Woman in Vickery fire still critical; family asks for help

A White's Landing woman who was badly burned in flash fire last week was placed in an induced coma on Tuesday.
Emil Whitis
Apr 18, 2012


A White’s Landing woman who was badly burned in flash fire last week was placed in an induced coma on Tuesday.

Relatives said Vindetta Younger, 60, was still listed in critical condition Tuesday at Mercy St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Toledo. 

At about 7 a.m. Friday Younger’s oxygen tank caught fire and the blaze quickly spread to the entire mobile home.

Younger made it out of the trailer with second- and third-degree burns covering 60 percent of her upper body. Her granddaughter, Amanda Younger, had to restrain Vindetta from going back in the home to save her dog, which died in the fire.

When emergency crews showed up they called in a lifeflight helicopter which later flew Vindetta to Toledo.

Firefighters called it a “total loss” and estimated total damages at $40,000.

The Youngers didn’t have insurance.

“They lost everything,” relative Maureen Olds said. “(Vindetta’s husband) Hayes is pretty much a mess.

They gave him a room at the hospital; that’s pretty much all he has.”

Both Youngers are retired.

Olds set up a donation account at Fifth Third Bank under “Vindetta and Hayes Younger” to help cover the family’s medical costs.



 All for a cigarette.


Thank God you're so perfect.


She's not claiming to be perfect.  She's stating an obvious fact and it required no further comment really.  While I do feel sorry for the family, it was no one's fault but her own and she should not be smoking.


I required no comment from you. Mind your own business.


Where does it say she was smoking?  Maybe she was cooking and her tank had a leak.  Funny how many perfect and brilliant people post on here.  It is also sad how many heartless people with no compassion live in this area. Is it any wonder things are the way they are here?


The report that she  was smoking was  in the Registers hard copy.  doppleganger-anyone who is on oxygen KNOWS the safety risks involved with smoking and open flames.  Do I feel sorry for her? No.  HER choice to smoke. Look what happened.  My guess is this want't the first time.  I suppose you would sue McD's for that scalding cup of cofffee with the caution label on it too. Idiot!


Moral of story,  Oxygen and smoking doesn't mix.   Smoking is what caused the O2 use in the first place. Duh.



You know this how?  Smoking is not the only reason to be put on oxygen.  Whatever the reason, getting burned up is awful.



@ deer 

I've worked with a lot of people who were put on O2 due to smoking  ( the number ONE cause)   ever heard of COPD?   That and personal family expierence.    And common sense tells you  don't smoke around an oxygen concentrator or tank.  Same with welding tanks  And yeah,  it's  sad,  but really what a chance to take, ya know?

That's HOW I would know.



Everyone knows you don't smoke while using oxgen. I too work in healthcare!   How do you know that is why she is using it?  COPD is not the only ailment that necessitates oxygen.   This article does not tell us that so I guess your personal experiences tell you that too.   They need help not your self righteous judgement!  We all have faults! 


That's right, everyone knows.      So you're saying that smoking has nothing to do with the O2?  Seriously?    You just made my point.      

And you know  I work in healthcare...because why, again?    




They can apply to get "hospital charity".  Hill Burton I think it's called.   Where they can get some or all the bills reduced or wrote off the full tally.   Why no insurance?  For the cost of a couple of cartons of smokes they could have had it.   




A carton of cigarettes, in round numbers, is about $50. Two cartons of cigarettes, then, would be about $100. If you can find health insurance — even catastrophic coverage only health insurance — for that price, give me a call! I haven't been able to fine anything anywhere NEAR that inexpensive, and I've looked at policies with $10,000 deductibles! (And no, I'm not super old, super sick, or with a past history of serious illness, like cancer.)

To suggest that someone who can afford cigarettes could also afford health insurance is demeaning at best, and it's certainly misleading!


 I'll bet she started smoking after being put on oxygen just for something to bid the time with.  I'll be darn!


@ Sam

I  did not say health insurance... the article stated  they had nothing for their trailer and belongings.  That's what I was referring to.

Renters insurance isn't that much.   Homeowners insurance isn't that much, either.


Do  any  of you bother to read to article?


 Awwww...Poor dog ! </3


 I'm sorry for the tragedy, but either the SR screwed up or the fire dept. did in the reporting.  Oxygen tanks can't catch fire.  Pure oxygen does not burn.  It accelerates (or oxidizes) currently burning objects.  People think of it acting like a tank of propane, but it doesn't.   Most likely, she accidently caught something on fire (such as the chair she was sitting in) and it burst into flames with the help of the oxygen.  But I challenge anyone to light a stream of oxygen on fire.  


no home owners insurance is their own fault special if they have money to smoke.



People make dumb mistakes, she isn't perfect and neither is anyone else. They are both wonderful people who would do anything for anyone. It's misfortunate that any of this had to happen but rude comments are not necessary. They lost everything they owned and family is just asking for a little support. Of course there were ways to prevent this but whats done is done and they have nothing left, do people really have no sympathy anymore?


 The rude comments are uncalled for. If this was a person in you family, youd be upset with these comments. Everyone makes mistakes. I will be praying for this family and will donate for sure. I hope vindetta has a quick recovery, and its terrible this happened. 


First of all for those of you making rude comments saying it was all her fault you dont know her or what happened you only know the little bit of info the register is posting. This woman knew the risks of using flame around an oxygen tank and usually DID NOT smoke around it... Second of all 100 for two cartons of cigarettes she should be able to get home owners insurance NOT show me where you can get home owners insurance for the little amount she spent on cigarettes i have been a friend of hers and pretty much adopted daughter for a very long time she rolled her own cigarettes so it prolly cost her about 25 a month so when you can find insurance for that much then get on here and run your mouths.... ALL her medical bills and everything she does for other people is what kept her from being able to afford home owners insurance... NONE of you know this woman so keep your rude obnoxious comments to yourselves... When i went camping and someone came in and stole all my stuff and i didnt have the money to replace it cause im a single mom trying to do it all on my own she went out and replaced my sons game system and games so he wouldnt be left with nothing... SHE did not have to do this but she has such a good heart she couldnt stand to see him crying over losing everything he basically had... Whenever my bills would be behind she would let me borrow the money and pay it back when i could and most of the time would just say dont worry about it... and i wasnt the only one she did this for this woman would give you the shirt off her back and put herself in debt to help others out..... They lost everything and she might still lose her life in this battle, i have been in contact with the nurses two and three times a day to check on her and she is not doing very well at all and all you guys can say is its her own fault..... I dont wish what her husband and she is going through on anyone not even you idiots that only care about what caused it not how much pain and hurt from the result of it... Get off your high horses and come down with the rest of us normal humans cause let me tell you she made a mistake that might cost her life, dont try telling me youve never made a mistake that could have resulted in something bad cause if you do your lying through your teeth... this post will probably be removed but at least im getting it out there for a few mins or days however long it takes for them to remove it...... For those of you condeming a woman who has one hell of a great heart for a mistake... i hope you never make one that puts you in as much pain as she is in cause i will feel no sympathy for you.  The worry shouldnt be about what caused it the worry should be about what resulted in it and what they are both going through with this..... A MISTAKE and they lost everything, try worrying about if your wife is going to live and how you are going to clean up the mess replace everything and find a place to live all at the same time.... try laying there in pain sedated not in a coma but sedated and woke up every morning from it just to make sure she can follow commands and do something so simple as moving a foot when asked just to make sure she is still hanging in there.... 3rd degree burns over 60% of 40% of her body very deep burns.... They say there is usually no pain with burns that bad but are we really sure there is no pain how can we when your so sick and hurt that you cant even tell them.... Cold heartless people like you who only care about how it started is the reason this world is like it is.... Mistakes happen and you should be ashamed of yourselves, before condeming a woman for a mistake try getting to know her and her husband to see what kind of awesome people they are cause i guarantee they would never condem you they would cry feel bad and try to help you in any way they can even if it put them in debt up to their eyeballs..... People make me sick the way they worry about only themselves..... i hope your comments on how its her own fault makes you feel more like a man or woman then you must in every day life.....  For those not worried about how it happened and more worried about her and her husband thank you cause they need it right now.... Everything is raining down on their heads all at once and just seems to keep coming.... Thank you for the decent comments on here from some of you....


 By the way cudos to the idiots on here with the rude comments you just made a 12 year old cry after reading them, already upset before about his pretty much adopted grandma who does anything she can for him and then even worse after reading the heartless comments on here hope it makes yall feel big and bad.... 


 Why would you let a 12yr. old read these comments??  That's just mean.


 Lets see probably because he goes to perkins has his own laptop and gets on the register at school so he does know how to get on here himself and read things.... or was i supposed to keep him out of school so he didnt learn how to read..... HE IS 12 NOT 5 he knows how to read and make his own decisions


 Angel, I have personally have no intention of bashing these people, but a suggestion if I may.  Getting in a battle on these forums isn't going to help the situation and you aren't going to keep rude comments from being posted.  What you are doing is opening yourself, your son, and your injured friends to more vicious attacks.  I'd stop while you're ahead.  


 My only intention on here was to get out some of the anger i have at some of the people who care nothing about the people hurt but about how it was done and it worked.... And to maybe give a little insite into how sweet and wonderful these people are that have gone through this tragedy and hopefully that worked too but no i dont have my hopes up about that one cause i know how cruel and heartless some people can be.... my friends are in toledo with no way of looking at these blogs right now so im not worried about them seeing it and if they did they would just thank me for sticking up for them.... I know my posting on here will not stop the comments but it makes me feel better and gives me something else to think about other then worrying 24-7 about whats going on so thank you for your suggestion but we all deal with things in our own way and this is mine... as for the not bashing them thank you and hopefully theres many others out there that wont either and some that will change their minds after my post.... who knows as i keep hearing from the nurses miracles happen.....


No, he cried because his idiotic adopted grandma "usually" doesn't smoke while on oxygen but did and set herself on fire. Truth hurts and she's the one that hurt him by hurting herself.


Age shouldnt matter, you shouldnt post anything that could make someone cry.


 i know right



Thank you sinika


Well I haven't checked these comments in awhile, I'm glad that I didn't decide to do so until now. First of all don't call my grandma "idiotic" it was a horrible mistake that almost caused me to lose my grandma. She a fighter and for all who are concerned she found the strength and pushed through it. The nurses are calling her the "miracle patient" they were positive she wasn't going to make it. As for you Christy? Chrissy? Angel? whatever your name is..which is sad since supposedly you're "adopted" by my grandparents but I don't even know your name? Do you even know how my grandma is doing? Have you been up there to see her? You probably don't even know their strict visiting hours, you probably don't even know when she's getting out. I appreciate you sticking up for my grandma because she is a wonderful person who would do anything for anyone but you take advantage of her. I don't even want to imagine how much money she has given to you because you call and complain that your broke. My mom who isn't even really her daughter-in-law anymore has done a whole lot more for my grandparents than you have since this incident and they don't even get along very well. Are you paying for carpet cleaners to come clean their new place? Nope, my mom and dad are. Did you even know that we found them a new place? Probably not. This may be rude, but enough is enough. Just because she has a hard time saying no to you, which i'm sure you know that since you keep asking her for things, doesn't mean you get to take advantage of her. I don't know if you'll ever read this but if you do, please leave our family alone.

Thank you to all of you who aren't talking bad about my grandma, like I said she really is amazing. She just made a horrible mistake but she isn't an idiot or any of the other disrespectful things some are saying. If you knew her your heart would melt knowing that her little body had to go through all this pain. All your prayers were appreciated because I don't think our family's prayers alone could have gave her the strength to fight through this. Again thank you so much!