Local teens speak out on Trayvon Martin killing

They're young. They're smart. They're black. And they found a cause worth fighting for in last month's death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 31, 2012

They’re young. They’re smart. They’re black. And they found a cause worth fighting for in last month’s death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. 

About 30 teens from Sandusky High donned hoodies Thursday as they marched and demanded justice for the Florida teenager who was fatally shot by a man who has not been charged for the killing.

Said one of the teens: “We need to make other people care about the situation, and we’re starting with Sandusky."

Martin was gunned down by a man acting as a neighborhood watchman. George Zimmerman told police Martin attacked him, but police audio recordings suggest Zimmerman was stalking Trayvon as the boy walked back from a store with skittles and iced tea in hand.

He was wearing a hoodie the night he was gunned down, which has prompted protesters throughout the nation to don hoodies at demonstrations.   

The teens marched from Sandusky High to the corner of Market and Jackson streets, stopping at the Sandusky Register building.

To view the video the teens produced from their march, click here.



@origen.....why isn't that letter on police stationery.....I just wondered?  Or did he put that in the newspaper?



That is off the sanford city site, Think its only on the web and not on paper.

For mor info on updates and press releases visit http://www.sanfordfl.gov/index.html It is where the incident happened and the local government (Incuding the police dpt) site. This is what i would consider "The horses mouth"


I just wondered, because on HLN , they read this verbatum on Thursday ( I think was Thursday, could have been Friday).. morning. 

They showed tha video of Zimmerman getting out of the police car.  Then they read this letter. 

tI knew it sounded familiar when I started reading it.  Thanks for the info. 



   I don't think you track to well.  To get all the facts you should try the papers, mainsteam news, and yes, even fox.  You weigh out all that you can and try and make a sensible opinion.  If you spend a lot of time at the range, know your weapon,  take your time and make real sure you have a clean "Kill Shot" you don't have to worry to much about tracking.  Oh, by the way, I've killed everything from deer, antelope, mule deer, moose, elk, and even grizzly bear.  Do Your home work.


@the big dogs back.....no, actually I watch Cnn and HLN....mostly HLN.   I am still waiting to see what happens, as I said, at that April 10 GJ.  Aren't you?  or have you already made up your mind from your bobblehead sources?  Frankly, I don't think ANY of the news sources have it right. 

I really wonder what happened after seeing that police video and then listening to Zimmerman's family.  That sure didn't fit together. 

The Big Dog's back

 wiredmama, After hearing the police dispatcher telling zimmerman to back off and he still, still wanted a confrontation, the only debate left is manslaughter or murder.


the Big Dogs back....in my eyes Mr Zimmerman is guilty of that under OHIO law. But have you read that Castle or Stand your Ground Law for Florida?   He claims self defense....if he can prove that, he gets off scott free.  To me that is the DUMBEST law I ever read. It just gives free reign to kill somebody and that is sure what happened here.  That is why the cops let him go in the first place. 

Now with everyone screaming, the AG of Florida got in on it, the guy who wrote it says the cops misinterpreted it and everything is in an uproar....sometimes the media.....even mainstream....gets things right. 

Thats why I am waiting until April 10'th to see what happens.  I am afraid with everthing so tense down there, if they DON"T arrest and convict this guy you are going to see a major riot in that city.


 do you know that a girl just got in trouble for molesting to kids its been on here about  two days know



I have never killed a deer or even caught a fish.  My screen name is in no way descriptive.  Whatever to the rest of your rhetoric!



    I couldn't say it better.  My thoughts exactly.  Two wrongs won't make it right!  I'm 100% Military, yet after 911 I kept saying we should take our time and make sure we go after the right people.  Most are to quick to judge, including myself.  How many times have many of us been wrong by our initial thoughts, at least several times I'd guess.  "Vengence is Mine Sayeth the Lord"  I sure wish there would have been the same "out cry" for action for the seven year old girl in Chicago

The Big Dog's back

 ezob, Who made it political?? Oh when you right wingers introduce politics in to something, it's OK. Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, but when a Progressive says something, O M G!



You really need to quit.  You really do!


I'm so proud of these young ladies for representing, who the girl in the back wearing pink? She looks like my niece but I never heard about them soon the walk. May Trayvon rest in peace and justice be served


" Neighborhood Watch programs are designed for members of a neighborhood to be “eyes and ears” for police and to watch out for their neighbors. They are not members of the Police Department nor are they vigilantes."


newsfeed.time.com/2012/03/29/george-zimmerman-shows-no-sign-of-injury-in-video-taken-after-killing/    Zimmerman appears to be unscathed, in my opinion.


Truth or Dare

When and where did Sharpton and Jackson seek, let alone show support for a bounty, let alone a lynching?  They're asking for a re-investigation, one that will be looked at w/unbiased, opened eyes!    After all, this man has had a great deal of contact with  the Sanford PD, hasn't he? 

From viewing the videotape of when he was taken for questioning and got out of that police car..........Looks like a guy that's far too calm, and one  certainly not sporting a bloodied,  broken nose and busted up  head!  Don't know about anyone else, but had I just gotten attacked and in "self-defense" fought back, ending up shooting and killing that individual,  I wouldn't be looking as thougth I just took another stroll  through the complex! 


   I really am glad that I don't understand the reasoning that it's okay to burn the whole town down if you don't get your way.  I could better understand the Indians burning the White man homes because they didn't want them there in the first place.  Now everyone is worrying that the same people who live there are going to burn there own town.  Wow, I pray My home town don't burn and they purposely set fire to their town, not that it has happened.  If this is the thought going around, I can now understand why they thought they should have armed guys walking around like Zimmerman.  The place really did need more protection than the police were able to provide.  At least respect thy neighbor.


Nice scenario czech, were you first or second on the scene? Didn't know you were an officer in Sanford! But I guess if you said it , it has to be the only true account and no others are valid, looking forward to your expert testimony coming up. I see it as a democrat on democrat crime. All the outrage and white doctors kill more blacks than ever!



I was never on the scene I just listened to the recorded 911 tapes of Zimmerman calling police and giving cause.  I listened to the conversation he had with the officer and how he explained his reason for calling.  I listened to the recording of the officer asking him his location and telling him to quit following Martin. I heard Zimmerman tell the officer that Martin took off running. I heard the dispatch officer ask him for his location again and Zimmerman did not know where he was at because he was still in pursuit. I listened to several 911 calls that came in moments after he hung up with officers and one woman saw a man in a white t shirt on top of another man.  (She did not know the race of either man when asked).  But it would take no indepth reasoning ability to know that if Martin was wearing a hooded sweatshirt when he was spotted and also when he died, he was not wearing a white t shirt during the altercation with Zimmerman.  If Zimmerman is ever charged this is the same evidence that will jurors will listen to.   

I dont believe the situation was racially motivated.  I also dont believe that as the aggressor that Zimmerman can claim self defense and therefore he should be charged with murder. 

I dont give credit to people like Sharpton or Jackson. Making race the issue is what they always do.  I choose not be a sheep to their agenda.  Making this the main issue is what they want you to do and I refuse to.  Which is why I havent chosen to discuss it with YOU.   

goofus says

People that rely on the lamestream media are nothing more than sheeples.


At the .51 mark look at the tape on Zimmerman nose. At the 1.35 mark what is the cop looking at the back of the head for lice?


Now it's NBC's turn.


For those of you that missed it!!!!!   Good sheeple follow the lamestream media, especially the printed word


 Pay attention to what's in your own backyard.  Not another  town's.




thank God the media didn't mention he was black (TRAYVON??)!


 frizzlefrap...I know a kid named Treyvon who is white..I know a few kids named Treven who are white,...What's your point ?  Maybe you are not around many kids these days...?


So we have went from race to hoodies, Hoodies to politics, Politics to names whats next are we supposed to stereotype eating habits? Come on folks all the rhetoric is going to lead to someone else getting hurt over this Travesty.

Somewhere in this seething mass of human stupidity there is the truth being buried by personal opinions and long ingrained bias, To find that truth or rather a acceptable one the system must be allowed to work without the bovine public following the race shepards into a stampede. Humanity is being tested as is our society, It is failing miserably and society is being divided into its loading shoots according to the will of thier handlers only to be exploited for its failings. I am glad i do not have any preconcieved notions about anyone one race,creed or sex, It helps me condemn humanity as a whole for what they are, Animals expressing thier base instinct to run with the herd at the slightest nudging from the herders. In other words our petty differences that divide us are nothing compared to the loss of the individual in this matter, This is just the nudge that sets off the stampede of stupidity that will leave us nothing but tired and sick, But doesnt change the facts that someone lost thier life for whatever reason and the shepards will gain attention and prestige from it. Pretty sad.

/Rant off


  All the hate??  People like some of the speakers, (SOME) choose others to do their dirty work.  I wonder, put Zimmerman handcuffed in a chair and one on one with a pistol in hand, could they look him in the eyes, and shoot him in the forehead.  My bet is "NO".  Yet, they run their mouths.  Allowing these people to rant on like this is criminal, Where is Homeland Security?  Shouldn't they be making an appearance before this esculates any further.  Why isn't the Governor saying something or better yet, the President could assure these people a decision is coming.  An appearance or statement by the President right now could quell a lot of uncetainity, or even property damage in the near future.


lesson for the students...

The official campaign poster for the1868 Democratic Presidential campaign read:

"This is a White Man’s Country - Let the White Men Rule."

THIS is one reason Martin Luther King Jr was a REPUBLICAN !


Students, when you hear Jackson and Sharpton talk against the Jim Crow laws remember this: 
Democrats supported and passed Jim Crow Laws

So, ask yourselves students who marched, WHY DO YOU LISTEN TO TRADERS OF OUR RACE such as Jackson and Sharpton? They stand for everything that MLK was against!

I could post literally thousands of votes and causes the democrats have done against our black race, NOW the Sharpton's of our race  wish to raise up another generation of lawless youth who believe they can demand with violence their form of justice. THIS is what I'm against! Sure, Jackson and Sharpton will say its a peacefull uprising they want, but they know with a surgeons skill how to phrase and speak to create an emotion for violence and lawlessness, and they will do it in the name of God.  I remember the night when Sandusky burned and if we black parents don't quench these lawless thoughts of our youth it will happen again, and Shapton and Jackson will make alot of money from it when it starts. The ones who will be hurt are we, the blacks, the hatred from the whites will be evidenced by unemployment and segregation; everything we've gained will be turned back. Who here think that this Sunday the black preachers are going to speak for Gods Justice and not mob or black justice? I strongly suggest and ask that you white people attend and listen for yourselves what is going to be preached this week in our black church's and report back. Let us know what the message is going to be about. Do you really think its going to be about God or do you think its going to be about Trayvon and Zimmerman? Isn't Sunday GODS day instead of Sharptons and 'the cause'.  Im fearful for our youth, they've never seen or felt the harm that the 60's brought with it. 


Soooo, there is nothing to do in Sandusky so they take to the street to fit in???lmao, thats about the dumbest comment I have ever heard coming from a group of kids talking about getting justice for someone


they want the police to do their job???, what about the shootings in sandusky?, the police interview people to find out who did it, and what do they say?....." Oh, I didn't even see what happen I wasn't here", they know what happen, but because they thing the city of Sandusky is "profiling" they don't want to talk to the police.the more you kids talk to validate your claim you dig yourself deeper


Dr Kings neice and Turner Clayton, the Seminole County chapter president of the NAACP does NOT endorse Sharptons calls and even asks them to stop the manipulation to advance their own adgendas.

To all you sensible people out there, white, black, mixed, or whatever, don't think for one moment that ALL blacks support the ignorance of Sharpton & Jackson and what ever Dog comes around! Such ignorance is changing. As parents we made it our goal to teach our children to think as if they were blind instead of judging with eyesight.  Such ignorance of those who threaten society with signs of No Justice No peace are actually saying  "no peace if there is no justice to OUR liking"   Yes, that's EXACTLY what those signs mean and shame on anyone who support lawlessness and a long forgotten tribal mentality. We are AMERICANS, learn what it means children before you perish by the ones wishing to drag you down to destruction of hate and mistrust.

  Dog, your distortions are the ideology of another era. MANY blacks are becoming educated to the ways of black racisim and excuses.

William Rutherford, was told by his personal friend Martin Luther King Jr, that "Dr King didn't trust Jackson, he didn't even like Jessee." From "Bearing the Cross by David J. Garrow  Yet parents today lead their children to think that Jackson and Sharpton are some kind of crusaders for the Black Cause. RUBBISH, no two men have hurt the advancement of our race MORE than these two theives of the ignorant and poor!

Alveda King, MLK 's neice has strong words for Jackson and Sharpton along with those who stir up the public, (I HOPE the students will read this link!)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece has criticized Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for politicizing the Trayvon Martin shooting and leveraging racial tensions to rile up Americans.
"Dr. Alveda King, now the director of African-American outreach at Priests for Life and the founder of King For America, said she hopes Sharpton and Jackson stop “stirring up the people without positive solutions” in Sanford, Fla., and elsewhere in the U.S....to talk about nonviolence and not to incite people with that race card that they are very good at playing.”


Video here.

If Zimmerman is guilty there will be charges, if he is guilty and no charges are brought do you honestly think children that violence and lawlessness is the way to make things right? Where is the justice to harming others to force a man to be charged? Lawlessness make YOU a criminal no less than Zimmerman!  THREATS of NO PEACE is NOT the way of God, it is the way of the HOODS, the way of gangs and their demonic leaders. I encourage all youth to ignore ANY parent or leader that incites any form of  uprising, racisim, hatred or anything else that will distract you from becoming a Godly person who stays in school and leads by Godliness. Showing  good will, education, kindness and long suffering. Calling for an 'escalation' is from hell and not heaven. 


The Big Dog's back

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Big Dog, Did you just infer that Blacktigeress is a "Uncle Tom"? Mr. that is just messed up, just because Blacktigeress has an opinion contrary to what others think she should have based upon gender or race or some other silly notion.