REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: Steuk enjoys Michigan bowl win

SANDUSKY REGISTER The new year has gotten off to a pleasant start for Huron's municipal judge, Bill
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



The new year has gotten off to a pleasant start for Huron's municipal judge, Bill Steuk, who began his new term as judge and watched his alma mater upset Florida, 41-35, in Tuesday's Capitol One Bowl.

"We were pleased, especially for Lloyd Carr. He was a defensive coordinator when I played," said Steuk, an outside linebacker for the Wolverines from 1989 to 1992. Michigan went 3-0-1 against Ohio State when Steuk played there.

The judge, asked if he plans to mention Florida when talking with his Ohio State friends, issued a ruling that such teasing would be unfair.

"I'm just happy Michigan won," Steuk said magnanimously. "That was a different team. Florida had a few losses already this season."

Florida dominated Ohio State 41-14 in last year's BCS title game.

-- Tom Jackson

Many did the right thing

At the beginning of December we put out the call for nominations for the 2007 Register Award, asking, "Who did the right thing?"

We received more than two dozen nominations, and picking the winners was no easy task. All the nominees were deserving, and many nominators provided additional documentation explaining whey their nominee should win.

The selection committee chose Bob Hemminger of Huron, Doris Troup of Sandusky and Joyce and Jack Mulaney of Huron as the 2007 winners. Details of their contributions were printed in the Jan. 31 edition of the Register.

We awarded honorable mention to Don Miears of Huron, Beth Ahrens and Carol Morgan of Port Clinton, Dave Waddington, Carole Romp and Howard Nemitz of Sandusky, Bill Ruffing of Bellevue and JoAnna Lowther of Castalia.

These are the other nominees, who are also worthy of recognition:

* Jim "Cleats" Bilgen, Sandusky -- Has collected donations in his neighborhood for Crossroads and other charities for many years.

* Ron L. Feyedelem, Sandusky -- AMVETS baseball director and manager for 28 years; YMCA youth sports director for 20 years.

* Janet Freehling, Norwalk -- Received two nominations for visiting nursing homes, hospitals and hospice to provide pet therapy with her cat and dog.

* Mark R. Gross -- Leadership roles in Sandusky Rotary Club, Erie County Chamber of Commerce and Greater Erie Marketing executive committee.

* Hanson Aggregates and Sandusky City staff -- Assisting those who live in the Pipe Creek watershed.

* Mark Kusser, Sandusky -- Boy Scout Troopmaster for Troop 83 for seven years.

* Willie L. McCarty, Shining Water Inc., Sandusky -- Received three nominations for bringing the community together with Native American Pow-wows at Shoreline Park and Youth Drum Circles.

* Barbara Moran -- Her 5th-grade class adopts "grandfriends" at Bethesda Nursing Home; also organizes a Veterans Day program annually.

* Edward and Linda Noftz -- Have been foster parents 10 years and put the needs of the foster children before their own.

* Peggy Riedy -- Big Brothers Big Sisters, CASA.

* Suzie Sidell, children and friends, Wakeman -- Helped dig by shovel a 22-by-70-foot patio at Christie Lane Industries.

* Laura Stellhorn, Sandusky -- Volunteer at Madison School for more than a decade; Active in Sandusky Concert Association, American Guild of Organists and many activities at Zion Lutheran Church.

* Dr. Thomas B. Williamson, Huron -- Described as a "teaching and caring doctor."

* Patricia Wilson, Sandusky -- Red Cross volunteer, cares for sick family member and provides a stable, loving home for her grandchildren.

-- Karen Mork

McKeen likes Beatles, old technology

Remember those screaming girls who greeted the Beatles in the 1960s? Maybe Commissioner Nancy McKeen was one of them.

Then again, maybe not, but McKeen revealed a little bit about her taste in music at Thursday's county commission meeting.

Commissioner Tom Ferrell, who said he listens to music using an iPod, teased McKeen about clinging to old technology. McKeen said she still uses audio CDs, but said that for her, that's new technology.

McKeen then revealed she had run across a bag in her home recently and discovered it was filled with 45 rpm singles.

"What was it, Mel Torme?" Ferrell said.

"It was like, the Beatles and stuff," McKeen said.

-- Tom Jackson

Gary Beamer -- Vice Mayor?

Clyde Council had an organization meeting, choosing the new mayor and vice mayor. A visitor might find the name plates a little confusing, however.

Scott Black and Ken Dick were sworn in as the mayor and vice mayor, respectively, during Wednesday's meeting.

A couple of council members tried to change the name plate of their positions to match up with their seat; however, the name plate was stuck.

So for a full meeting, a bystander could have assumed that newly-elected council member Gary Beamer was the vice mayor.

While it would have been easy to just change seats with Beamer, Dick said he's "grown kind of attached to this chair."

-- Jacob Lammers