Local teens speak out on Trayvon Martin killing

They're young. They're smart. They're black. And they found a cause worth fighting for in last month's death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 31, 2012

They’re young. They’re smart. They’re black. And they found a cause worth fighting for in last month’s death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. 

About 30 teens from Sandusky High donned hoodies Thursday as they marched and demanded justice for the Florida teenager who was fatally shot by a man who has not been charged for the killing.

Said one of the teens: “We need to make other people care about the situation, and we’re starting with Sandusky."

Martin was gunned down by a man acting as a neighborhood watchman. George Zimmerman told police Martin attacked him, but police audio recordings suggest Zimmerman was stalking Trayvon as the boy walked back from a store with skittles and iced tea in hand.

He was wearing a hoodie the night he was gunned down, which has prompted protesters throughout the nation to don hoodies at demonstrations.   

The teens marched from Sandusky High to the corner of Market and Jackson streets, stopping at the Sandusky Register building.

To view the video the teens produced from their march, click here.


Just Thinkin

I do not have a problem with the kids working toward justice, as long as they themselves know where right and wrong lay, if they are protesting just to stir up trouble then shame on them ,on the other hand if they really do care and handle it in a civil manner, more power to them


Isn't stirring up trouble the whole idea of any protest ? If not ,what's the point in protesting ?


i wonder why these same kids didnt protest officer dunn getting killed by one of there own race ?????


How do you know they didn't ?


 Were there any young men in this march? No young men felt the need to protest this situation? What does that tell you?

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that's our future !


Are these same kids going to protest when more gun incidents happen in your town?

   Such as the pair who were recently arrested.   After all,  summer's coming.    


 They might be young and black but I'm not so sure about the smart part because it's iced tea not ice tea


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Super Judge

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i still don't know what really happened to trayvon. i am skeptical of what i read in the papers and also online. it is going to take time for the facts to come out if they ever come out. you all know how i feel about the news that most people read and accept as gospel. if you want to march for trayvon, by all means do it. it will not bring trayvon back. maybe the march is for justice? what about the justice for black on black crimes? if only some who march would put out the effort to stop black on black crime. when black on black crime happens in sandusky and people witness the crime, there is your chance to stop black on black crime in the future. instead when the police investigate black on black crime, nobody saw nothing or heard nothing. what if rodney king was beat up by a bunch of black police officers, would there have been a riot? what if trayvon was shot and killed by a black neighborhood watchman? would there have been a outcry and marches? why is nobody concerned about blacks killing blacks in cleveland? http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/26/black-on-black-crime-widely-ignored-say-african-american-activists/   "Following President Obama’s comments on the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, some African-American activists say the media-dominating story is distracting attention from much greater threats to African-Americans. But “the outrage should be about us killing each other, about black-on-black crime,” especially in Chicago, rather than a single wrongful killing in Florida, he said."   not only do these blacks kill other blacks but they also kill whites. a killer is a killer no matter what color of his skin. start telling police about black on black crime instead of ignoring it. racism knows no color. racists promote racism. racists come in all colors. can we all get along? stop protecting criminals and racists. when you see crime, report what you see starting with sandusky at the local level. when sandusky's crime rate falls, the idea to report crime will spread to other cities like cleveland and chicago.



These kids are exercizing their rights to protest and jumping on a "band wagon" that was fueled by the comments and convictions of the problems in one Flordia town.  Perhaps they are having problems in that one town.

NO SITTING PRESIDENT SHOULD EVER COMMENT ON ANY SITUATION SUCH AS THIS.  I do not care what it is.  His comments should never have been made PERIOD.  If he was going to comment on THIS incident he should have commented on every killing in every other town as well.  It was stupid and unnecessary and just added fuel to a growing fire.

The real problem here isn't race....its a lack of justice.  It turned into a race problem with Sharpton and Jackson and their mouths.

The police had to let Zimmerman go because he claimed self defense under the SYG law, according to the police report, but the parents do not agree with it.  I find it strange that he has made NO statement himself but through his family members, probably in fear that NOW, with all this attention and further investigation he will probably be arrested and tried.  Anything he says will be used against him and his lawyer has said to not say a word....good advice I would think. 

Only time will tell....April 10th, I understand.  Then the entire nation will see what happens.  Until then, everyone can march their feet off, but nothing will happen. 

I hope it stays peaceful.  If this goes the wrong way, it probably won't in that Florida town.  Just a though

The Big Dog's back

 wiredmama, watching a little to much Fox "news".?


  My heart really goes out to the Family of Trayvon.  I have to question the Black Communities choice to bring such media attention to this case.  Before demonstrating, they should be absolutely sure they have picked the right fight.  What about the St. Patrick's Day shootings in Chicago where a seven year old innocent little girl was shot.  In a round-about-way, the protesters are accepting Black-on-Black killings but choose to ignore that killings take a lot longer to research than lesser crimes.  Let the justice system work, if it fails I'm right there with you.  The most shameful thing I have seen on the news is letting a person Publicly put a bounty on Zimmerman.  We read everyday locally that you can't threaten anyone yet, He gets away with putting a bounty on the capture of Zimmerman.  If I were in Charge there would be a lot of people behind bars for interfering with this case.  Certainly not the peaceful protesters, they have the right to say and march anyplace they like.

Two immediate choices of a prosecutor or Grand Jury:  Indict Zimmerman for murder or not.  I ask what will you do if they fail to indict Him?  If He is in charged with murder and found innocent what will you do?  People need to think ahead of time before letting emotions take over just like is happening right now.  Burning the town and destroying everyones personal property is a crime.  IO sur hope for the innocent it doesn't turn into another Rodney King fiasco.


I wonder how man teenagers have been shot for walking through a neighborhood not of their own, not a gated community, but a less than middle class neighborhood where someone just claiming that area as their territory and the teenager just happen to be wearing a article of clothing that had a color that was taken as "gang colors"? Or just because he wasn't known to the neighborhood?

What I would like to see is an overhead of the community showing the home of his father "fiancee", the store he went to, the area the incident started and ended with, the routes Tryvon took there and back and the homes that might have been burgled recently (not saying Tryvon was up to something, just trying to get the big picture).   


  I sure am not a trained detective but I have several questions in My own mind about the case.

1)  I would need to know the location where he left to go to the store, the store location, and the gated community.  This would be on a map in front of me.

2)  What path did He take to the store?  Was it through the gated community?  Was He taking the most direct path home?  I know he has a right to walk anyplace He chooses but did He go out of his way to go through a gated community?

3)  Where did He gain entrance to the gated community?  The six foot fence they showed on TV would be very hard to go over carrying a hot dog and ice tea.

4)  Just saying, don't assume anything, but what if they say he had criminal tools in pockets or that He was in posession of narcotics.  What I'm really saying is that we know very, very little and it's way, way to early to jump to conclusions about a case that has esculated to this magnitude.





   We were on the same page at the same time but I type slower.  You have to know the areas you are traveling.  Gang shootings like this are very common in say, LA.  Veterans riding motorcycles and wearing veterans leather vests are not allowed to travel in Columbus, Georgia, home of Ft. Benning.  A motorcycle gang refuses to let anyone disrespect "Their" territory.  Same goes for the Latino motorcycle gang of South Texas.  Everyone raised in most big cities is aware of "Ones Turf."


Here we go once again.



    Just a little reminder because you posted always remember, so I am.  Remember this is the second life Randleman took.  I'm quite sure the first guy had friends and family also.


every time someone posts it fuels the fire, and I'm not fueling any fire of racisim and lawlessness this event has escalated to due to Sharpton and others whose sole income is to stir up hatred after this post.

Grow up girls, learn that the law specifies that a person is innocent until proven guilty, and they are investigating the situation. Your idol Trayvon was not a good person, wish what you want he would not be welcome near my home, black or white.

The Big Dog's back

 May God have mercy on your soul.

The Big Dog's back

 Gee, George W. Bush cut his vacation short to sign legislation about Terri Shiavo. Talk about not getting involved. Typical right wingers, Gov intervention for things they want.


@ Big Dog with a little racist mind

Your neurosis and psychosis is showing, but ignore it, its true Big Dog, everyone is out to get us black folks, even in the delievery room those whitties start whispering in their newborn ears that "all blacks are bad and are not to be trusted". It definately may happen this way with any whites that personally know you, I even get this idea when reading your trash


 Yep you hit the nail on the head blk tiger cub, everyone is out to get you because black people live up to the sterotype that they brought on themselves.   And that sterotype will never go away.

The Big Dog's back

 Like I said blacktigress, May God have mercy on your soul.


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Regardless of the path he chose Trayvon had done nothing that could be deemed as suspicious except for being black and wearing a hoodie.  Zimmerman followed him, confronted him with a gun, and shot the boy to death.  IF there was a physical fight (there is no evidence to Zimmermans claims of what happened to actually be true), it would seem to me that Trayvon was defending himself and not the other way around.  Florida police acknowledge that most times they do an arrest and allow the courts to sort out the details, but in this case no arrest has been made.  By this account, justice is not blind.  

@Blacktigress...you mean that Zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty.  That certainly wasnt the case for Trayvon.  





czech-- you have pointed out the most relevant fact of this whole story.   Regardless of what type of kid he was, the simple fact of the matter was AT THAT TIME he was doing nothing wrong that deserved him being shot to death.   The very same could be said of any one of us being at the wrong place at the wrong time.     This kid appears to have done nothing illegal to have provoked this cop-wanna-be into killing him.    Face it, there are alot of hot dog Zimmerman's out there that are just itching to get into confrontations such as this.   Well, he looked and he got it..I'm quite sure he regrets his behavior now but too little too late.