Take Skyscraper for a spin

SANDUSKY First Planet Snoopy. Now Skyscraper. Cedar Fair will unveil a new thrill rid
May 24, 2010



First Planet Snoopy. Now Skyscraper.

Cedar Fair will unveil a new thrill ride this summer in its Challenge Park activity complex.

It joins Planet Snoopy -- a new children's area -- as Cedar Point's newest attractions for 2008.

Skyscraper is a giant propeller ride that will spin guests in a full circle from two arms. Four riders -- two on each arm -- will sit in open cars with their feet dangling on opposite ends of the propeller.

The arms spin riders up to 55 mph. At the highest point, riders will be upside down 160 feet above the ground.

The ride lasts about two minutes, and onlookers can watch a live video of the passengers. Riders can purchase the video after the ride.

"This is a high-thrill, high-excitement ride," said Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards. "We thought it'd be a great addition to Challenge Park."

The ride comes to Cedar Point from Valleyfair amusement park in Minnesota, another Cedar Fair property. Skyscraper is manufactured by Ontario, Canada-based Gravity Works.

Skyscraper joins RipCord Skycoaster, two high-speed go-kart tracks and two 18-hole miniature golf courses in Challenge Park. Each attraction requires a separate fee. However, the park plans to offer discount package-deals.

The manufacturer's Web site shows parks that already have Skyscraper typically charge $20 to $30 per ride.

Challenge Park is open to the public and admission to Cedar Point or Soak City is not required. Parking fees still apply.

Jeff Putz, of pointbuzz.com, said the new addition is a good one for Challenge Park. Pointbuzz.com is a Web site geared toward coaster enthusiasts and fans of Cedar Point.

"That whole Challenge Park concept is a great way to round out the (Cedar Point) experience," he said.

Challenge Park will open May 9 -- one day before Cedar Point's season opens to the public.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.