Democratic Candidates District Delegate and District Alternate to the National Convention (9th
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Democratic Candidates

District Delegate and District Alternate to the National Convention (9th District)   

Hillary Clinton        5841

John Edwards         201

Barack Obama        3379

COUNTY COMMISSIONER (Term commencing 1/3/2009)

Linda J. Hartlaub        5007

Robert S. Krompak       3231

State Central Committee, Man (2nd Senatorial District)

Michael L. Friedman   3388

Michael Zickar               2087

State Central Committee, Woman (26th Senatorial District)

Theresa Kauble      330

Sandra L. Wise      1088

State Senator (2nd District)

Darwitt R. Garrett       1933

Sylvia A. Washburn   3809

Republican Candidates

Delegate-at-Large and Alternate-at-Large to the National Convention

Mike Huckabee   1037

John McCain         2202

Ron Paul               191

Mitt Romney            181

Fred Thompson         77

District Delegate and District Alternate to the National Convention

Mike Huckabee   1097

John McCain         1986

Ron Paul                  197

Mitt Romney            253

Fred Thompson         85

Representative to Congress (9th District)

Ed Emery                  1392

Bradley S. Leavitt   1471

State Central Committee Man (26th Senatorial District)

Johnathan B. Cahill              56

Rex Arthur Damschroder   443

D. Rex Elsass                        11

Craig Gibson                           50

Charles Knight                        74

State Senator (2nd District)

Mark Hollenbaugh               278

John F. Schulte                     439

Mark Wagoner                     1734

State Senator (26th Senatorial District)

Karen L. Gillmor                  527

Steve Reinhard                     186

State Representative (81st District)

Gene Damschroder               208

Jeff Wagner                              502

County Commissioner (Term commencing 1/3/2009)

Lowell C. Krumnow               1432

Mark W. Stahl                           1757


Port Clinton City School District - Renewal tax levy - 2.97 mills for 5 years, commencing in 2008, first due in calendar year 2009--for PROVIDING FOR EMERGENCY REQUIREMENTS

FOR — 2815

AGAINST — 1512

Genoa Area Local School District - Bond Issue and Additional tax levy -- Bond Issue--CONSTRUCTING SCHOOL FACILITIES AND RENOVATING AND IMPROVING SCHOOL FACILITIES UNDER THE STATE OF OHIO CLASSROOM FACILITIES ASSISTANCE PROGRAM; FURNISHING AND EQUIPPING THE SAME; IMPROVING THE SITES THEREOF; AND ACQUIRING LAND AND INTERESTS IN LAND AS NECESSARY IN CONNECTION THEREWITH --$13,611,599.00--28 years--4.9 mills.   Additional tax levy--0.5 mill for a continuing period, commencing in 2008, first use in calendar year 2009-- for PERMANENT IMPROVEMENTS    

FOR — 1590

AGAINST — 1728