Local teens speak out on Trayvon Martin killing

They're young. They're smart. They're black. And they found a cause worth fighting for in last month's death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 31, 2012

They’re young. They’re smart. They’re black. And they found a cause worth fighting for in last month’s death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. 

About 30 teens from Sandusky High donned hoodies Thursday as they marched and demanded justice for the Florida teenager who was fatally shot by a man who has not been charged for the killing.

Said one of the teens: “We need to make other people care about the situation, and we’re starting with Sandusky."

Martin was gunned down by a man acting as a neighborhood watchman. George Zimmerman told police Martin attacked him, but police audio recordings suggest Zimmerman was stalking Trayvon as the boy walked back from a store with skittles and iced tea in hand.

He was wearing a hoodie the night he was gunned down, which has prompted protesters throughout the nation to don hoodies at demonstrations.   

The teens marched from Sandusky High to the corner of Market and Jackson streets, stopping at the Sandusky Register building.

To view the video the teens produced from their march, click here.



wow.....big dogs back....that is really below the belt. 

The Big Dog's back

 What's below the belt wiredmama? You had slaves living in the "Big House" while others were being murdered in the fields. Why is it when a person of color lashes out at another person of color, the right wing holds them up on a pedestal?

The Big Dog's back

 And I can't think of anything more racist than holding up a token (alveda) to further racism. We all know she hates Sharpton and Jackson, heck, she hated her own father and there is still suspicion surrounding his death since she was the last one with him. She used the "poor me, I'm Black" for her own purposes. Think before you speak. This is about a person being murdered for no reason, and was going to be swept under the rug. Thank God it wasn't.


that has NOTHING to do with calling bt what you did....nothing at all. Who says this death is being swept under the rug?  NO ONE.  Let the GJ decide.....no one else. 

This is totally out of control

The Big Dog's back

 It would have been swept under the rug.

The Big Dog's back

 wiredmama, in case you haven't figured it out, b t is neither black or a woman.


who cares.  Jeeze.  This kind of stuff is just NUTS.   All this crap about racists and who shot John is just crazy.  None of us was there.....nobody knows what went on except the people on the scene.....some are talking and some are not listening. 

Let the GJ figure it out and be done with it.  It is clogging up the airways..I am SICK of turning on the tv and getting 20 sec interval progress notes on what Sharpton, Jackson or anyone says about this.  I can't take it until the 10th of frigging April. 

I just don't care anymore.  This kid is DEAD.  What..all this will bring him back?????? No way.   But you cannot go and get this guy if they cannot make the charges stick and so far they can't seem to.  So all the screaming ARREST him isn't going to help.

Sure, I think they should....but you cannot do it with that crappy law in FLORIDA.  Don't blame me...blame the fools who wrote it and those who voted for it. 



well, apparently the police and investigators now have the phone records of Trayvon's girlfriend and Trayvon and it seems she WAS on the phone with him that night.  But as if yet, no one has contacted her to discuss this matter. I am sure they will on Monday or Tuesday.  Her testimony is sure to be part of this investigation as well. 

As will be the two women who witnessed the "whimpering" and crying of someone outside their back door and who have been calling the police but have yet to have their statements taken by the cops.  I am sure they will be part of the people now having THEIR statements taken.  

all this info is from Huffington post....alll on video postings along with other items. 

Anyway I think everyone needs to wait and see what all of this comes down to on April 10 when the GJ meets and they decide what goes.  Either there will be shouting in the streets that Zimmerman will be arrested or there will be a war in Florida.  One of the two.  Who knows. 



 (click on image to see Slate's cartoon page)


this is worse than the Jon Benet Ramsey case without the mountains and the snow.......


Also noticed what looks to be a typo...

They’re young. They’re smart. They’re black. And they found a cause worth fighting for in last month’s death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.


@excel.....ok, I know I am not the firmest ice cube in the tray....where is the typo?  


ps.....ever put a bunch of girls with a video camera? All they do is laugh and giggle. 


and big dog.....I never owned a slave in my entire life, but if you would like to apply...i will send you a copy of my rules and regulations.....not a problem. 


   At one time or another I have attended about every Black (A Church is a Church) Church in Sandusky.  So when I go in should it still be referred to as a Black Church?  I'm white, so how can anyone say it's a Black Church, maybe predominately Black.  Then, look around, you'll see a lot of people, I want to be politically correct, of mixed race.  We have come a long way and I hate to see us go in reverse.  I am not afraid to go into any Church in our area.  What is happening down in Florida is terrible.  Please don't let it effect us in our area.  We have them in both races, black and white.

  Blacktigress, keep posting, you are one of the few showing common sense and compassion for all.  Make no mistake, this was a terrible tragedy.  Many in the Black community need to listen to some of the more laid back Pastors who I have grown to respect.  They will tell you some of the real problems that exist in the Black communities.  Somebody look this up- I heard that 93% of the Blacks murdered were killed by another Black.  If Zimmerman was Black, would you be upset, You should be.


 How is blacktigress showing common sense what has they down but come on here and down everything a black person does . She is always on if my black people garbage i still cant and dont belive they are even black. Comes on here attacks black churches, black youths who are not harming anyone, continue to put down black families because they are the only (blacks in america that not goverment assiatance ) . I still believe this is the person formally known as blackhawk down when they were a older man who was black and lived by the white is right cocept and black is wrong.


to EZOB and Blacktigress.....you both have reached the point that most thinking people would love to reach....the ability to see beyond the skin of a person into the soul.  For that you should both be commended. 

I dislike the Al Sharptons and Jessie Jackson's of the world who shout from the housetops that there is a difference when they do nothing to teach tolerance.  I hate to see the differences pointed out when there is nothing shown on how to cope, to learn and to be civil. 

When the rabble-rousers come in, all the follows are the cries and shouls of panic and unrest.....never a quiet resolve.  I have YET to see either one of them get to a peaceful solution with anything.  I have often wished that Dr King had lived a good long full life to preach his lessons longer.....there wouldn't have been an Al Sharpton or a Jessie Jackson had he lived....I truly believe that. 

But today this has just gotten to be nuts. This family, while they may have invited these two rabble rousers into the mix, has fanned this into a mess that could have been prevented and perhaps they would have gotten further along had they not done that.  You don't scream fire in a crowded room with only one door for an escape route.  

I cannot help but wonder if they would not have been more successful had they gone up the ladder of their own state first before shouting to the nation like this?  It might have been over by now.   


O quit it!



forget all that : P check my most recent (and final) comment on the other Trayvon-related SR article

i did not re-post it here, because my comment is mainly about the aspect of the story regarding the hate crime charge (and it's relation to the national attention issue), etc

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A few articles for your Sunday readings. Why is Al Sharpton a common tator on MSNBC!!!

The last post is for those that cringe when I mention Lamestream State Run media and for the Dan Rather fan club members.


Why is this not news?

 On Friday afternoon, Willie Brewer III, a 17-year-old Akron high school student and athlete, was shot and killed in the streets of the city’s west side.

Because this is black on black crime.

All too depressingly common.

That's why its not news outside of NE Ohio.




Same reason any other crime isnt big news, It doesnt get ratings and creates drama people can capitalize on.

The Big Dog's back

Do they have a suspect? Did they arrest him? The point is an unarmed boy was murdered, and no arrest has been made. You right wingers want the Old West back. Be careful what you wish for. 


@Big dog

Did the get allen coons attackers yet? Or that 7 year old girl in chicago's killer yet? The only reason this Trayvon deal is news is because they are getting mileage off it for political theater, Divide the people according to race and exploit it so they can get attention while others get away with much much more. Never let a crises go to waste.

Right wingers wanting the wild west? How dumb, Who is in the middle of lynch mobs and marches. The left is exploiting it because they want the mob mentality, Leading the bovines by the nose and people are stupid enough to follow. Its call lateral violence (look it up). This whole situation makes me sick, People exploiting a dead kid for gain how low can you get? Keep fanning those flames though, Al sharpton thanks you for your support in exploiting a kids death and racially inflaming people till more get hurt.

The Big Dog's back

 ori, that's the point. They either have arrested or have warrants for their arrests. Where's zimmerman's warrant?


I'm not a right winger, as you call it, and I have no wish to bring back the old west. Regardless of what has happened in the past concerning white on black crime, people who hate this Zimmerman for what he has allegedly done, do not  have a right to put a bounty on his head, guilty or not, any more than if  people had called  for O.J. Simpsons death after he alledgedly murdered  Nicolle Brown Simpson. Let the facts make themselves known, and let justice play its part. In the meantime, ignore the race baiters and those who would turn us all against each other for their own profit.

Tool Shed

 Blah blah blah!  Get jobs!

The Big Dog's back

 ori, should we let them be free until they have an open and shut case?


@Bid dog

Go down there and get him. Im sure the police will be nice enough to get you for kidnapping. Let the authoritys do what they are paid to do, I am sure he isnt going anywhere becuase the whole nation is watching his house by now. We have a system of laws, When the system jumps too early and messes up the perpetrator gets off scott free. Wouldnt you want a well planned case against the guy for the crimes he allegedly does, Or one thats thrown together on the hearsay of the media bobble heads? I dont think hearsay holds up in court and he will walk away with millions from sueing the local gov if they do not do it right. So common sense or mob rule take your pick?

Oh P.S There is no update on allen coons that i have found http://opnateye.com/?p=384 No suspects as of yet, Except for some reason they think they go to the same school but no one is pointing at anyone?

P.S "This is what you deserve white boy" May not be racially motivated, HA!!!


You have to see where all this is going, They are inflaming racial tension for attention. Thats the story that media types would use the death of a kid as fodder for a sensational story before the authoritys have all the facts. Duke lacross team anyone??? Remember that fiasco, all because of media sensationalism for ratings. People are going to get hurt because of this and then will those that stir up stuff be happy? Will it sate thier thirst for a story that isnt even fully investigated yet? I doubt it.