Antelope gets wild at Kalahari safari park

UPDATED WITH VIDEO A large variety of antelope called an Eland caused a ruckus on U.S. 250 today after it escaped from its home at Kalahari Resort's safari park and wandered onto a neighbor's lawn.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 28, 2012

UPDATED WITH VIDEO A large variety of antelope called an Eland caused a ruckus on U.S. 250 today after it escaped from its home at Kalahari Resort's safari park and wandered onto a neighbor's lawn.

It took a half-dozen people to catch the beast. No people or animals were harmed during its capture.

Check back for more information as it becomes available.



 Holy English Skills!  If your grammar and spelling talents were an animal, I’d tranquilize it myself for the greater good of this country.  Is this a picture of you at your computer? :

Let’s face a couple of hard facts "This_is_why"  Q:  What is the 'ultimate fail' of a zoo?  A: Letting its animals escape.  This happened!  And it did not happen after a decade of good behavior, from what I've heard this park is only a couple years old.  Not a good track record so far.  

I loved reading these comments!  Most of them I completely agree with, and then there's you and your ilk, saying things like "it happens!"  NO IT DOESNT!  Which is why its news worthy, it’s not supposed to happen, ever!

Sure nationwide an animal escaping a zoo is incredibly rare (like you spelling a word correctly) haha.  But most zoo's might have an incident once a decade, not every other year, and they don’t share real estate with a family resort destination.

Here is another fact, the locals that I talk to, from the pubs downtown, to the uptown business owners are all talking about this, and one common denominator reached in each conversation is that SAFARI SUCKS, IT STINKS LIKE A$$, AND HAVING A ZOO BEHIND A WATER PARK MAKES ABOUT AS MUCH SENCE AS YOUR ILLEGIBLE SPELLING!  

words you typed that are not in the English vocabulary:

eveything, fance, veary, eveyone, wanderful, tearts, eveyweekend (wtf?)  ,  famly, eveynight, veary, harst, horrabule, your self am, ?  famly.


Personally, I would like to hear from SandtownLawyer as there must be some kind of liability here?  



Apparently Big Tony has a few spelling issues himself

Doesn't not DOESNT

zoos not zoo's

sense not sence


I was an employee at the Kalahari animal park over the summer and I can tell you that it is not a zoo; it is a concentration camp for animals. It is a terrible excuse for a home to the exotic animals. These animals include extremely endangered Bengal Tigers and Bongo Antelope. Other animals include giraffe, zebra, ring-tailed lemurs, snakes, tortoises, goats, kangaroo, Nilgai antelope, camels and ponies. While I was working there FIVE ANIMALS DIED due to lack of care, including a baby kangaroo that was very precious to me. I quit that job because it upset me so much. I am hoping to expose Bill Coburn for the animal abuser he is! He is nothing more than a sideshow manipulator who is only interested in making money. It should be noted that he is already on the Humane Society's watch list for improper care of animals. Bill Coburn may hold all the necessary permits to have these exotic animals, but what he is doing should be illegal. I have many more details about the horrible things I saw there. BILL COBURN AND KALAHARI ANIMAL PARK ARE ANIMAL ABUSERS AND I HAVE PROOF!


 Sadly this is what a lot of us knew, but it takes a bold individual like yourself to truly step up to the plate and help these animals out.  As an animal lover, it SICKENS me to hear this!  We need to be a strong voice, for the voiceless and report this abuse until this park is SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY!

Also it is rumered that the baby tigers are sold on the black market after they are too large to be photographed with small children for a fee.

If there are any REAL reporters left at the Sandusky Register, or Cleveland News, they will INVESTIGATE the rampant ABUSE of animals at this park, along with the complete NEGLECT of public saftey.  And the #1 Person that everyone should be looking into, is BILL COBURN.


I'm not sure what made then think that they could handle kids at a safari park when they have had absolutely no luck handling kids in a water park.  How soon everyone forgets about all of the issues with accidents and almost drowning kids there.

They had, at one time, the worst record of any water park in the area for accidents and violations of state regulations there.  Should the safari park be any differently run?  I wouldn't expect it.