Fruit cups, soda and high school dieting

Dieting. I can hear the groans already. The word brings fear to the pit of people's stomachs -- but maybe that's just hunger.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Dieting. I can hear the groans already. The word brings fear to the pit of people's stomachs -- but maybe that's just hunger.

The verb "dieting" can be interpreted in a variety of ways. For example, my idea of a diet is eating foods low in calories, sugar and grams of fat. A wrestler's idea of dieting might be not eating for 24 hours or more.

My favorite example of dieting is "the fad." As I learned from talking to Nate Huntley, a sophomore soccer player at Perkins High School, the fad on the boy's soccer team is to eat a Wendy's Baconater before every game.

Dieting can be beneficial to your health if done correctly. Losing a little weight, helps lessen the stress your heart exerts during everyday activities. It might also help you crawl back into those "skinny jeans" at the bottom of your drawer.

Michael Baxter, a three-time state qualifying wrestler at Perkins High School, diets during wrestling season. He contributes his dieting to his success.

But dieting is taken to the extreme. Apparently, the fruit cups the school serves at lunch, "nourish" the wrestlers, according to the coach. The wrestlers take out the fruit pieces and drink the juice as their nutrition for the entire day.

During some of his dieting experiences, Michael feels fatigued because of his lack of food, he said. Dieting can also leave you susceptible for an injury. Not receiving the proper amount of nutrition, vitamins and food groups makes it harder for your body to work and complete normal tasks.

The definition of fad is a craze or trend popular among groups of people. Most trends start in Hollywood and are publicized by the press. Among these fads are the food fads and the dieting fads. Knowing how smart some people in Hollywood are, some of these fads may not be your best choice. Take for example, the grapefruit diet. You get to eat grapefruit and grapefruit and you guessed it, grapefruit. Or what about the soup diet? Yummy right? Tofu-only diet, definitely delicious. Unless you are looking for one of the most unwholesome ways to look like Mary Kate Olsen, I suggest looking into programs with support groups or a meal plan with points, only of course if you speak with a doctor first.

I talked with one last person, a high school cross country runner, and found out just how much he cared about dieting before his sport.

"I don't think it would have made a difference if I drank a liter of pop before a race."

While making me laugh, the quote seems to confirm dieting means different things to different people. As with almost every debatable topic in the world today, there is a good side and a bad side. Your job is to distinguish the difference and stay where you are or cross to the other side.