Berlin-Milan student letters

Cruel puppy mills Many people get dogs from pet stores. What they don't realize is that their loving
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Cruel puppy mills

Many people get dogs from pet stores. What they don't realize is that their loving, furry friend could be injured, sick, or poorly socialized because they came from a horrible puppy mill.

The dogs people buy from pet stores mainly come from puppy mills. Mills provide poor living conditions and poor care for the dogs. The dogs may be cute, but they may also be ill and show no signs of it. They could seem like the happiest dog in the world, but they really aren't.

When in the mills, the dogs are faced with cruelty. The operators are currently punished lightly. They could pay a fine(s) up to $50,000 or face animal cruelty charges. It may seem like a lot, but most pay their fine(s) then go back to work. They can do this because of the profit from selling the dogs to pet stores. I think the operators should get punished for their horrible actions. They might lose their jobs, but the dogs shouldn't have to suffer.

Therefore, I think the operators of puppy mills should be punished more heavily for these cruel actions.

Micaela Ostheimer


Hunger the worst suffering

How would you feel going to bed without eating that day or even the day before that? That is what millions of people across the earth feel like when they go to bed. Hunger is the worst kind of suffering a person could have, and we need to help.

Over the years, hunger has affected millions of lives, including young children. One in every eight kids under the age of 12 in the United States goes to bed hungry each night. It is estimated that 15 million children will died this year of hunger, but that doesn't even include parents? World hunger will not be stopped unless we take action to eliminate it.

To stop hunger, all we need to do is help a little bit. Donating money to charities will give hungry people food and shelter. A couple dollars could save many lives. We could also give food to charities so that it could be fed to the ailing countries. World hunger can be stopped, but now is the time to do it.

Adam Rospert


Dance to fitness

"Dance Dance Revolution" is a high-tech video game that could change gym class forever. Today, physical education is dominated by the more athletic kids. DDR will ensure that every kid gets the same amount of instruction.

Moving around on the dancing mats will give them as vigorous a workout as dodge ball would. Almost all of the kids in the class would get more involved and into the class because it's a video game, and the students would compete with each other to try to get a higher score. Local schools should add DDR to PE to give them another option for class.

DDR is perfect for gym because it provides a lot of different benefits like: Improved physical fitness, more involvement in gym class, and an awesome workout that is fun.

Trent Emody


Kill the trees, kill the planet

The rainforest is disappearing at a rate of 6,000 acres every hour. We kill more than just trees when we cut down the rainforest. This can affect our whole planet in many ways. We destroy many habitats, disturb our atmosphere and decrease our scientific discovery level every time we cut down a piece of the rainforest.

Every time we cut down an acre of trees, animals are confined in a smaller area. We also get many of our medicines from the plants in the rainforest. The plants in the rainforest take in greenhouse gasses and produce oxygen for us to breathe and slow down the pace of global climate change. Many of our discoveries come from the rainforest such as medical discoveries, historical discoveries and discoveries of new species. When we cut down the rainforest those discoveries may be lost along with many others. We have cut down trees for thousands of years -- however, it has not been effecting us until recently. Trees can do many things for us and the planet.

Trees produce oxygen, create habitat and give scientific discoveries. Rainforests are worth saving for many reasons, including our future.

Nicholas Kibler

Berlin Heights

Super-sized health problems

Obesity is sweeping America. The percentage of overweight children in the United States is growing at an alarming rate; therefore, schools should provide physical education for every grade level everyday. In America, obesity is a national epidemic. I feel that promoting a healthy lifestyle should begin at an early age. Physical education is a good start.

Physical education classes should offer a wider variety of healthy activities. Right now physical education classes teach mostly regular sports. Some students may not be interested, but if other kinds of activities were introduced, more students would become active. If schools continue to offer physical education like they do now, obesity will continue to grow in children.

Morgan Ott


Better helmets for football players

I'm a seventh-grade student at Berlin-Milan School. I'm writing to raise awareness about concussions of the football field.

Concussions have become a serious problem to players and parents. Concussions can leave lifelong symptoms. Studies found that 47 percent of high school football players suffer a concussion each season. Another study found that about 35 percent receive multiple concussions in the same season. These are big numbers considering that 1.5 million people play organized football around the nation.

Kids love the game of football, but this is affecting them dramatically. If a kid does receive a blow to the head, they don't want to report it to their coach. They want to play. If schools could buy Revolution helmets for their players, the risk of receiving a concussion would be reduced by 41 percent. This is a serious issue. All that this needs is a little support.

Shane Crooks