Woman in Vickery fire still critical; family asks for help

A White's Landing woman who was badly burned in flash fire last week was placed in an induced coma on Tuesday.
Emil Whitis
Apr 18, 2012

A White’s Landing woman who was badly burned in flash fire last week was placed in an induced coma on Tuesday.

Relatives said Vindetta Younger, 60, was still listed in critical condition Tuesday at Mercy St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Toledo. 

At about 7 a.m. Friday Younger’s oxygen tank caught fire and the blaze quickly spread to the entire mobile home.

Younger made it out of the trailer with second- and third-degree burns covering 60 percent of her upper body. Her granddaughter, Amanda Younger, had to restrain Vindetta from going back in the home to save her dog, which died in the fire.

When emergency crews showed up they called in a lifeflight helicopter which later flew Vindetta to Toledo.

Firefighters called it a “total loss” and estimated total damages at $40,000.

The Youngers didn’t have insurance.

“They lost everything,” relative Maureen Olds said. “(Vindetta’s husband) Hayes is pretty much a mess.

They gave him a room at the hospital; that’s pretty much all he has.”

Both Youngers are retired.

Olds set up a donation account at Fifth Third Bank under “Vindetta and Hayes Younger” to help cover the family’s medical costs.



Well I haven't checked these comments in awhile, I'm glad that I didn't decide to do so until now. First of all don't call my grandma "idiotic" it was a horrible mistake that almost caused me to lose my grandma. She a fighter and for all who are concerned she found the strength and pushed through it. The nurses are calling her the "miracle patient" they were positive she wasn't going to make it. As for you Christy? Chrissy? Angel? whatever your name is..which is sad since supposedly you're "adopted" by my grandparents but I don't even know your name? Do you even know how my grandma is doing? Have you been up there to see her? You probably don't even know their strict visiting hours, you probably don't even know when she's getting out. I appreciate you sticking up for my grandma because she is a wonderful person who would do anything for anyone but you take advantage of her. I don't even want to imagine how much money she has given to you because you call and complain that your broke. My mom who isn't even really her daughter-in-law anymore has done a whole lot more for my grandparents than you have since this incident and they don't even get along very well. Are you paying for carpet cleaners to come clean their new place? Nope, my mom and dad are. Did you even know that we found them a new place? Probably not. This may be rude, but enough is enough. Just because she has a hard time saying no to you, which i'm sure you know that since you keep asking her for things, doesn't mean you get to take advantage of her. I don't know if you'll ever read this but if you do, please leave our family alone.

Thank you to all of you who aren't talking bad about my grandma, like I said she really is amazing. She just made a horrible mistake but she isn't an idiot or any of the other disrespectful things some are saying. If you knew her your heart would melt knowing that her little body had to go through all this pain. All your prayers were appreciated because I don't think our family's prayers alone could have gave her the strength to fight through this. Again thank you so much!