Client makes personal trainer proud

As a personal trainer, my job is to help my clients believe they can be healthy and enjoy a longer life. I take special pride
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


As a personal trainer, my job is to help my clients believe they can be healthy and enjoy a longer life.

I take special pride in teaching my clients that you can complete an all-natural weight loss program -- without the aid of surgery or diet pills. You can do this, even if it more than 100 pounds.

Allow me to share with you the journey between myself and client, Agenda Bonner. Agenda is 33 years old and is a teacher for the Sandusky City Schools.

When Agenda started 15 months ago with the Weigh of Life weight loss program, she was 140 pounds overweight and had considered gastric bypass surgery, but had decided against it. Agenda wanted to give it one more try with the help of a trainer.

As we began our journey together, I told her I would need to work on her mind before her body. We agreed that she would need to make a commitment to herself first and then to her trainer.

I told her she had to record the journey every day. I explained that journaling was going to be a part of her healing, and mistakes were part of the process.

Lastly, she had to eat right and exercise every day, or at least five to six times per week.

Agenda agreed and she has lost 105.6 pounds. She lost 100 pounds in 400 days, which is excellent. I will give you a brief overview of how we did it.

Your mind is the most powerful part of your body so everything starts there. She was advised to write down exactly what she wanted to look like, how much weight she wanted to lose, the whole nine yards. She was advised to read it every day. If you write a vision on paper it has a 97 percent chance of coming true.

Agenda was advised to look at journaling as an investment in herself and her future. Every choice she made didn't just affect her, it affected everyone around her. Therefore, her commitment level or lack thereof was always in the front of her mind.

Once she understood that journaling helped her be mindful, accountable and responsible, as well get to the root of her bad habits, she was on her way to victory.

The last stage is exercising and eating right. You can't separate the two and be successful. She got this stage right away, and as her trainer, the only thing I had left to do was to bring out the champion that was already in her.

I hope you've been inspired by her journey and make the decision you can have "victory" also with an all-natural weight loss program.