Spring in January

SANDUSKY City residents were coaxed outside Monday as record-breaking temperatures warmed the entire
May 24, 2010



City residents were coaxed outside Monday as record-breaking temperatures warmed the entire region.

AccuWeather meteorologist Mike Pigott said the Toledo area had a high of 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which broke a record of 61 degrees set in 1907. The forecasted low for Monday night was 54 degrees.

The Sandusky area was a little warmer with a high of 66 degrees and a low of 57 degrees, according to sanduskyregister.com.

"I would consider it unusual weather," Piggot said. "I think they could be out in shorts today."

Piggot said the unusual weather is from strong winds bringingwarm air from the Gulf Mexico.

Rick Choquette, a laborer with the city of Sandusky's Parks Department, was taking down Christmas lights in Washington Park.

"I don't know what to make of it," Choquette said. "It's a reallywelcome surprise if you have to work outside."

Choquette, who was wearing a sweater, said he's usually freezing and wearing several layers this time of year.

Piggot said the average temperature for this time of year is about31 degrees. Despite the warm weather, Brett Huber, 20, of Sandusky was wearing a hooded sweater and said he was holding out for a cold winter day.

"I want it to snow again because I want to go sledding," he said.

Huber may have to wait since today's temperatures are expected to reach a high of 62 degrees, which would equal a record set in 1965. The low is projected to be 39 degrees.

Kelly Lawrence of Sandusky enjoyed the warm weather by taking a stroll with her 18-month-old son, Jordan.

"I don't feel like it's January outside," she said.

Lawrence said this warm weather is nice, but confusing since it was so cold last week.

"I'd rather move to Florida, where it's always sunny," she said.

Piggot said the warm weather will be short-lived because a cold front is moving in later this afternoon. He said there is an 80 percent chance of rain from 4-7 p.m. today.

The entire winter could be milder than average.

Piggot said the season is expected to be rather warm with temperatures slightly above the average of 31 degrees.

For today's weather, visit sanduskyregister.com/weather.