Sandusky High students march for Trayvon

From afar, their chant was vaguely perceivable: "No justice, no peace ... No justice, no peace.'
Emil Whitis
Mar 31, 2012

From afar, their chant was vaguely perceivable: “No justice, no peace ... No justice, no peace.”

As they neared the corner of Jackson and Market streets, the shouts grew unmistakable, much like the messages scribbled in black marker on the neon posterboards they carried.

Emblazoned on one: “My hood doesn’t mean I’m a criminal.”

On another: “R.I.P. Trayvon Martin.”

Thursday afternoon, about 30 Sandusky High students donned hoodies and set out on a mile-long march through the city, protesting the Feb. 26 fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

Trayvon, 17, was returning from a store with a bag of skittles and an iced tea when he was shot dead by community watchman George Zimmerman.

Trayvon, who was black, was wearing a hoodie that night.

Zimmerman, described as both white and Hispanic, told police Trayvon attacked him.

The incident has sparked outrage and protests nationwide from people who say the killing was racially motivated.

Police haven’t charged Zimmerman.

And while the shooting played out in a Florida community about 1,000 miles south of Sandusky, the distance did nothing to dilute the voices of this city’s black teenagers.

“It doesn’t just effect his family,” said Brandi Smoot, one of the Sandusky students who protested Thursday. “It effects everybody that cares about what’s right and what’s wrong. It could have been any one of us.”

The students wore hoodies as they marched from Sandusky High to downtown.

“We’re trying to support Trayvon Martin,” Tashay McDonald said. “His death was a horrible mess. He needs justice. His family needs justice.”

Brandi agreed.

“People need to understand they can’t just get away with killing people,” she said.

Some have called Trayvon’s death another instance of racial profiling, demonstrating that even a half century after the civil rights movement, racism is still alive and well in the U.S.

“The person that put powder in Kim Kardashian’s hair got arrested right on the spot, but the person that killed Trayvon Martin is still out,” Smoot said.

The teens said it doesn’t make sense that an alleged killer could continue to walk free in plain sight.

“If we understand it wasn’t right, then why doesn’t everybody else?” asked Destiny Knight.

The group said the know there is no such thing as true justice in this world, although one unidentified girl said this is no reason to shy away from the fight.

“It’s up to us to change that,” she said. “We need to make other people care about making this world right. We have to start here and then we’ll spread out.”

The teens’ march came on the heels of Sunday’s candlelight vigil in Washington park. More than 200 people gathered to support justice for Trayvon, while community leaders spoke out against racial profiling and prejudice.

“No matter what anybody says, I know that it’s still a black and white world,” Smoot said. “We need a bigger crowd.”



Now you see why our family do NOT go to black church's, their disgraceful with their teachings. And to to the straight A student who said, "My hood doesn't make me a criminal", thats true, but a SMART and WISE person would not want to dress like those who earned the reputation they have. Why isn't Ebenezer teaching these facts instead of throwing out good members who wish to stay fiscally sound?

Im so sick of the 'no justice no peace' saying, this makes our race sound like gansters, its a mob mentality from Sharpton/Jackson, whose ONLY income would vaporize if they didn't insite problems.

To the youth who marched, GROW UP, the reason there is racisism is because WE, the black race have given the world a reason to dislike us! Don't do the crimes, drugs, children by single parents, dress RESPECTFULLY, and over time you will EARN people respect! Its DUMB to think that living like the 'hood' is your right and you demand others respect you, don't be fools.  Again, this is why the black community do not like our family, we call it as we see it, there are issues on both sides.


@ blacktigress      Lady, if you ever run for President, you got my are one smart cookie. 

The Big Dog's back

 wiredmama, I know kottage kat is of southern heritage, are you?

The Big Dog's back

 Really black tiger? Blame the victims, yeah, that always seems to work.


Blacktigress  I saw the kids marching.  Actually, what I saw was a bunch of teens who were laughing and carrying on like they were on their way to a pep rally for a sporting event.   There was the chanting no justice no peace but who is going to take these kids seriously when just seconds ago they were just acting silly?


 @SMCC student

Why can't they blame the "white" side of Zimmerman? As the mother of 3 bi-racial children I can tell you from EXPERIENCES (note I put an S on the end there) that my son has been treated differently and assumed to be something he wasn't based SOLELY on the "black" side of his race.....My son wears a hoodie all the time.....not because he's a criminal...but because a winter coat is way to hot for him so he chooses to wear a should that AUTOMATICALLY make those around him or in law enforcement consider him a criminal? Because I can gaurantee if people would take the time to talk to him they would find out he works full-time and then some at Ford Motor company, he is a high school graduate and a married man....he lives on his own and takes care of himself and his wife without any help from anyone, and other than a few speeding tickets because he thinks he's the next Mario Andretti, he has NO CRIMINAL RECORD...he doesn't do drugs and he doesn't get into trouble......

Maybe had Zimmerman just asked Trayvon WHY he was in his neighborhood and found out that this young man was merely trying to get back home as quickly as he could MAYBE Trayvon would still be alive....

Blacktigress while I agree with you that SOME people of your race might make it hard for others to like them these kids felt they were doing something positive in a world where no one seems to want to hear their voice and irregardless this young man DID NOT deserve what he got that night......

Kottage Kat

Noit long ago a young man walked into a high school cafateria and shot and killed 3 people, one of whom was black. Where were the marches, where was the media outrage? I am confused as to why this has become the media circus it has, these things happen everyday in many cities, and little or no attention is paid to them. Could someone please explain to me why this is different. The mother in Chardon is forgiving and the community is healing, it is time to move on and let justice prevail in this situation. Where were Jesse and Al and Obama when Chardon's children were under attack?  Just questions with no answers.   Kat


Apparently the Register missed their march for Andy Dunn when some thug shot him.



The federal government makes that crap up...when I had my 3 children I was told that by FEDERAL LAW they had to be listed as black because that is the race of their goes back to the 20's-60's when the federal gov't made the 1/4 law which states that if your child has 1/4 of blood from another race they MUST BE considered THAT race only.......

Smcc Student


Look at @wired's post, that answers your question.


Did I once say that your son was a criminal? NO! We are talking about Trayvon. What does your son have to do with any of this. I wear hoodies also, that does not make me a criminal. Lady, listen to me, Zimmerman did not shoot him for no reason. It has been reported many times now, that Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon. Don't be deceived by his picture that the register and other left wing media put up. THat is from five years ago. Why dont you take some time to look at his Facebook Profile pictures, there is a huge differance. I think you should listen to some news or ask people about this because you think you know it all but you dont. You say, "Maybe had Zimmerman just asked Trayvon WHY he was in his neighborhood and found out that this young man was merely trying to get back home as quickly as he could MAYBE Trayvon would still be alive". Well Steph, answer this. How in Gods name, is Zimmerman going to ask Trayvon that question, when Zimmerman is on the ground getting his butt whooped. Trayvon attacked him, Zimmerman did not just shoot him because he saw him walking down the street. If Trayvon did not attack Zimmerman, he would still be alive today.


smcc student - apparently you did not watch the police department survielence video just hours after this incident.  Zimmerman was just fine and there was no blood from a broken nose and now fresh injuries to the back of his head either.  he was walking perfectly normal and there was nothing to indicate that this idiot had been beaten up by anyone.  and why couldn't the big guy push the little guy off of him.

trayvon had no weapons not even a knife on him to cause any kind of harm.  You can listen to all of those neighbor type witnesses all you want.  Could it be they are saying things like that because they are afraid of this lunatic policeman wannabe who has a gun?  He has continuously called the police on every black person he has seen in the neighborhood under false pretenses and was refused for the police academy.  I wonder why the refused him...  Generally there is some good reason for that.

Do your homework before spouting off things.  There is a lot of history behind this Zimmerman dude - not much around Trayvon.  The issue is that he was black and wearing a hoodie - that was his only guilty action that caused his death.  Besides the fact that Zimmerman called him a racial slur while on the phone ot 911.  have you listened in detail to that phone call?  It's under his breath, but you still hear it.  And I also don't buy that supposed friend of his stating he was calling him a goon, which is a term of "endearment"??  Why would someone use a term of endearment just before shooting him??  I'm not buying any of it - sorry.


@sanduskysteve ...

Your post is exactly why we don't try cases in the media, the way this one is being tried:

Why was there no blood on the camera shot? Maybe he was taken to the hospital and cleaned up before being brought in (medical attention). I don't care what the bad video shows, I want to see the medical report! FACTS FACTS FACTS

Trayvon had no weapon? I guess you can't really hurt someone or put them in fear of their life with your bare hands? I don't favor Zimmerman carrying a gun at all. Did he have training? I know a little guy (about 5'4" and 135 pounds wet) that could very seriously hurt you, if not kill you with his bare hands. Does Florida have CCW? FACTS FACTS FACTS

What the neighbors are saying is irrevelant. They are not in court, sworn and liable for anything they say. They cannot be cross examined .. .yet. Treyvons family say he's an angel. Zimmermans family are saying he's a good boy too!

Everybody wait! Let the medical reports talk about Zimmermans injuries. Let the cops (there were several that wanted to charge him) tell their story. How is this going to happen .. in court! NOT ON CNN!!!

This is the same crap that happened with Casey Anthony. The media tries it first and everybody watches TV and gets hysterical!


sarah - if he had been stiched up at the hospital there wouldn't be any hair around the wound.   That's common.  The video shows hair - the original video doesn't appear to have any scar on it either - not sure where that came from in the other pictures posted by the republican news link that was posted earlier.

Also, if his nose was broken - there would have at least been some blood on his shirt and it would have for sure have been taped up if he had been at the hospital previous to being detained by the police.

Still doesn't add up.  Yes, the courts need to make the final decision - but he shouldn't be out running around free in the meantime.

Yes, Florida does have CCW permits - whether he has one or not, I don't know - but he should loose it during the investigation at least and be prohibited from having his gun.

The 911 tapes still show that he was mumbling racial slurs under his breathe around the same time he was told not to follow the kid.  If the kid wasn't in the area, then how did he beat Zimmerman up, unless Zimmerman pulled his gun and attempted to stop the victim.  Having a gun pulled on you may cause some kind of circumstance where you may attempt to defend yourself - in which case, it still is Zimmerman's fault.  There hadn't been any fight at that time - so the kid wasn't near him when he called 911 especially if he was walking away from Zimmerman who had to go follow him.  When did this fight occur anyway then?  Zimmerman knew the cops were going to be there very soon, there was no reason to get involved.

Zimmerman didn't want  yet another complaint to go without action from the police so he must have decided to take the law into his own hands.  This kind of activity usually causes the same results.

I'm still not convinced that the stories are true about the fight or how it happened.  But at this point in time, I don't see much to be on Zimmerman's side about.  just food for thought.


Smcc Student I suggest you listen to the first 911 call that Zimmerman made.  He was telling dispatch that he was following a suspicious person.  Zimmerman  was on the phone with the Sanford police dispatch and when the dispatch asked him if he was following him he said yes.  Dispatch told him 'we don't need you to do that'.  If Zimmerman would have left this kid alone and minded his own business, we wouldn't be talking about Trayvon Martin's death or George Zimmerman who shot him.  Have you noticed that Zimmerman's story keeps changing?  Guess not....



Try looking at statistics

Statically if a black man commits the SAME crime in the SAME way with the SAME criminal tools as a white man they WILL serve a sentence at least 2 to 3 times LONGER than their white counterpart and if they SHOOT or KILL a white person they can call it a wrap....

I'll bet my house that if Zimmerman had been black and Trayvon had been white Zimmerman would be facing the death penalty right................




Stepham2009, You have some anger in your soul.  

  I am wondering….if this person was fully clothed – and had a hoodie on…walking in the evening hours…how could the shooting be racially motivated? How would the neighborhood watch know what race this person was? Could he plainly see that the 17 year old was African American?    Oftentimes, a neighborhood watch is put in place because residents feel they have a need for this type of thing – due to a pattern of “activity” in their neighborhood. Could it be…that this wasn’t based on seeing what color the person was underneath the hood…but rather, a horrific mistake due to fear? The emotion of fear makes us do some inhumane - - and even…superhuman things in our lives. The cortisol released into our bloodstream plays a significant role in our ability to lift a car off of a person - - and, to react to fear in a harsh way…if a person feels threatened. It has nothing to do with race.    The shooter may not have had much training in using a gun especially if he was in an emotionally charged situation. If the 17 year old in fact…did not beat him (as is alleged), then the trigger should never have been pulled. However, when the general public are allowed to purchase guns - - they don’t engage in enough emotionally charged situations to know how to properly use a weapon in an emotional situation.   Policemen are constantly being challenged by people; but, they have been trained in how to use their weapon - - and, if necessary even discharge their weapon and not kill anybody. If this Hispanic neighborhood watchman was scared and/or felt intimated by someone in his neighborhood…then, he would obviously use his weapon....”without thinking”.      Being ignorant in the use of weapon is most likely a criminal charge…but…it doesn’t mean the Hispanic person is racist against the African American culture. I think people are trying to start something here that may not actually exist. You can be stupid…but, not be racist. If this Hispanic adult does not have a pattern of racist misconduct - - then, he can’t be just racist one time and kill someone because of their skin color. The public needs to engage in more intelligent thought…let’s see what the evidence brings us and then make a logical decision. These type of protests can easily turn into riots - - and, things can get terribly out of control. 

 These are the same children who were released from school early when Officer Dunn was laid to rest so their trip home wouldn't be affected when in reality they should have been lined up to see first hand what their community has been brought to. The only way to make a change is to start with the future. These children are the future of Sandusky and they should be taught what is going on in their city so they can make a change in it.

These children should be taugh to make a difference in their own city and their own community and to start with themselves.  


 SMCC student


If Zimmerman was attacked as VICOUSLY as he said where are all the marks on him???? And I was USING my son as an EXAMPLE to your "why are we blaming whites" comment.....try to open YOUR mind a lil....merely the fact that you are WHITE and wear a hoodie is of NO CONCERN to others BECAUSE you are white! But being black and wearing a hoodie is a WHOLE OTHER arena my dear and that is an area YOU CANNOT TELL ME about because I have WITNESSED it with my own EYES and have had to threaten to sue some officers in neighboring towns for harassing my son especially when the SAME officer is pulling my son over 4 times a week looking for the same thing that he never many people want to close their eyes to things they don't want to believe happen because it RARELY happens to whites on a conitnual basis......

And as far as Zimmerman not asking why he was there answer me this...When the dispatcher TOLD ZImmerman they didnt need him to follow Trayvon anymore because the POLICE were on their way why didnt he stop then and wait for the police???? And the dispatcher said it was NOT Zimmerman screaming for help it was a young kid screaming for help ie Trayvon....and although Trayvon may have been 6' 0' he weighed 200 POUNDS LESS than Zimmerman........

BUt you have the RIGHT to YOUR opinion and I have the RIGHT to mine.....


Stepham2009  I have seen first hand what the bi racial kids in this area go through.  My kids are bi racial.  When I moved here, I had a car that had tint on the windows that was too dark for Ohio.  I was not taking the tint off until I got my Ohio plates.  Everytime my kids drove my car they got pulled over and searched.  I was on my way home from work at 2 in the morning and got pulled over for what I thought was a headlight out.  When the officer came to my window, he asked for my license and insurance he then asked me if he could search my car.  I unhooked my seatbelt, opened my door, got out of my vehicle and told the officer that sure you can search for about the 9th or tenth  time but I think this time you will find something...a lawsuit against you and the city for harassment.  I have not been pulled over since...


One of two things happened:

1. A large black man (at 17, he's not a child in size at least!) physically menaced a smaller Hispanic man. The Hispanic man, in fear for his well being and perhaps even his life, defended himself (which he has every right to do).


2. A large black man was deliberately targeted by an Hispanic man who was on vigilante patrol and who shot and killed him without provocation.

In either case, Trayvon Martin is dead. The difference? In the former, George Zimmerman did what every one of us has an unalienable right to do: Defend our own lives. In the latter, George Zimmerman is a criminal.

Until the investigations are complete, we can't be certain which case is the truth. Until there's more evidence, all we have to rely on is Martin's family claiming he was a good kid, entirely innocent, and was murdered because he was black; and Zimmerman's family claiming he was in fear for his life and took the only action he could.

Whether or not the shooting was racially motivated is in question. Whether or not the shooting was justified remains unknown with any certainty. What ISN'T in question is the vitriolic racism of those who put a bounty on Zimmerman's head. What ISN'T in question is the rush to judgment by those racists who, without all of the facts and evidence yet made public, insist that Martin is dead only because he was black. What ISN'T in question is the terrorist mindset of those who have published Zimmerman's home address (in one case, the WRONG address) and who have issued death threats against him and his family.

This isn't about race. It's about a deliberate journey to justice, whatever the evidence shows that to be. How would you like it if we all demanded YOUR head on a pike without solid evidence and a trial, eh?


The Big Dog's back

 So sam honey, you stalked someone, pick a fight with them, shoot and kill them and that is defending yourself? Hmmmmm.

Professor Playdoh

Pragmatic::: Where did you get this..

"Policemen are constantly being challenged by people; but, they have been trained in how to use their weapon - - and, if necessary even discharge their weapon and not kill anybody."

Your  kidding right... If a LE officer pulls the trigger.. He means to kill you.. Not one training program in the country is teaching anyone to fire to wound...

Smcc Student


The dispatcher says this and the dispatcher says that. I would like a link please. You argument is false. Its the middle of the night, your wearing a hoodie, how can you tell if he is White or Black? YOU said that he never attacked Zimmerman, so how, from across the street, can Zimmerman see this? You can NOT SAY that this is a one way street. I suppose you havent heard of Allen Coon Have you? Why doesnt Jesse comment on that? You are so caught up in this "ALL WHITE PEOPLE HATE BLACKS" thing its getting annoying. That is not the case, Read Blacktigress's comment 3rd paragraph, she said it herself. If that doesnt work, ready ReallyGood's  First comment, first paragraph. I am not saying Zimmerman is innocent. He is guilty for shooting someone. However saying that the whole world is against the black community is just arogance.


Smcc Student there is your link.  If you would like another, I can find plenty to post.....

Licorice Schtick

You mean they don't train 'em to shoot the gun out of their hand?

Someone's been watching too much TV.



Afterall he was treated by paramedics at the scene, isn't their job to stop the bleeding.

Smcc Student

 Thank you goofus

@stepham there is your marks, anything else?


 Maybe the students can run through the local Walgreens and loot it like they did in Miama while protesting for Trayvon.

Licorice Schtick

Equality is a myth. We are not there. Discrimination happens constantly, so it's inescapable that some cases of suspected discrimination are not real. When that happens, racists and biggots (of all colors) are still to blame.