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The next time a huge blizzard roars into Sandusky, cheer up. You can still get a haircut! When owner Harry McClusky l
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


The next time a huge blizzard roars into Sandusky, cheer up. You can still get a haircut!

When owner Harry McClusky locked up the historic Acme Barber Shop on Columbus Avenue across from the State Theatre on March 7, he left a note on the door promising to try to open for business Saturday morning.

The next day, McClusky opened Acme at 8 a.m. sharp.

A panoramic photograph by Luke Wark of downtown Sandusky on page one of the March 9 Register shows no signs of life. But McClusky said a faint blue light in the picture is his barber pole and proves he was open for business, until he gave up at 10:30 a.m.

McClusky plans to obtain a copy of the photo and display it at his shop. It should dispel any remaining doubts among regular customers about whether he’s crazy, McClusky said.

So, how many customers showed up?

“Not a soul,” McClusky said.

Tom Jackson

A slippery situation

While commending the city’s street crew, fire department and police department for working hard to manage the blizzard situation over the past weekend, commission president Dennis Murray said this was an especially challenging situation because the city was low on ice.

“Oh, I meant salt,” he quickly corrected. “We’ve got an abundance of ice.”

Jennifer Grathwol

Kitty gets a spin doctor

Cari the cat has a new image.

The fat, unfriendly diva is now a beautiful recluse.

Every week, the Humane Society of Erie County sends out a list of cats needing new homes.

A Feb. 5 news release said Cari is “a big 14 lb. long haired calico and is 4 years old. She does not like other cats and is not crazy about the diet cat food she is being served at the shelter either.”

Candor and humor apparently didn’t work, so the humane society rewrote Cari’s description to emphasize the positive in last week’s list for the Thursday’s “Feline Matters” feature.

The new description: “Absolutely gorgeous. A big, long haired calico. She is four years old and wants to be the only cat in the house.”

Tom Jackson

No, really, there’s nothing to report

Each day I make “cop calls” to many of the local police departments. On that list is Put-in-Bay.

The other day I decided to ask the officer just how busy they were on the island during the off-season. Every time I call there is nothing to report. So I really wondered if his idea of “not busy” was the same as mine. Well, it turns out my version was a little more riveting.

The officer said he has only had a couple of calls the whole winter, such as one for a lost dog and other for a vehicle lockout. That’s really the definition of “nothing to report.”

Holly Abrams

Color-coordinated construction

The remodeling of the Hayes Avenue railroad underpass was a topic of discussion at the latest Sandusky City Commission meeting.

Among other concerns over the improvements to be made, Commissioner Craig Stahl insisted the city choose an appealing color to paint the underpass.

Stahl mentioned he saw a railroad underpass in Bellevue that was tan, and another in Port Clinton that was “battleship gray.”

“You sound like Martha Stewart,” commission president Dennis Murray responded.

Jennifer Grathwol

Madam President? Look again

During the Ottawa County Commissioners meeting on Thursday, there was a case of mistaken identity.

Commissioner Carl Koebel asked an innocent question of commissioner Jim Sass, president of the board of commissioners.

“Madam President?” Koebel said.

Without missing a beat, Sass laughed and said, “I will not respond until I’ve been properly addressed.”

“Your honor?” Koebel said.

Jacob Lammers