Sen. Brown: Aerospace testing capabilities too great to ignore

If it gets built, they will come. But they might have to build it themselves.
Andy Ouriel
Apr 11, 2012


If it gets built, they will come. But they might have to build it themselves.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown said a runway at NASA Plum Brook remains a top priority, but he shares retired Gen. David Stringer’s view that if the government doesn’t provide the $40 million it will cost, private industry will see the value and invest in the future at Plum Brook.

“We will work together on all of this and work especially with a private company,” said Brown, who visited NASA Plum Brook on Monday morning. “There will be interest from private companies, we hope, sooner rather than later.”

Brown hasn’t thrown in the towel on getting the federal government to pony up the funding for a runway, but the enormous value of the space testing equipment at Plum Brook will prove very attractive to aerospace companies and make private  investment worth it, he said.

After touring the station, Brown pledged to about 20 local officials who accompanied him that he’d remain a strong advocate for the facility. He said he would not slow down the fight for federal funding for station upgrades, but he also intended to seek out partnerships so either private or public companies can test equipment in the station.


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      Please Mr. Shenigo, let the airstrip dream die. Developing jobs for Erie County is the clear focus you need.


He can't let the dream die. He will make a butt load if we get the airstrip. He owns land out there that he would make money off of if it goes through.


what good has brown done for the area? anybody care to answer? brown has been a politician for over 37 years. what good has brown done for ohio? don't look for brown to do anything in the future. keep voting this career empty suit into office if it makes you feel good.


Good luck in geting 40 million dollars from the Federal Government to do an airstrip.  Dream on. The money give away has dried up.  Anytime someone can stick it to the taxpayer, they will. They think the Federal Government has money to burn.

6079 Smith W

The spendthrifts in DC already borrow about 40 cents of every dollar spent.

Where does Mr. Brown suggest that we get the money?



no answers for brown? go figure!


not even a cheap 89 cent a pound chicken full of chemicals in my pot? where are all of the sherrod brown supporters? hiding in some basement until the welfare checks come in? what happened to all those cheese lines some years ago? i used to see employed people waiting in line to get their 5# loaf of cheese. what ever happened to that free cheese? ask sherrod or marcy.

Captain Gutz

Government cheese is processed cheese that was provided to welfare and food stamp recipients in the United States from the 1960s through to the early 1990s.


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