What local leaders have to say about regional dispatch

SANDUSKY/PERKINS TWP. Will Perkins and Sandusky join dispatch forces before the county's completes its regional dispatch stud
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Will Perkins and Sandusky join dispatch forces before the county's completes its regional dispatch study?

That's the question on the table Tuesday night at the Perkins Township Trustee meeting.

Sandusky City Commissioners Dennis Murray and Criag Stahl, along with City Manager Matt Kline and Sandusky police Chief Kim Nuesse plan to attend the meeting.

Here's what the elected officials on both sides of Perkins Avenue had to say:

* Sandusky Commissioner Julie Farrar: "From the very beginning, I was for it. From what the committee has brought to the commission...it sounds like its a win-win situation. At this point... I would be for it."

* Sandusky Commissioner Brett Fuqua, Sr.: "I will support any effort to save our taxpayers money. That includes the possible joint dispatch between Sandusky and Perkins. The committee assigned to research this effort came back with a recommendation that we undertake this effort because they determined it would save both communities time, effort and money. I can't speak for anyone else (Sandusky or Perkins officials), but I would really like to see this happen and it is my hope that it will."

* Sandusky Commissioner Dave Waddington: "In today's economy, how can we exclude any talks of partnership? It's about sharing resources."

* Sandusky Commissioner Dan Kaman: "As the commissioner from Sandusky who started this "regional" talk along with county commissioner Wilnau, I am very excited about any and all regional discussions. I am very disturbed that two of the Perkins trustees have taken the opposite approach. Waiting for the county is the old way of doing things that is no longer viable... The county is spending $90,000 on an outside firm to tell us what we need. The county needs to get over themselves and the "control" issue and do what is best for all citizens."

* Sandusky Commissioner Brian Crandall: Could not be reached for comment.

* Sandusky Commission President Dennis Murray: "It only makes sense. There are a lot of people who oppose this by deliberately mixing up the facts. What we're talking about is simply one step that doesn't block any other step. I absolutely also think this would be supportive of a countywide effort further down the road... The enormous savings long term for both communities lies in the joint police station."

* Sandusky Commission Vice President Craig Stahl: "It is incumbent upon both Perkins Township and Sandusky to move forward to best serve our citizens. Both our fire and police work together on mutual aid agreements on a daily basis, it only makes sense that we work together on joint dispatch. Since Perkins currently has a system that can meet our needs, I advocate housing this service in Perkins Township with the stipulation that we don't lose jobs and our employees pay city income tax. It will be a sad day for both communities if we cant work together for the benefit of our citizens."

* Perkins Township trustee Bill Dwelle: "I'm not in favor of joint dispatch until we can look at the county study on it. Let's let the professional people look at the whole thing, then we can sit down and talk about it."

* Perkins Township trustee and Sandusky firefighter Jeff Ferrell: "I've asked the Ohio Ethics Commission for an opinion about whether I have a conflict of interest on the joint dispatch issue. I'm going to remove myself from the conversation Tuesday night and just listen to what's being said. But I don't think I have a conflict of interest."

*Perkins Township trustee Tim Coleman: "I would like to continue discussions about joint dispatch and see if it makes sense. If that's the way the trustees want to go, and the city wants to go, it looks like we could save money with it."