60 mph winds down trees, power lines all over Erie, Huron counties

NORWALK Gene Arthur had a garage when he went to bed Tuesday night. By Wednesday, it was totaled.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Gene Arthur had a garage when he went to bed Tuesday night. By Wednesday, it was totaled.

"Now it's a pile of wood," he said.

A 200-year-old oak tree in his yard fell over and crushed the garage at his home in Norwalk.

"There was a lot of wind yesterday. I think about one o'clock last night it fell. The big one fell and broke off the next one," he said. "I expect it's a couple hundred years old. Most of the trees around here are 160 or 180 years old."

Winds topped 60 mph, breaking branches, toppling trees and blowing down power lines in Erie and Huron counties.

Meteorologist Rob Miller of AccuWeather said the winds reached 64 mph.

"It affected the entire region. There was a cold front that came through, and the winds got really strong along it and behind it," he said. "Any loose tree limbs, loose shingles or anything that is not secure could have blown off."

Miller said the wet ground made trees more likely to topple in the wind.

Jason Roblin, assistant director of Huron County Emergency Management Agency, said there were roads closed and power failures in some of Huron County.

Union Road was closed because of high water and remained closed into Wednesday evening, but many of the roads closed because of down power lines had reopened by the end of the day.

"The power company pretty much have their hands full right now," Roblin said.

In Erie County, roads in Milan, Berlin Township and Vermilion were closed but reopened by 9 a.m., according to the Sheriff's office.

"The biggest problem was that the road crew had to wait until daylight to see what they were doing," said Capt. Paul Sigsworth.

He said there was only one early morning, non-injury accident as a result of a tree in the road in Berlin Township.

The highest wind speed recorded by the sanduskyregister.com weather station in downtown Sandusky was 46 mph.