Calvin Harper's family seeks answers

SANDUSKY Queen Amison can hardly bear to think what her son's last moments were like.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Queen Amison can hardly bear to think what her son's last moments were like.

"I know if he was suffering, all he could think about was his mother and why I was not there. Because I was supposed to be there. I was supposed to take care of him," she spoke in a grief-stricken whisper.

Calvin Harper Jr., 29, was found dead in his Parkview Boulevard home Wednesday morning. The 911 call made to police said he was shot. Sandusky police detectives are investigating the death and awaiting the autopsy results.

In the meantime, family and friends are remembering the son, brother, father and friend Harper once was.

"He was like the backbone to everyone. He took care of his father, his mother. His father died about 10 years ago and ever since then ..." Amison trailed off. "He's my baby. He loved his mother."

Harper was a brother to four siblings and a father to six children. Friends described him as a man who lived life to the fullest and could always leave someone smiling.

His ex-wife, Andrea Hereford, 28, remembers Harper as a father who loved his 3-year-old daughter, Imaya.

"When she was born, it really just brought tears to his eyes. They were tears of joy; him being a father and seeing his daughter coming into this world," Hereford said. "He ran over and just looked at her, and that was something that I will keep in my heart forever."

Amison said she has prayed for mothers who have lost children, never fathoming that she would one day be one of them.

"It's not like he died in his mother's arms or had a sickness or anything ... Someone shot my son and left him there to die ... I just want my baby back, and I know he's not coming back."

And as if losing a son wasn't enough, Amison is faced with not knowing the details surrounding his death.

"It hurts because I don't know. I don't know what happened to my son, and I'll never know the real truth," she said. "I just want everyone to get the right understanding of my son. He's a caring person. Everyone loved him. He would do anything in the world for everyone. He really didn't have any enemies."

Police had little new information Thursday, but said they were actively pursuing all leads.

"There have been a ton of calls all day, tracking down leads as they come in," said Det. John Orzech.

They expect the autopsy to be done today by the Lucas County coroner.

"Once we get that back, we'll have a better indication of where we're going from here," he said.

Orzech said at this point there are no suspects.

"I hope they find the guys who did it," Amison said. "But if they don't, it's going to eat them up alive. They're going to get theirs sooner or later. The Lord is going to take care of them, because they know the type of person that my son was, so therefore it's already taken care of."