Live in a home, not a house

Do we really honor our personal environment? Do you live in a house or a home? Is it a place you sleep or is it your sacred space? I
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Do we really honor our personal environment? Do you live in a house or a home? Is it a place you sleep or is it your sacred space? Is your personal environment healthy for you physically and mentally? Everything and everyone is energy. Are you wise about the energy you allow into your space? Do you respect your space and only allow positive people and positive things into your home?

Whatever, wherever you call home should be respected and honored while you are there. You may be planning to move or upgrade in the future, but you need to respect and honor where you are living now and this will help you prepare for the next step or move.

There are many books on feng shui teaching us ways to rearrange our homes to pull in positive energy. If you want to improve your finances check the left-hand corner as you enter your home; this is your financial corner. Add a crystal or a live plant to that corner, a water fountain would be lovely there. Let the flow of abundance move through you home. While we are speaking on the flow of energy through your home, make sure all clutter or storage is out from under your  beds. Things under your bed will block the incoming energy.

This year is a new beginning; a time to clear our space, clean closets and drawers and clear clutter. If you can’t wear it, give it away, sell it or toss it. How many of us have three different sizes in our closet? The one we would like to wear; the one we do wear; and the one we hope we will never grow back into. Think about that beautiful blouse or shirt you have and every so often you try it on and say, “I just love this, but I think I’ll wear something else.” Clear your space. If you are going to will something special to your children, give it to them now so you can enjoy watching them use it. Speaking of children, has your home become a free storage unit for your grown children? Allow them to come and get their things. They can store them, sell them or toss them. Clear your space.

Place live plants throughout your home. If they begin to look droopy or sad, replace them. Bring cut flowers into your home and allow them to nurture you. Make sure you keep replacing the cut flowers and cleaning out the old ones.

Pay attention to your bedroom. You spend one-third of your life in your bedroom. It should be the most important room in your home. Keep it clear so the energy can flow through; allow the energy in this room to wrap around you and help you feel safe, nurtured and recharged.

Essential oils throughout your environment can help you feel calm or energized, depending on what oil you choose. There are many wonderful books on aromatherapy to guide you to understand the oils better and to help you make the choices that will benefit you.

Color is important to your personal environment. You relate to vibrations of each color differently. Each color vibrates at a different frequency. Red may energize you, while blue can promote peace and calmness. Select only the colors that give you pleasure; help you feel strong and make you feel secure. Your home is something personal, the reflection of you. A wonderful book to guide you in making your personal environment all it can be is “Scared Space” by Denise Linn.

Our homes are a mirror of ourselves; a place of renewal and hope; a sanctuary; a place to recharge and find peace. Homes can be a place of healing and regeneration. A house is structure for human habitation. Do you live in a home or a house? Make it what you want it to be; honor it, clear it, bless it, nurture it and love it. It will love you back.