Election letters Feb. 27, 2008

Obama and our hope Our hope for our country is that people will once again believe that government can be an instrument of go
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Obama and our hope

Our hope for our country is that people will once again believe that government can be an instrument of good. Our hope for our country is that people will set aside their fears of progress and embrace the notion that our best days as a nation are ahead of us. Our hope for our country is that though we are many voices, we are all one body and one spirit, united in the common pursuit of an American dream where there are no limits to what we can achieve when we work together for the good of each other and our country.

Senator Barack Obama understands these hopes. He believes in these hopes, and he is mobilizing a nation to achieve these hopes together.

On March 4th, the eyes of the nation will be focused on Ohio, and Ohioans have the opportunity to join the loud chorus of voices all over America calling for Change We Can Believe In. Presidential leadership is about exercising good judgment and mobilizing an entire country behind a vision that delivers progress for everyone.

Obama is the only candidate running for president that can deliver this desperately needed leadership.

Kevin Vaughn Rogers, Jr.


Mulvin for change

Dave Mulvin's experience can't be overlooked. When he left the position as City Services Director the department still operated smoothly and efficiently. How can this be? Because the people he hired were put in the supervisory positions. Unlike other departments, that we're all aware, these positions were filled from within the ranks. Local people filling local positions. He respects union members but still represented the city in contract negotiations. He has the education, experience, and good old fashioned know how.

A T-ball field was needed at the Eagles Atom League Park. One meeting with Dave and the park was built and ready for play the following spring. The flooding in Perkins Township is almost criminal. I live on Meadow Lane, have never flooded, yet, we must pay flood insurance in this area. I am unable to get any support from anyone. Obviously the current officials aren't getting the job done. They've taken filibustering to our local level. Dave's never backed off any work so get ready to see some action for a change.

We have a chance to see our votes really work. I'm going to steal a phrase: "It really is time for a change." Vote for Dave.

Paul Hauke


Furey steps up

When Ralph Fegley decided not to seek re-election for county commissioner, I was sad and disappointed. When Chuck Furey made the commitment to take on the challenge, I was relieved and excited. Like Ralph Fegley, Chuck Furey is a gentleman, bright and experienced. Chuck has that special ability to listen to many points of view, think things through and then make tough decisions. Thank you Ralph, for your wonderful service to Huron County and thank you Chuck Furey, for stepping up to help fill what could have become an unfortunate gap in Huron County government. On March 4, please join me in voting for Chuck Furey for Huron County Commissioner. We need his leadership, hard work and common sense.

Cynthia A. Kniffin


Kimberlin is our future

The Clerk of Courts Office has been barely meeting the basic needs of the Erie County residents in recent years. Due to the lack of technology utilized by this office and the failure to place records on the Internet, many businesses that rely on this office have become frustrated. As a result, they have approached Bill Kimberlin to run for this office.

As an active member of Erie County, Bill Kimberlin volunteers hundreds of hours per year to improve our community. He serves as a volunteer for dozens of organizations and is extremely active in the Democratic Party.

His impressive educational and professional background will allow him to make the necessary changes to meet the needs of Erie County.

His leadership skills and his strong relationship with the county's leaders will enable him to coordinate the transformation of this office.

On March 4, I encourage the residents of Erie County to get out and vote for the slate of excellent candidates, one of which is Bill Kimberlin.

Derek Olenek