Perkins police raid head shop

For the second time in less than six months Perkins police raided a local head shop Wednesday and came out with armloads of synthetic drugs.
Emil Whitis
Apr 12, 2012


For the second time in less than six months Perkins police raided a local head shop Wednesday and came out with armloads of synthetic drugs.

The question is — are they legal synthetic drugs?

At about 11:30 a.m. police, with help from the Ohio Department of Taxation, "surrounded" a small cluster of stores at 220 W. Perkins Ave. and then burst into Four Play.

See more photos from the raid by clicking HERE

Four Play owner Tony Sauseda, his girlfriend Jessica Niswander and employee Thomas Peck Jr. were indicted on drug charges stemming from a December raid. Soon after being arrested all posted bond so the store remained open for business.

"We received information that the business was continuing to sell illegal substances," Perkins police assistant Chief Robb Parthemore said. "These people think if they change the molecular structure just a little bit it's legal but that's not necessarily the case."

Parthemore said police hadn't yet completed a full inventory of what was confiscated from the store. Whether the synthetic drugs they confiscated are illegal remains unclear, Parthemore said.

"Once we get all this inventoried we'll send it to (the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation) for identification," he said. "They'll decide if it's similar enough (to banned substances) for charges."

Sauseda, Niswander and Peck each were previously indicted on drug possession and preparing for sale Methalone, MDPV and spice charges.

Read more on the raid in Thursday's Register.



Changing the molecular structure ?  What with ? A pinch of caring and a dash of love ?  Get these guys off the street already, please !!!


Good job, Perkins PD! Who knows how many lives that one bust might save b/c that synthetic stuff is often more dangerous than the real drugs.


So I am assuming that the trio was not arrested or charged with anything this time. 


No my friend the trio were not charged with anything because the trio dont even own this store anymore, which in a good investigation the fine departement of perkins who if were really do an investigation would have acquired this knowledge


Stoners, druggies, crackheads, etc., etc.  All names for addicts.  Let us load all the druggies up and send them to Amsterdam.  They can do all the drugs they want then.  The catch is they can never come back. 


Good Job Perkins!


What the heck is a head shop?


 @kelly... A head shop is a place where they sell pipes and other drug paraphernalia. Most typically it's a hippy shop or sex toy shop. 


 Great job Perkins PD!  Clean this crap outta here and back to Detroit where it belongs!


Yeah! good job!  If only marijuana was legalized people wouldn't have to resort to dangerous alternatives.  Even though the actual plant poses 0 adverse effects on health. 
  Good call on the bath salts though, no redeeming qualities about it or the drug its meant to simulate (cocaine).


 A head shop is technically for tobacco use only. A smart head shop owner will post signs saying that saying words such as "green", "bowl", "weed", or anything that could liken the usage of marijuana will be kicked out. They also sell items for hookahs and various drinking activities as well. It really just depends on the shop.

It's not drug paraphernalia unless the item has traces of THC or other illegal drug. Every head shop will post signs saying that all products' intended use are for tobacco and tobacco only. It's perfectly legal to buy a pipe or a hookah and carry it around in broad daylight. It becomes illegal once you've smoked marijuana out of it. 

I would also say that I'm not in favor of the legalization of marijuana. I think it has some positive effects and effects that are not that far off from alochol. However, until they develop an instant testing system that can test you for marijuana in your system and how long it's been in there, I will not vote for legalization. The reason being because if I smoke a joint on Tuesday and get pulled over on Friday, the cop can request that I take a drug test if he has reason to believe that I should have one. I'll fail it because marijuana stays in the system longer than alcohol even though all of the side-effects have long been gone. I'm then looking at a DUI even though I'm completely sober. Maybe they have developed that test though and I'm just not aware of it. 


I really love this story, why are these people being punished when it says that the company is the ones changing the "Synthetic drugs" they carry i knw this place and i knw the people and this is pathetic! why are they in trouble for what the companies do. i knw for a fact everything sold in this store comes with a lab report showing its legal according to DEA regulations. Why are they being punished when it appears the state of Ohio is too lazy to go after the companies. lol the best part is they dont even have there facts straight the place is under new ownership as you can see from the wonderful pictures. so why are the previous owners in the paper under this newest raid. Also maybe perkins can teach the sandusky police a thing or two because you can go a few blocks in any direction form this place and find 10 more of these stores but they dont even touch em. if your gonna hit one then you need to hit them all... does the duty of an officer change from county to county i think not..


LOL.....Is that last photo a drawing depicting "No Pigs"? I guess the police don't know hieroglyphics.

Tru Grit

Yikes, I have seen many of these types of stores, they sell some pretty cool stuff to be totally honest. All piepes are for tobaccoo and not Marijuana, but we all know that isn't true once you buy the stuff. I have never seen a kid use a pipe to smoke tobaccoo, I mean anyone with common sense knows this. Perkins PD, nice job if they were selling K2, Spice, or bath salts. That stuff his just as dangerous at Meth, Crack, etc, etc. Something tells me that Parthermore probably doesn't know what changing molecular structure means or how that is even possible, leave that to the scientists. Over all good to know this crap is off the streets and going into a big ol' fire pit. Cops 1, punks who think they can get by the cops 0.


It's not off the streets.  They posted bond and reopened the store.  You are right, those places do have pretty cool stuff whether you do drugs or not!


 so everyone wants to slander a store that sells pipes hookahs and other novelties ,i agree with the bath salts being taken out of the stores and other sinthetic substances but ,what does it matter when you can go to "HANCOCK" street in sandusky and buy as much crack cocaine as you want from over 30 different dealers ?...maybe they should be more concerned with getting all the other drugs off all the corners and doing something with all the DOCTORS that are so free to write you a script for pain killers ?and maybe even go as far as to investigate their own police department ? seems there is an awful lot of mischief going on there with cops and alcohol just a thought and "COWBOY" maybe you should wake up this isnt just a problem from "DETROIT"......Sandusky is so over ridden with drugs its no different !


Tru Grit

I had a friend go to prison once for pedaling drugs in this town, he cleaned up his life and is a differnet person, some people are dealers some people are users. Some learn there lesson some don't that is the world we live in and just how things go. The war on drugs will never be completely won, but we can make great strides to inhibit the abuse and selling of these drugs that rip, tear and destroy people, families and lives. Anyone that has been a users or victim of users and dealers know its a battle that will always be fought uphill.


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 So much for being innocent until proven guilty, huh! Welcome to the United Police State of America. 

How do you get arrested before they even know what their selling is ACTUALLY illegal. I hope Perkins PD gets their a$$es sued off for this.