Trustee Bill Dwelle says Perkins Twp. will wait on joint dispatch

PERKINS TWP. Not budging. That's what Perkins Township trustee Bill Dwelle told a group of abo
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Not budging.  That's what Perkins Township trustee Bill Dwelle told a group of about 30 local residents whogathered Tuesday afternoon to hear him speak about joint dispatch.

Dwelle made it clear he will not move forward with joint dispatch for Perkins and Sandusky until the results of a study examining countywide regional dispatch are available.

"I'm not opposed to some kind of regional or combined dispatch," Dwelle said. "I just want to see all the facts and information before we jump into making decisions."

Although the $90,000 countywide study looking at regional dispatch is not scheduled to be completed until August, it may be finished within two to three months, said Erie County commissioner Nancy McKeen.

Dwelle was invited to the 20/20 group meeting, which was open to all local residents, after Sandusky police Chief Kim Nuesse andPerkins police Chief Tim McClung gave their views on joint dispatch at last month's meeting.

Dwelle presented several statistics about the cost of 911 operations throughout the county, but did not extensively discuss joint dispatch.

One of the main obstacles to joint dispatch is the fact that Perkins Township Hall is for sale, Dwelle said.

Within the past three weeks, two individuals have expressed interest in buying the building, he said.

"So are we going to spend money to bring dispatch together there, then a short time down the road spend more money to take it somewhere else?" Dwelle asked.

"New equipment being purchased might not fit properly if it's going to be going somewhere else."

However, if the Perkins and Sandusky police department were to move into a joint facility,combining dispatch operations at the existing Perkins police department would not be an issue.

At the meeting, Dwelle took a pounding from local residents for not meeting with the committee assigned to study the feasibility of joint dispatch and a joint police facility.

The committee, which was composed of four Perkins residents and four Sandusky residents, issued its report in November 2007 and recommended moving forward with joint dispatch immediately.

"You have people who worked for 10 months, who spent hours on this, who went out of town to visit other joint dispatch facilities, who learned about the 911 system," said Perkins resident and committee member Dick Schuster. "It's an insult he never acknowledged what the committee did."

Sandusky city commissioners approached the situation differently upon receiving the committee's feasibility report.

"We turned our report in to them and met publicly and privately to discuss it," said Sandusky resident and committee member Dick Brady. "We were quizzed quite vigorously on our findings."

Dwelle said he had planned to meet with the Perkins committee representatives in the past two weeks, but has not had time.

"We will be doing that very, very quickly," Dwelle said.

"We have no intention of not doing that."