REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: Baxter faces another easy campaign season

SANDUSKY REGISTER Kevin Baxter first ran for county prosecutor in 1988, then ran again in 19
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Kevin Baxter first ran for county prosecutor in 1988, then ran again in 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2004. In each of those races, he was unopposed.

Baxter's luck seems to be holding up in 2008, too. When filing by Democrats and Republicans closed Jan. 4, no one had filed against Baxter, although independent candidates still have until March 3 to file.

By contrast, Commissioner Tom Ferrell has fought off opponents in four of his five county commissioner campaigns and so far has two Republicans, Mike Printy and David Mulvin, running against him in 2008.

"My name isn't Kevin Baxter," Ferrell explained.

Baxter, who says he would "certainly campaign" if he ever had to, notes that Ferrell has a track record in office he can talk about.

"That's what I would do, I guess," Baxter said.

-- Tom Jackson

Helpful Sanduskians pull reporter out of mud

On Jan. 5, The American Legion Post 83 hosted Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 148 Infantry and their family members before the soldiers left for deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The day, compared to the previous week, was a bit warmer. The ice and snow that had covered the ground for about a week had melted, leaving certain areas somewhat muddy.

The Legion's back parking lot was filled and many vehicles were parked in the grass for additional space. I also parked in the grass.

After the soldiers departed, I got in my car to leave.

Leaving was not an option. My car was definitely stuck in the mud. Rocking the car back and forth only dug a deeper hole.

A kind Samaritan came over to help, as well as Register photographer Luke Wark. Nothing was working until a third kind Samaritan driving a Ford pickup arrived to pull my vehicle out of the mud.

This is a thank you to them and everyone else who has ever extended a helping hand.

-- Janet Nguyen

Explosive Exhibits

In visiting Sandusky Cultural Center to learn about its latest show, I also learned that years ago some dyes in pottery work contained uranium.

While many people are aware of its radioactive properties, you might be surprised to learn uranium also creates a beautiful orange color in clays.

-- Jennifer Grathwol

Unexpected results

In looking for a kidney donor, Jim Kimberlin may have helped save someone else's life.

One of the people who stepped forward ended up being a match, but after the extensive testing to determine if he could donate, it was found that he had cancer.

Because of the testing, the cancer was caught in its early stages and treated.

-- Laura Collins

Sibling rivalry benefits community

Huron students Brandon Poorman and Craig Thorne set out to collect coats for charity and out-do their brothers at the same time -- and they did just that.

Poorman and Thorne collected 440 coats as part of the "Warm Coats for Winter" program that was started by their older brothers. Both said their goal was to beat their brothers' record of 250 coats.

-- Laura Collins

Farschman: MY people fixed those bridges

When the Erie County Commissioners published their goals last year, one of them was, "Support the County Engineer's bridge replacement program."

A recent article in the Sandusky Register noted the commissioners met that goal by replacing seven bridges.

That didn't sit well with County Engineer Jack Farschman, who wrote a two-page letter to the newspaper pointing out that it was eight bridges, and that the work was done by his independent office -- not by commissioners, who merely rubber-stamped the budget.

"My staff of engineers, administrative and supervisory personnel are hardworking and results oriented, as well as my field forces, and it grinds me when they don't get the recognition they deserve," Farschman wrote.

-- Tom Jackson