked if a weapon was present, which the Officers needed to know upon thier arrival.

When in doubt, roll the units, and get an ambulance in route. You can always recall them enroute.


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines

Julie R.

A scratching fight? Well, I guess that's better than a fist fight!

Darwin's choice

Sounds like an audition for "real housemates of norwalk"...

Westend Homeown

i think she should audition for some sort of low budget thriller movie because she sounds to me to be acting like some damn drama queen fake as all get out


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wow shes crazy

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


A DRUNKEN reserve police officer assaults a chemo patient and you insult her.   SR, you should delete that entire entry. 


I would say he is very lucky her dad is still not with us.


 I am not sure why the Sandusky Register would publish an artical like this accept maybe someone there is bored. Just let the courts figure things out before you make a fool of someone. Shame on the Register!


Come on Curt, get it together bro..remember the days playing footbal behind venice school and tring to get the mopeds going, shooting hoops in the backyard???good old days, both of ya'll peace to ya...  ps-snomobiles when your bro "r" busted his


@ rwpeace21.says

the reason that this article is published is purely the history of MOST of the articles that they choose to waste good paper over is the fact that it invloved an Auxiallary Officer that is part of Norwalks Dept. and rarely even participates in this role. They took absolutely NO decision on how this report could affect the other party that is innocent...and yes she is until proven GUILTY.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why this periodical has such a target for all of our Police Dept.'s? I seriously think someone upi there has a goal? If it's the case? PUT THE WHOLE TRUTH OUT THERE!! Get over it  and DONE with it!  All SR is doing is putting a bad name on all the people that I have to depend on when I am in need. And I hardly think that this further put-down helps anyone!!

How many domestics 911 tapes do you see appear on this? There is a target!!


I appreciate that SR removed the personal ATTACKS, you were right to do so, as they were only opinion. THe personal INFO that was contained in some of the blogs probably didn't need to be removed so much as they are quite pertinent to the situation, not just opinion, but facts. I am sure Carie will overcome this as she has so many other horrible things in her life. While she is still battling many "speedbumps" as I will refer to them, she is challenged and still willing to put forth her effort to recover from some serious "speedbumps"!  I would encourage anyone here to TRULY know the facts of what happened as I do. Before you decide that this was something that you would like to consider only DRAMA, had you known the WHOLE story, I hope that you would consider your opinions. This is very sad to know that the SR ONLY chose to put forth this audio tape because the man involved is an "auxilliary" officer, really, a role he RARELY portrays. But here we go again...attacking ANY officers conduct, because apparently there is not other news to offer. Shame on this vindictive goal for ALL Officers. I however am NOT defending this one, but they way SR makes the article sound is as if....ALLL Officers have issues. Seriously, How many other 911 tapes are put here?? The only reason why? He is a OCCASIONAL Officer!!

Love you Carie! This too shall pass.......


No matter what, intoxicated or not, no man or woman has the right to hit  the other person.  This was ridiculous.  If you cannot figure out the problems between you without resorting to violence you should not be together.  When it comes to this point, get away from one another. 

How tragic that he chose to hit her or scratch her.  Then he yells at her, "you are losing your mind".  Wow, classic control technics.  That wasn't necessary to do to someone already visibly shaken and upset.  That was really a terrible thing to do to someone.  She was already hysterical.  It sure didn't help. 

If she was scratching at him, he must have been attacking her and she at him.  They obviously are way past the "talking" phase of what seems to be a detriorated relationship.  Get away from each other and cool off some.  If you intend to stay together you two better get some intense councelling with a good person to work this all out or separate for good. 



I cant believe she got arrested, did yu hear the 911 call. she was the one who called them asking for a officer. she was in trouble. i cant believe this. but once again its a women who calls for help and then the tables are turned on her. i cant believe if someone hears the 911 call they can hear that she was the one that was in trouble. just because he was a part time officer doesnt mean nothing. she ask for a officer. please when someone calls for help as she did then get them help no matter who they are. officers are the same as we are they can use the system for selfish reasons. but once again no one help her. get it togather just cause he was a officer he got special treament. she was the one that need help from police not him. please help the one that needs the help HER. Not him. praying for her. hold yur head up cause yu did what yu thought was right but now a days its the man that gets the upper hand. God bless yu carrie.


@ young......I am not sure, but if he had any scratches on him it is called "mutual combat"  and that, while sad, in this state, means they both get arrested.  If they were both fighting (and I believe she said they were on the tape) then they both get arrested.  It sucks but they both get to go to jail.  It sucks doesn't it? 


@Turner.....It is not the fault of the SR because they report the news as it happens.  So this is a part time officer.  How many people would be screaming bloody heck if they did NOT report this because he IS a part time officer?   It makes me sick every time someone complains that the SR reports something that has to do with a cop in this area, like they are out to get them. 

Perhaps it would be better if these cops modified their behavior and kept their own names out of the paper themselves rather than blame the newspapers in the area for printing the news.  For crying out loud, you and everyone else get on here and blather about how wrong it is to print the news about them and the collateral damage it creates to others involved but no one says a word about their bad behavior or that of those involved. 

Try telling the people of whom these stories are written that perhaps if they minded their actions a bit better ,whether right or wrong ,their names would not be in print and their actions would not be fodder for the ever eager press to print.  Instead of blaming the paper, try blaming those who CREATE the news for once instead of blaming those who report it. 


Once again wiredmama222.. I almost fell asleep while reading your comment.

You are an intelligent person and occasionally you reveal that with some of your remarks. Live in the DAY, not the past, or what you would love to be the PRESENT! I would like to feel that special feeling in my gut that the world is good and fair is fair...however I live  in the REAL world! NOONE is fair, this ridiculous paper has definite targets and you are STUCK on NEUSSE,,,,wanna talk about history??  Geez, catch up!!

Most everyone gets that their poor behavior has consequences, and most everyone gets that they will pay for this elementary ENOUGH for you, the school teacher?   The ones that don't , pay for it...we get it! You trying to teach everyone how the world works is getting dull. due to the fact that you are "taking up" for the people that are trying to bring good people down. If you sincerely believe that everything in this paper is TRUE..................well all I have to say is ...sorry. so sad!


@ turner.......Geeze, I guess your knickers are all in a knots cause you can't stand the facts, huh?  What is it exactly that bothers you?   That the paper pretty much told the truth or that someone took you to task for complaining about the newspaper?  

I didn't tear down your friends, they did that to themselves all by themselves.  They are the ones who had a fight in their house.  He got drunk and hit her and she hysterically and rightly so, called the cops on him.  Any fool with half an ear could hear that she needed help.  She must have fought back cause they arrested her as well.  What part of that is wrong?   Well?   He said,  "you are loosing your mind" on the tape....go listen.   That is disqusting.   No one has a right to hit another person. 

Maybe where you come from that is acceptable, but not where I come from.  I am not trying to tear down or destroy your 'friends" with that comment....its a fact of life.  Any man that would hit or scratch a woman deserves to be shot as far as I am concerned......especially a cop who knows better.   If you were once a cop......which I suspect you either are or were how many domestics did you see?   Terrible, right?   What did you want to do to the man who beat up a woman?   And a woman to a man is no better.  

So don't blame the SR or me for their bad behavior.  And don't blame the SR for printing it.   How long do you think it would be if the SR HADN"T put this in before one of the other departments hadn't called complaining .."hey, how come you didn't run the article about this cop?  He got arrested for a domestic and lives in Castalia"    yaddah, yaddah,     Do you think they wouldn't have?   Oh, dream on, if you think that wouldn't have happened.    You live in lahlah land.  

Newspapers don't get to play that game.  They print the news.  They don't get to censure it to suit you just because you don't think your friends names shouldn't be in there. Sorry, the world does not roll that way.   Boy, you need to grow up. 

And yes, if the cops want the newspapers off their backs they need to stop acting like idiots.  Listen.   The good old boys network and the days of "I can act out and no one cares " is over for good.  At least around here it is.   Like it or not, everyone is watching.  The police are going to have to watch and act like really nice people all the way work and at home.  As tough as that might be or seem, they will not have a  choice any more.  They are going to have to be ROLE MODELS  wow.....there's a tough gig.  

So don't jump all over my frame because your friends screwed up and had a bad fight that led to their arrests and their names got into the paper.  Then you come on here all upset and act like the world is ending because the newspaper picked up the story and it THEIR fault its in the news and MY fault because I said these two should have acted better. 

Get a grip.....turner.......this is real life.   Neither the SR or I did know what's sad.   YOU, trying to lay the blame anywhere and secondly you trying to lay blame anywhere but where it belongs  .   you know where that is.?.....on your own friends. 


Once again wiredmamma222,

Good for you. Live in your LALALALALALALALALALALA land! What was reported is NOT the WHOLE truth in what happened with this matter! But I am glad you belive the SR is ALL about integrity, but our Police Dept. is not. Obvioulsy YOU must have worke d for a newspaper sometime in YOUR life???? I have NEVER been a police officer never will I, because if given the opportunity when it comes to stupid people....well let's just say, I'll leave that to the people that I trust!

And you COMPLETELY missed most of my point usual.

Oh and thank you for the bedtime story, once again I am sooooo sleepy!


AND NOONE took me to task......where did that EVEN come from??? Wow, what a world you live in? Do you think wm222 you are the life the love and the future of this blog? Holy cow, you got some realllll nerve!!


@turner.........You fired the first shots turner.  You are the one who got your panties in a bunch because someone had the unmitigated gall to stand up for the SR.  That is what I meant about taking you to task.  It is not me who missed the point, but you. As for for being the love and future of this blog, you give me far too much credit.  No one is two words, not one.  Is that concept too hard to understand?  

I live in the real world.  Where do you live?   You say there is more to the story.  Apparently, as I stated, you know all about it,  Well, enlighten us all. 

Tell us what isn't in print that changes a darn thing.  She got hit, she called the cops.  He is a part time cop.  He must have had scratches on him.  They both got arrested for what appears to be "mutual combat" because on the tape she admits to there having been a fight and he had been drinking.  Now what got left out in all this???????  What more to the story is there?   Please tell us what isn't there????????   You know so much more that would change anything, tell us al!!!!! 





Your point is that you think they shouldn't have put the story in at all because she is your friend and had he not been part of the police world this would NEVER have gone in, but because he IS a  part time cop, it was in there.  That is your point.  Oh, I got it.  Oh, yes.  I understood it.  But you don't.  You think that because he is a RESERVIST cop....they aren't real cops, they are "wannna be's" and he doesn't do it that enough to be considered a cop anyway. 

That was YOUR point.  But you know what, that doesn't mean a darn thing.  He is considered part of the police world.....he took and oath, but like the rest, therefore he is part of their community. 

And yes, I do have a problem with ANY man who hits a woman. 

I don't give a darn how sleepy you get.  If you don't like how I say something or how long the post is, don't read it.   That is your problem.  Not mine. 

I bet you can't resist anyway.  As for what I have to say, I read you post about Huron.  I don't believe everything I read or everything I see on here. But I am more willing to believe the SR than I am to believe the SPD.  Once a liar always a liar.  The cops down there have a problem.  Their credibility is about zip right now so I wouldn't go there if I were you.  You brought up Nusse before so I don't buy that you aren't or weren't.  You are involved somehow. 

What you have to say leads me to believe you give veiled threats.  I wouldn't do that if I were you.  That's a pretty dangerous road to take.  Once down that path, you cannot return.  And you just took the first step.  Thanks for the warning. 

And you talk about collateral damage?  Your friend is hardly collateral damage.....she is primary damage.  She got that when you called the police.  Again, she did it to herself.  The paper isn't responsible for this. The only ones responsible for any of this are your friends.

You just don't get it, do you?  You never will.  You have such a hatred for the paper you cannot see the forest for the trees.  If you have info to the contrary, spit it out.  Otherwise, stop complaining. 


Pardom mi tipos...NO ONE is so clear to me now! LOL!!  an is not spelled and btw!

I have a hatred for nothing, well maybe ignorance...

I have delivered NO threats, and accusations of such ARE a threat. Your limited capacity to see the forest for the trees explains A LOT to me. You have decided that I am in somehow connected to the SPD or the Neusse case is absolutely where you fall off the list of being credible! Kick the squirrel off the wheel, it's not doing you any good.

My friend will prevail, that's what caling the police helps you do. Incinerating her does NO good. Heaven forbid the day you would need a member of the SPD to help you in any form. Oh that's right, you will NEVER need it, you have the SR!!


andBTW mamma:

how the heck do you even know that what was reported is the truth??? My goodness. you are the first to stick up for them, but the last to prove their integrity!



Gather round for the scratch fight!!!

RWAAR Tssk Tssk !!!


"Norwalk reserve officer"  did anyone forget the story about aaron voltz of the norwalk pd?


@ turner......why don't you answer the question?  You said the SR  didn't print the whole story, but you know it....go ahead....tell it.  I am giving you the chance.  Go ahead.!   You have such a big mouth, tell what you know to be the truth.  You said the SR didn't do right by her.  Go ahead, tell the WHOLE story and tell us all what they didn't tell.  That's only fair.  How many times do you need to be asked?  You said they were leaving things out, so tell it. 

I did not "incinerator her "YOU DID.  I do not know her.  I defended her.  Look back and read.  Or can't you comprehend?   You would love to believe your rantings about how the paper and I did something to her are real.  But YOU did the damage, no one else.  You just went NUTS screaming about how no one knew the real story and it was all wrong, yadhhal yahdahddddd.   But nothing more came out.  And because I defended the SR you went even more nuts.  So YOU caused this no one else.   

It is YOU that created the "collateral damage" with that same mouth.  Had you not made such a mountain out of a mole hill, none of this conversation would be happening and this so called "collateral damage" as you call it would be happening.  You created it.  You are the one who went on such a rant.  Do you realize that most everyone felt sorry for your friend?  I know I did and still do.  So what exactly is your problem?  That fact that she is embarrassed by her personal business being in the paper?  Or that this guy hit her?  I don't blame her for that.  But YOU are the one who blew this out of proportion so she has YOU to thank for it.  Let me remind you that YOU are the one who started all this with your rantings. 

As for Nusse, she got a bum rap and I am not the only one who thinks so.  If you don't like it too bad.  You and your friends at the SPD can lump it.  You must be part of the group that was in on that one.  How small minded you all are....worried are you?  Sounds like it. Why does it bother you that anyone would defend her now?  Or want her back?  That makes NO sense.  Who are you to tell anyone what they can and cannot support or think? 

 And YES, you do make veiled threats.  Look at the one you just made again!  I don't like that at all.  I suggest you watch your step with those.  I don't mind being talked to straight out, but don't play games.  Its childish.  Especially the denials.  Hoping I don't ever need the SPD????   Really?????  Ok, I will remember that.   If I need them and have a problem I will remember who to look at.   I would NEVER pull a stunt like that on you, I have more class.  Apparently you don't. 

Also, making comments on other articles about me.  Wow, you really have no class.    I just hate having a battle of wits with an unarmed person. 



I am a believer that the truth shall ALWAYS be revealed. So when the court records of this case come out, I am sure it will be public record. My only point about the SR putting out the audio of the  911 is what I hold more in case than anything else due to the fact that I believe that there are soooooooo many of them, that I am curious why this one was so important to be put on the  There are some things that you don't  SEE, but will HEAR on these audios.  I have had many 911's here on my block, that I have found out about, but I don't see them on the So what is the end result of this one? Really, what is the point?  My friend is my friend. She realizes that this is probably ridiculous for me to have a rant with you. At the end, you have accused me of being involved with SPD,,,,,,,am not, never have been. You have accused me me of threats, NEVER handed one...I can't I don't know you! I could only possibly threaten what I know.

As far as Neusse (MY spelling is correct), I also believe that she was railroaded. I believe that she wanted the corruption in the City and the SPD to come to an end. I also know that history has an ugly head when you live upon it! i also believe that having a hateful heart and a will of distrust that brings to you nothing but...BAD!! And believe me, that is NO veiled threat, as you would like to refer to it, it is just called kharma. You have no idea what kind of class I have. You have told me how to think, what to say and what is wrong with me. Believe me this is only ENTERTAINMENT at this point. You have shown your "frame" and I am not impressed!


and btw wmm222.... are you like 12? Get over yourself!!!  I believe you have created your own "DISCOVERY" that you work for the SR!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Probably should've been a little more creative!!!

My BIG MOUTH comes along with my BIG BRAIN. So your simple crap comes from a ???????


@ turner ......At least I don't lie like you do.  What a liar you are.  Tell me, when was the last time you told the truth?  Can you even remember?  Or have you hung with the corruption so long you just can't remember?  

And before ou become a parrot and say the same thing back to me,  I haven't lied, but I can prove you did.   You said you knew the whole story and could prove the SR didn't have it right.  WELLL?????  

You lied

Usually one end mimics the other, so we know your big mouth allegedly would mimic the opposing end. 

I am done with you.

wiredmama222 SAID that you had the whole truth of this story way back when you attacked me for sticking up for the SR.  YOU started this entire mess and have given me all this grief for days.  Here is exactly what you said

"Good for you. Live in your LALALALALALALALALALALA land! What was reported is NOT the WHOLE truth in what happened with this matter! But I am glad you belive the SR is ALL about integrity, but our Police Dept. is not. Obvioulsy YOU must have worke d for a newspaper sometime in YOUR life???? I have NEVER been a police officer never will I, because if given the opportunity when it comes to stupid people....well let's just say, I'll leave that to the people that I trust!

And you COMPLETELY missed most of my point usual.

Oh and thank you for the bedtime story, once again I am sooooo sleepy!"

Those are YOUR words from YOUR post..........Now, I ask again.....what is the whole story that you are avoiding telling. The one that you called me a liar over??????? The one in which you tell me I have showed my frame and you are not "impressed".   That I have been "teaching everyone" and you are "sick of it".  Well?   I have read post after post of insults from you where you go after me with one insult after another telling me how I should drop talking about Nuesee (knock that squirrel off the wheel), (if I ever need a cop....oh, never mind, you have the Sandusky Register).   I have been humiliated by you on other posting sites, belittled and beratted by you for three days now and you call it "ENTERTAINMENT".   Then you have the nerve to come on here now and say that?  

You vented and boasted and bragged that the SR had no integrety but you did.  That they lied because they didn't tell the whole story but you knew it.  That it made your friend look bad.  I gave you the chance to tell what you knew.  Instead you took pot shot after pot shot at ME for standing up for the SR. 

Today you come on her and profess to be so good.  It was all a lie

You tell me now that you supported Neusse. That you believe the cops are corrupt and bla bla bla.  Then you tell me that I am to blame and that I told you what to do and what to say and what to think., 

YOU ARE SOME PIECE OF WORK   You started this entire mess and then you lay it at my doorstep.  You didn't have one shred of  thing to say.  You overracted because it made you mad that your friend 's 911 tape go into the paper and it embarrassed her or him. 

Wow..l.....   You are really something.      You talk about Karma.   I wouldn't be in your shoes for all the tea in China.  How could you do that to someone?   You have no heart, do you?  You an heart someone you don't even know, insult them, lie to them and about them and call them names and don't think a thing of it.  God forgive you. 


Holy Crap's a blog.....really are you that involved that you consider yourself harmed?  I have only reported truth and what I consider to be good words for the people involved. The personal facts of any story are consistently should know that. You are the one that is off-kilter here. Settle down, you need to realize the difference between emotion and resolution, I gave you resolution, KICK THE SQUIRREL!


If you feel so belittled, well a public forum is not for happens ALL the time!'s a blog not a personal diary!! Seriously, I couldn't care LESS what you or anyone else thinks about me!! This isn't FACEBOOK. it's a freaking commentary! Your opinion is non-sequitur to me, it only provides me with a backboard...Thank You for that. But quit your complaining about being attacked....if you don't want someone to disagree with you....don't express your opinion!! Pure and simple!!


I have LIED ABOUT NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT A LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You call me a LIAR, you accuse me of being CORRUPT????  I have accused YOU of NOTHING! I have NEVER even tried to say that you were telling falsehoods. I ONLY said that you are sincerely impressed with this newspaper. You need to go back and look at the things you portrayed me as being, then look in the mirror!!

And BELIEVE ME when I say GOD FORGIVE YOU!!!!!!!!

wiredmama222 are ridiculous!  Now I am truly DONE.  God Bless




Patient: And that’s why blogs makes me sad, I think.

Therapist: That’s interesting. You know what makes me sad? You do! Maybe we should chug on over to mamby-pamby land where maybe we can find some self confidence for you, you jackwagon! Tissue? Crybaby.



@labman......lolololololol.....right on.   I love that commercial. 


@ labman.....a fact wituout data is DEF only an opinion. THat pretty much sums up my entire point for this original conversation!


Once again I have seen the remarks on the Reflector that are mis-guided and used without knowledge. Anyone here would like to re-read my remarks, there are no lies, and absolutely no mis-representation of persons involved. I am not ivolved with the SPD, I am not involved with the City, I am just a regular person trying to make people realize that you have to lift the skim to get to the cream!! Many times THAT is mis-represented. I hate what has happened to my friend as a result of the original occurance, but specifically what has been reported without the detail. I am not here to put peoples personal lives on record, I can't as the moderators here have profoundly regulated. I am only saying that reflection to your own life, possibly being in the media can hurt more than help. I have never lied, nor been part of a corrupt system that people have no use for. I however am a true believer of. "benefit-of -the -doubt' , and complete innocence until proven guilty. I apologize to  the SPD, I believe your department as a whole has been given a black-eye due to the poor performance and  lack of judgement by some of your prior employees, I have stood strong and kept the faith that there are still good, honest and brave Officers that still maintain their jobs and protect my well-being! As life works, this too shall pass.........


@turner........"me thinks thou does't protest too much".

You are sooooo busy trying to convince everyone that you are not a liar, they are going to begin to wonder why

You have had every opportunity to "fill in the blanks" to assist your friend with more information and yet you don't seem to be able to do so with any credibility at all.  Why is that?  Perhaps it is because there isn't anything to say?  Or is it that this situation is exactly what it appears to be.....two people who got into one heck of a fight......and got arrested for it. 

The only one misrepresenting anything here is you and for the sake of your friend and any shred of dignity that remains for her, you would do well to be still and move away quietly.  You cetainly are not doing her any good. That is for sure. 






Since we have both been warned to watch how we address on another, I will listen, apparently you are not going to. 

I am not "thick skulled", sick, morbid or anything else.  This isn't always a game to people as it is to you per your statement:  "entertainment".   With other people's lives?.  

You did not say that about after going to court.....nope.  , I was taking you at your word that you knew more and would tell something to assist your friend, to show the SR was lying in their story about her.  But you didn't..  Now there are excuses., and I think you know it. 

Words have power....meaning.   They can hurt and they can do damage or they can build. 

Now, I really am done with you.   I will honor my promise.  

This concludes any further comments on this subject.  


Me's thinks thou dost not get "conclude"???


What a many words spoken and no true point made by my friend. I will see this when the truth comes out!!


"YOUS DON'T THINKS".... your favorite color must be clear!!


Me think's thou does't protest too much is from shakespeare....every heard of him??? by the way, go read your got mail


I don't know about you, I received NO warning..but good luck with your Shakespeare self....I probably forgot more about him than you will EVER know,,but still good luck!


Yup, no e-mail!! LOL!!


BTW< I have No ONE to convince, I am only stating what i personally live up to! As far as "THEY" , is this your personal audience you refer to? Cuz I got REAL news for you.....NO ONE cares what you think! You are possibly one of the most ignorant people to hit the cyber world that I have had the pleasure of laughing at!!


Her "shred of dignity"  was brought down by the ignorant.....specifically YOU!!  I am amazed you even have the intestinal fortitude to put forth things that make you look like an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No shred of integrity for you!