Cheer adviser allegedly serves spirits

HURON Give me a U! as in underage or D! as in drinking. The Huron High School cheerleading adviser may
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Give me a U! as in underage or D! as in drinking.

The Huron High School cheerleading adviser may not be allowed near school-issued pompoms again if charges ofproviding underage people with alcoholprove true, school officials said.

The job of Jane Bickley -- who has worked as a non-licensed support cheerleading staff member with Huron City Schools off and on since 2001 -- could be riding on the findings of a Huron Police Department investigation into an early Saturday morning drinking party.

When police broke up the party, she was charged with providing alcohol to underage partygoers.

"We're not going to allow anybody to work with kids who has been supplying alcohol to young kids -- if that's the case, which I'm not saying is the case here," said Huron superintendent Fred Fox.

Huron police said they received an anonymous tip of underage drinking at a 100 block of Richland Ave. home at about 12:40 a.m. Saturday.

When officers arrived, they said they found a note taped to the door saying "no drinking unless you (are) one of the lucky girls staying," and "don't answer the door if the cops come."

In the rear of the home, officers saw one boy run back into the home screaming the "cops are here," the police report said. After catching him, police said they saw several Labatt Blue beer cans littered on the floor and several teens sitting around a poker table with beer in their cup holders.

After giving portable breath tests, police said they determined a handful of those younger than 21 had been drinking. Three juveniles and one 18-year-old, Dustin Grable, were charged with underageconsumption, said Huron police Chief Randy Glovinsky. At some point, police said they spoke with Bickley, a 46-year-old mother who owns the house and was home at the time of the party.

Bickley claimed she hadn't supplied the alcohol -- it belonged to herself and her husband -- and they had friends over who drank it, the police report said.

Officers arrested Bickley and charged her with four counts of sales and use of alcohol by underage persons.

Bickley, who referred all questions to her lawyer, K. Ronald Bailey, maintains her innocence.

"She hadn't furnished anything to any of the kids," Bailey said. "My understanding is one of the kids said to an officer in front of her that she told him not to drink and she didn't furnish anything to drink, and if they got anything, it was on their own since she didn't furnish it."

Asked if his client had any idea teenagers were drinking in the home, Bailey said "not at all," adding it was his understanding she and her husband were in bed.

But Huron police contend that there is convincing evidence against Bickley. A trend seen more and more in Huron that needs to stop is parents hosting underage drinking parties, Glovinsky said.

"Over the last few years we've had more parents involved with hosting these," he said. "We've got a problem."

Across the country there are news reports of parents who pay the price of hosting underage drinking celebrations. The parents often claim they looked the other way or even served alcohol to teens because they prefer teens drink in their presence and stay off the roads.

But Glovinsky says parents who choose to do this are breaking the law, despite any rationale they may have.

Bickley was paid $1,200 by the school district for her advising services last year and school officials estimate she would make double that this year because she isn't splitting the duties this year.

Superintendent Fox said Bickley has received satisfactory employee reviews since being hired.