One dead in Wednesday morning crash near Vermilion

(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers are investigating a fatal crash that occurred on Ohio 60 outside Vermilion at 10:21 a.m. Wednesday.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 17, 2012


(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers are investigating a fatal crash that occurred on Ohio 60 outside Vermilion at 10:21 a.m. Wednesday.

A black 2008 PT Cruiser rear-ended a 1987 Harley Davidson motorcycle in the 3800 block of Ohio 60, troopers said. Both vehicles were traveling south when the driver of the motorcycle, Paul Hering, 61, of Vermilion, slowed to turn into a private driveway.

The driver of the Chrysler, Rebecca Schroyer, 21, of Berlin Heights, failed to stop in time and struck the motorcycle. Hering was thrown from the bike and died at the scene. Schroyer was uninjured in the crash.

The crash is under investigation and alcohol and drug use are unknown at this time. Troopers did not say if Hering was wearing a helmet. Erie County Sheriff's Department deputies, Vermilion Township Fire and EMS and North Central EMS assisted at the scene.

Hering was taken to Riddle Funeral Home in Vermilion.


shoreline dude


M C Drivers have so much to look for just enjoying there ride than the people behind them in a hurry and not paying attention. No Excuse for this to happen. RIP 


@shoreline, don't be so sure that's what happened.  I have had more than one instance of a MC rider screaming past me and then merging in front of me less than 12 inches from my bumper, then slowing down.  It is impossible to get an assured clear distance when some idiot does that.


No matter who was at fault, may the deceased rest in peace, and may their loved ones find comfort in happy memories.


Prayers for the families of both the deceased and survivor(s).

Even though a native-born son of Sandusky, I haven't lived in Ohio since the mid-80's, but if I remember correctly, Ohio does not have a helmet law.  Correct?

If the victim is the/a motorcycle rider, it will be important for the SR to list pertinent details such as cause of death, and what safety equipment the rider(s) was/were wearing.

Good Neighbor

@ OSUBuckeye59  Not really sure what you're going for there...would the helmet have stopped the vehicle from hitting the man on the motorcycle? Sure wearing a helmet is a safety precaution, but it is just that a doesn't guarantee that other people will pay attention and drive safely. Not too mention I think cause of death is kind of obvious and what the rider was wearing isn't pertinent information to me...


 Good Neighbor, where did I write a helmet will prevent an accident?  Wearing a helmet is one of many precautionary items a rider can wear to potentially reduce the amount of injury suffered in an accident.  If I'm wearing a leather jacket, sturdy jeans or leather chaps, sturdy leather gloves, sturdy footwear and a helmet with full face shield, I greatly reduce my injury potential in a crash vs. a rider who is sporting sunglasses, tank-top, shorts and sneakers.

I just read where the victim was thrown from his bike.  In this type of accident, if he was wearing a helmet, the helmet would reduce the potential of brain injury upon impact but actually increase the potential of  neck injury.

Regardless of what I wrote above, my heart goes out to the family of the victim and the 21-year old car driver.  I can't help but think the driver of the car was either following too close or wasn't focusing on her driving or both.


Texting? It's possible.


 If she was texting, the charge should be murder 2. How can anybody, these days, text and drive?

In Ohio, you must wear a helment for one year following the issuance of your "M" class license. After that, no helment is required. As to a helmet law, sometimes it does make a difference but not all that often. Motorcycle riders are often called organ donors.  The only thing a helment many times decides is if will be an open or a closed casket funeral!


I knew this man personally and he is a distant relative and I know for a fact that he was one of the safest riders there is. I have ridden with him before. As a motorcycle rider myself I have to say this, people please pay attention to the road, other drivers, and I can not stress enought PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE. Also for those who have never ridden and motorcycle before, just remeber this, they can accerate faster, and stop quicker than a car. When someone is on a motorcycle and lets off the gas, it is like hitting the brakes on a car. Please leave plenty of space between them and yourself.



 Never let my kids own a motorcycle while living in my house.  It's not that I didn't trust them.  Just didn't trust the drivers of the cars.


donutshopguy, couldn't agree more.  When my 21-year old said a few years ago for my birthday present he'd like for the two of us to take a motorcycle class together in preparation for getting a license, and he'd pay, I had much angst.  But the class instructors, avid riders who rode their bikes almost exclusively vs. drive a car, did a wonderful job scaring the bejeebers out of us in terms of pointing out time and again always having to be on the watch for auto/truck/van/etc. drivers.  As of today, my son has his endorsement but has not ridden a bike since class.  He even said the other day if he would want to ride in the future, he'd take the class again for the practice and preparation.


From Rebecca Schroyer's Facebook page: "To me Law Enforcement is the one goal I've only ever wanted to do. No matter how long it takes, I will do it. There will be no stopping me in this!" Yep, not with vehicular homicide on your record! I know her and can guarantee she was texting.


How awfully sad!   : (    I'm so sorry to all involved.  I'm sure the driver of the car must be devastated as I'm sure no one does something like this on purpose.   You have to feel bad for her also.


Come on babycakes if your going to put this girl on blast at least say who you are and not hide behind a screen name. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families. God Bless

Don S

There is no damn excuse for this girl to have hit the bike rider this hard, to have the bike jammed under the front of the car as it was. If she is proven to have been texting, then her butt should be in Jail for a good long time. I have no pitty for her !!!!! 


 I hope the Hering family has compassionate and forgiving hearts...for THEIR own sake. I would wish Schroyer ill will, if this happened to a member of my family.


 first i want to say how sorry i am for the family of the mc driver.  everyone needs to pay attention to the road and watch the car behind the car in front of you. there have been alot of terrible accidents lately and it doesnt seem like its gonna get any better.  i dont know either party involved but i hope the driver was not texting and driving.   and@knuckledragger__i agree 110% with you about mc riders not always being cautious either.  i watched one going down 250 one nite after work as he weaved in and out of traffic.  there are good and bad drivers in vehicles and motorcycles.  lets make bike week and the whole summer a pleasant one.  everyone please obey the laws of the road.


My heart goes out to both the family of the deceased and the driver of the PT Cruiser because, whether or not she was at fault, she will have nightmares about this for a long, long time.  She's a young lady and, who knows? maybe she wasn't texting as some so fervently believe...maybe the brake light on the mc wasn't working.  People are way too quick to jump to conclusions and if by doing so you cause further heartache for someone involved in the article you are commenting on, you are as guilty as whatever you falsely accuse people of doing.  Having said that, I hope she was not texting or on her cell phone and I also hope everyone will consider what harm they may do to others by jumping to conclusions and rashly posting their two cents' worth.


These people ALWAYS blame every accident on texting


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Have to agree with you EastEndRez--   What would possess her to write about this misfortune on her facebook page???    Good god.


Regardless of how this happened, there is a reason for the Assured Clear Distance laws that are in place.  Too many people in a hurry to get to their destination 5 minutes quicker if they drive 15 miles over the speed limit.    I hate to admit this, but I am one driver who has had more than my fair share of people riding my bumper to the point that I can't even see the front end of their car (and I'm going the posted speed limit) and I hit my brakes enough to scare the living bejesus out of them.  Naturally, they have the audacity to give me the finger.    Young drivers are generally more apt to drive like bats out of hell for some reason.

When the reason does come out for this tragic accident, let's all hope someone out there learns from it.


She made that post Monday. The accident happened Wednesday. Was she supposed to predict it on her Facebook page? No matter what people think, not all riders are bad and they deserve respect on the road as well. You need to keep your distance, just like you should with a vehicle. If she was texting and ran into this poor man, she deserves many years in jail, whether she's a guinea pig for it or not. Too many people are dying and being killed because people can't be patient and wait. If it's that important, pull over. RIP


your a couple idiots!!! she posted that on Mon. the accident happened wed. morning!!


yesitsme--  I didn't bother looking at her facebook page, I was only responding to EastEnd's post.   I assumed too quickly that it was a post in regard to the accident.

Also, learn when to say "your"  "you're" or  "you are" before you call someone an idiot- okey dokey?


so I made a simple mistake in least I check the facts before I post, IDIOT!!

The Answer Person

Rebecca Shroyer. 

Guess what? 

Your life is over too.


Are you serious?? When the hell did a bikers death become so WELL more important than any other person that drives a vehicle??? Get OVER it!! Four wheels vs two? I'll take the 4 over the 2 and those that choose the 2? Guess what? YOUR CHOICE!! Had she rearended another car..for WHATEVER REASON...they would probably be fine! Jump on your bike and EXPECT everyone to look out for YOU! NEVER should be the case. I am soo sick of everyone talking about the fact that these beer-swilling  bikers and hard riding drivers are so apparently MORE important on the road than anyone esle?? It's a choice everytime you do it....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy different than the risks of driving in a car. Ride your bikes, take the risk, get over it!!!

Lived it

Turner, best of luck to you as well as you must be the center of our Earth. Please take care of yourself as bad things never happen to folks......... you know like yourself only us BAD people. My prayers go out to both familys. RIP.


been told I'm an a$$$$hole before when it comes to this...and believe it or not I have COMPLETE sympathy for that rider and his family. The whole comes down to RIDERS have to be responsible for EVERYTHING they do, not just what other drivers do...come on...I certainly have faith that people try to do the right thing..I have lost MANY members of my family due to accidents, motorcycle and vehicle...but it is time to quit saying that the biker is SIGNIFICANT! Everyone on the road is!...remember the risks you take!


re:turner915 ...your an a**hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Turner915   .... your a phkn idiot in the first degree !!!! I bet your one of those IDIOTS that pull out in front of 18 wheels and creates an incident .  18 , 4 or 2 no one said thier life was more important than the other.


I drive DEFENSIVELY compared to the offensive passer or the one that pulls out in front of 18 wheels....I look EVERYWHERE. But the fact that everyone has to look out for motorcycles, I believe is a given. Haven't heard too much talk about the biker lately that created an accident though? Accidents are horrible and EVERYONE should LOOK OUT for each other! ANd btw, I'm sure I've been called worse, by better! LOL!


 Share the road! Look twice save a life. Not only for motorcyclists but for everyone else on the roads. My thoughts and prayers are going out for both family's.