Local teens speak out on Trayvon Martin killing

They're young. They're smart. They're black. And they found a cause worth fighting for in last month's death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 31, 2012

They’re young. They’re smart. They’re black. And they found a cause worth fighting for in last month’s death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. 

About 30 teens from Sandusky High donned hoodies Thursday as they marched and demanded justice for the Florida teenager who was fatally shot by a man who has not been charged for the killing.

Said one of the teens: “We need to make other people care about the situation, and we’re starting with Sandusky."

Martin was gunned down by a man acting as a neighborhood watchman. George Zimmerman told police Martin attacked him, but police audio recordings suggest Zimmerman was stalking Trayvon as the boy walked back from a store with skittles and iced tea in hand.

He was wearing a hoodie the night he was gunned down, which has prompted protesters throughout the nation to don hoodies at demonstrations.   

The teens marched from Sandusky High to the corner of Market and Jackson streets, stopping at the Sandusky Register building.

To view the video the teens produced from their march, click here.



   Recreational Hoodie Wearer: Please dont Shoot!


blacktigress...you suffer from race embarrassment I think.   Pehaps rightfully so in some instances, as do I when I read posts by goofus, origen, blah ,blah, blah-- but by the same token, you must acknowledge that in this case,  a life was snuffed out for no reason other than an over-zealous nut job.

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Did Mr. Obama use his Weekly Address to ask for calm in the Trayvon Martin shooting?


He spoke about taxing those who make more than $250K annually to pay for more entitlements.

Mr. Obama's divide and conquer strategy of using class and race in order to get re-elected marches on.







1-3}  Trayvon's father lived in the community where he was killed.  What path?  Really?

4.}  This is not a question.  It is pure speculation on your part.  Something you suggest others not do.

You all can do your best to demonize this kid or Zimmerman but the only thing that matters are the facts.


1} He was told not to follow him but he did anyway.

2} Zimmerman had a gun and Trayvon did not.

3} The 911 call Zimmerman made has some racial undertones to it.

4} The police did question Zimmerman but opted to let him go with his gun even though the lead investigator wanted to charge him.

5} In America when one person pursues another and kills him there's usually an investigation and charges.

It's been more than 30 days.  How long does an investigation take?  What would you do if your beloved child was shot and killed on his way home from a store?  No one is advocating the death penalty or cruel and unusual punishment just justice.........One nation under God with liberty and justice for all......remember that?  Had to say it every morning for years before school started!  That's all that is sought here.  I implore many of you to pay close attention to all the facts.  It really isn't about race but the stuation does have a racial element to it simply because of the ethnicity of those involved..

Also, let's allow Office Dunn to rest in peace.  These are two totally unrelated incidents.













Why isn't the press telling us that Zimmerman was the Neighborhood Watch Captain and THAT was the reason he was following Trayvon ! 

THESE STUDENTS SHOULD BE MADE TO READ THIS LINK and get some REAL information instead of the crap coming from home and Sharptons mouth!

"The conservative black pastor who was once the chapter president of the Garland, Texas NAACP called Jackson and Sharpton “race hustlers” and said they are “acting as though they are buzzards circling the carcass of this young boy.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/26/former-naacp-leader-accuses-sharpton-and-jackson-of-exploiting-trayvon-martin/#ixzz1qhz1MU00

How about the two white British youth murdered by blacks, where is the outrage for this? 

The went into an all black portion of Sarasota and met up with blacks with the mentality of Big Dog and were murdered for being 'crackers', made them pull down their pants and beg for their lives before they were shot point blank. Where is your outcry for justice here Big Dog?

MURDER is MURDER, and guess what Big racist Dog, God doesn't care what color it is, but your comments and the actions of the followers of Sharpton has and is setting back the country to the time of the 60's. Are you that ignorant to think that this type of behavior is going to sway the public to respect blacks more? WHITES HATE JACKSON and SHAPTON and I DO TOO, They're both opportunists that thrive on racisim like yourself and make millions with it. These fools statements will only cause problems and more separation between the races.

Former Texas NAACP leader Rev. C.L Bryant condemns your actions along with Jackson and Sharpton! Your acting the fool and I believe that this story helps you supliment something lacking inside yourself, and you feel this is a cause that gives you a sense of importance. Well, it doesn't! It makes you look like an a*s. At least these kids marching have the excuse that they are still growing up, one can only pray they don't use you as their example.

The Big Dog's back

 Livin in the Big House huh b t.



It is refreshing to know that some of you on here earn more than 250K a year.  I applaud your success but an entitlement to me is something I am entitled to because I earned it.  You earned a paycheck so you are entitled to it.  Same with social security or services from your local government because you may have paid taxes.  I have no problem earning my way but once I do it's time to pay up.  No one wants to take your hard earned millions and "make it rain".

We do not need the President to call for calm just justice!


Former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant is accusing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of “exploiting” the Trayvon Martin tragedy to “racially divide this country.”

“His family should be outraged at the fact that they’re using this child as the bait to inflame racial passions,” Rev. C.L. Bryant said in a Monday interview with The Daily Caller.

The conservative black pastor who was once the chapter president of the Garland, Texas NAACP called Jackson and Sharpton “race hustlers” and said they are “acting as though they are buzzards circling the carcass of this young boy.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/26/former-naacp-leader-accuses-sharpton-and-jackson-of-exploiting-trayvon-martin/#ixzz1qi0SjasP   Read this Student Marchers and read it well.


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 Do you know who started and runs the Daily Caller? Tucker Carlson. Right wingnut deluxe.


@Blacktigress.....the media did bring to mention ....many times... that Zimmerman was part of the Neighborhood Watch.  However, it has nothing to do with the fact that he overstepped his boundaries.  He was told NOT TO PURSUE and he continued to act in vigilance.  Trayvon had not broken any laws and had done nothing to call suspicion to himself other than being black in a predominantly white neighborhood. 



   I'm really not taking sides, Just stating facts or opinions as I've heard.  Like on the racial remark made by Zimmerman, The news completely left out that Zimmerman was asked by the Dispatcher to give a description.  Stating He's black is not racial in My description or even wearing a hood.  What would you suggest he describe first,  He has white tennis shoes.  Even if He is found guilty, I think Zimmerman is really a nice guy that made a terrible mistake and it wasn't racially motivated.  Black, White, or Hispanic you would have been glad to have Him for a neighbor.  Bad guys make mistakes, good guys make mistakes, they don't have to always be racially motivated.  I would like to believe that given Trayvon could have been  white, hispanic, or even asian, Zimmerman acted the same. 


People that rely on the lamestream media are nothing more than sheeples.


At the .51 mark look at the tape on Zimmerman nose. At the 1.35 mark what is the cop looking at the back of the head for lice?


Now it's NBC's turn.

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 briethbart? Yeah, that factual, about as factual as the gayteway pundit.

@ Meow, I think that until the investigation is over we don't know the facts. And I'm certain that if Zimmerman did 'murder'  Trayvon justice will prevail, but justice is NEVER served with the likes of Sharpton and Jackson, NEVER. Did YOU know that Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch captain? You ASSUMMED I’m sure like the mass that he was stalking Trayvon, which is not the case, he was doing what he was to do as a neighborhood watchman. So until the facts are in I suggest you stop spewing what you THINK they are, if not this country will burn because of false reports. @ Big Dog Don't worry about God's mercy being upon me, I can substantiate His mercy with unlimited verses His mercy. I ask you, can you tell us the difference between His mercy and His justice?   If so you would not be charging Zimmerman with what you spew until the facts are in. Its strange to us who know the Word of God to see youth shouting ‘no justice no peace’, which is 100% antinomian to Gods ways.  Your having mercy on someone should be towards your leader Sharpton/Jackson who draw away the reasoning skills of our black youth and turn them into a self demanding society where gang type mentality rules. Your views and stance disgusts me Dog, you are the epitimy of everything that is wrong with our race. Google “Blacks against Sharpton” or Jackson, there are millions of us who are disgusted by your self serving righteousness that proclaims to know God but thumbs their noses at His teachings. I feel sorry for these students who marched, they have been lied to concerning the word justice by their leaders, INCLUDING THEIR PASTORS.  I’m not saying that Zimmerman is innocent, I’m saying that this 60’s form of gangster style demands is NOT contusive of a civil race or society. It will and has created the opposite effect of what you want, peace. Imagine the whites who had two British children murdered in Sarasota when they went into the black area. They had them pull their pants down and beg for their lives but instead were shot point blank. What do you think the whites think by our president’s silence on that crime? Where was YOUR CRY BID DOG? You want justice but it seems you only want it for reasons that build your ego, not for what God tells us to stand for, seriously, your kind is disgraceful, it’s sickening how you demand that we be accepted but act like degenerates instead of lawful citizens.
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God bless you and may God have mercy on your soul b t. 


Blacktigress....this injustice is not about Sharpton or Jackson.  It is about the unecessary murder of Trayvon.  You seem to be more caught up in the race circus that is being waged than any other person on this thread.  You are the one, regardless of the race of either individual, failing to comprehend that a man was unjustly shot and killed.   Zimmerman was told by police NOT to pursue.. whether you call it stalking or otherwise, Zimmerman pursued Trayvon.  He had been following and watching Trayvon for several moments before calling police.  Then Trayvon, according to Zimmerman, watched as Zimmerman was on the phone and still following him.  He said that at one point Trayvon ran off.  Zimmerman refused to let it go.  The officer asked him if he was still following him and Zimmerman stated he was. The officer said "Sir, we do not need you to do that".  After several moments of still hearing Zimmerman breathing heavy, he stated on the 911 tape "damn, these guys always get away".  He also was unable to give an exact loaction where the police could locate him to get details because he was still in pursuit.  Instead, he asked them to call him on his cell phone when they reached the area so he could then give them his exact location when they arrived.  Of the many 911 recordings that followed, one from a woman caller, describes hearing shouting in her backyard and tells the dispatcher that the guy in the white t shirt is on top of the other guy.  Someone was shouting HELP! HELP!  Then shots followed.  Given the description Zimmerman gave of Trayvon, he was not wearing a white t shirt.  

You are a fool if you think that these kids are marching to the drum that Sharpton and Jackson are beating.  For them it is all about profiling them because of their hooded sweatshirts. 



@ czechurself

Wrong wrong and wrong

Again, YOU DON'T KNOW ALL THE FACTS and yet you say UNECESSARY murder, HOW DO YOU KNOW? the facts are NOT all there and you already 'assume' that it was a murder and not self defence. There was a witness that Trayvon was on top of him WHERE IS YOUR WITNESS to say other wise? 

Again, this wasn't a racist issue until the liberal press, Shaprton and Jackson made it one. Why havent YOU spoken up against the Sarasota dual execuation of those white 'crackers'? Why are YOU silent about that crime where there ARE facts and multiple witnesses but your so vocal about something that doesn't have FACTS that condemn Zimmerman?  Your tape about Zimmerman chasing them ignores the fact that he was doing what the community decided to do as a BLCOK WATCH.

These kids ARE marching to the drum of Sharpton and Jackson, go to ANY black local church and you will hear the drum beat over and over about how we are always the victims.

When ALL the facts are out, ALL of them, not just the ones you have listened too but ALL of them, THEN after the police/authorities do something is the time we should be involved.

WHERE are your cries against Sharpton screeming to ESCALLATE civlil disobedience? Don't call yourself an American if you defend Sharptons call for riots if he doesn't get his idea of justice! You can call me a fool but the facts are YOU are no different than Sharpton, and until you walk in a black persons shoes that experience every day the racisim coming from my own race you should keep your opinions to yourself! Sharpton/Jackson has created MORE problems for law abiding black citizens than any other fiquire, they make the other races detest the entire race, believing were all out for handouts and THEIR forms of justice. Since when is justice a lynching? This is EXACTLY what Sharpton wants, a Black lynching against someone where the facts are NOT in, no matter what you say there are conflicting reports. Again, where are YOUR witnesses to say differently from the one who gave a statement? YOU DON'T HAVE ONE, all you have is liberal bias news and big mouth Sharptons views, and you call ME a fool? LOL! 

The Big Dog's back

 I'm not calling you a fool b t, you have done a good job of that yourself.


Right EZOB-- a clean cut WHITE kid kid walking down the street running into Zimmerman would have resulted in him being shot.   I hardly think so.

Hey, I don't wear blinders and neither does big dog when it comes to race and crime....but lets face it folks..this kid was killed simply because of the color of his skin and his possible "attitude".     

Never heard of a human being killing another due to carrying skittles for crying out loud.

This is the fact of this story. 

dig this

     The Rev. Al Sharpton has been invited to Ebenezer's Easter program next Sunday. Let's hope his message of peace his heard.



For the mentally challenged leftists, click on the sharpton picture to get his video.



I agree that this isn't about race.  I also believe that there is a difference between something being racist or racial.  Describing someone as black.....especially if they are........in no way makes you a racist.  Making deragatory racist comments during the call changes things for me.  I guess I am a bit of a crime junkie......the ID channel is awesome!


Frootie, did they film this video in the same sound stage they faked the moon shotROFLMWAO

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meowmix : Regardless of what type of kid he was, the simple fact of the matter was AT THAT TIME he was doing nothing wrong that deserved him being shot to death.

So, being on top of Zimmerman, repeatedly slamming his head into the concrete, as an eyewitness described, is "doing nothing wrong?"



Your factual knowledge of this case is sorely lacking.  You can't get all your info from a conservative news source.  There's ALWAYS two sides to any story.  You should inform yourself before you post!


@ deertracker


1st. I agree with your one post that this isn't about race, but Sharpton and the liberal blacks are making it so. Look at Big Dog, he would have him executed by now. The race crime happened in Sarasota when two whites were murdered execution style because they were 'crackers', Wheres the blacks outrage of this crime? I'm outraged over it and I'm black. MURDER IS MURDER and NOTHING good comes from it! But the blacks only get excited if its murder one way,

And concerning me not having the stories correct is ridiculous and what I consider an ignorant statment. The FACTS are this,  The ONLY news coming out is from the liberal presss, and you have the nerve to say the conservative side is somehow lacking? What a foolish post you made.

Until the facts are completely out you and I don't know what the truth is, this is exactly my point, so why is Sharption, Dog and these already racist students demanding the lynching of Zimmerman? This is NOT JUSTICE but another form of murder except its from the heart! Jesus condemned this form of murder no less than the actual event.  



    Each of us should ask ourself, am I the most racist person who posts here?  Remeber the Comedian who said he got a DUI because they were profiling that night?  They were stopping anyone who was driving on a sidewalk,  naturally a joke.  I could sit on a jury and honestly cast a guilty or not guilty vote without discriminating on a persons color.  Do I profile?  Yes!  It has nothing to do with color.  White or Black, pull up your pants girls also, I don't care to see your behinds or underwear.  Tie your shoes, senseless to continually trip over your own shoe strings.  You wear your hats backwards or sideways, only baseball catchers use to turn their hats around,  typical of todays youth because they don't know themselves if they are coming or going.  80 degrees and they have to wear  three pair of underwear.  Even while driving in the summer, two shirts and a hoodie pulled over their face.  I'd like to see yearbook pictures, see if you can recognize the same kids you see on the street?




If ANYONE knows more than the police that they havent seen on the news, Please go down there and help. If not wait and see what the authoritys do, Mob justice doesnt work here and we have a system, Let it work. All the news/entertainment channels speculate on what, why,when and how and feed you what they want you to know to cause a bigger story.

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 ori, mob justice sure worked for the Repubs in Florida in the 2000 election. Seems they are use to it.


@Big Dog

???? Now this is a political matter? Stretching it a bit arent you, Not everything is political just as not everything is racial. Anything to further a genda huh? Useing a travesty such as this for political points is just sad man, Just sad. Shows what type of people the left is "Never let a crises go to waste"