Mulvin seeks order of his own against ex-girlfriend

SANDUSKY The plot thickens. Erie County commission candidate David Mulvin is yet agai
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



The plot thickens.

Erie County commission candidate David Mulvin is yet again in the midst of protection order petitions.

Mulvin and Teresa Reed-McGlashan filed petitions Wednesday for protection  orders against Mulvin’s ex-live-in, Tracy Thom.

Thom, 44, of Sandusky filed a domestic violence civil protection order against Mulvin on Jan. 16 in Erie County Common Pleas Court.

Mulvin’s recent filing said Thom caused “both physical harm and mental distress.” He said Thom threatens him and his wife, follows him and has taken his dog. His request for an ex parte hearing was denied, court officials said.

“He didn’t meet his burden to establish that menacing by stalking had occurred,” said Magistrate Patrick Quinn.

Reed-McGlashan, an acquaintance of Mulvin, also filed a protection order against Thom. In her filing, Reed-McGlashan claimed Thom has threatened, stalked or harassed her several times since 2003. She said Thom has followed her coming out of the Sandusky Mall and Target and has driven by her house multiple times a day.

“Another time, I was leaving the Old Dutch and she was outside waiting in her car ... I went straight to my car and began to drive away. She followed me out of the parking lot and continued to follow me as I headed west down Perkins Ave.,” Reed-McGlashan wrote.

Reed-McGlashan said she is worried Thom might try to embarrass, threaten or try to intimidate her in public to ruin her reputation “as she has tried to do with others.”

Reed-McGlashan was granted a civil stalking protection order.

Mulvin will appear on the Republican primary election ticket on Tuesday. He and Michael J. Printy are running for an Erie County commissioner’s seat. The winner will oppose commissioner Tom Ferrell, a Democrat, in the November general election.