Sandusky High students march for Trayvon

From afar, their chant was vaguely perceivable: "No justice, no peace ... No justice, no peace.'
Emil Whitis
Mar 31, 2012

From afar, their chant was vaguely perceivable: “No justice, no peace ... No justice, no peace.”

As they neared the corner of Jackson and Market streets, the shouts grew unmistakable, much like the messages scribbled in black marker on the neon posterboards they carried.

Emblazoned on one: “My hood doesn’t mean I’m a criminal.”

On another: “R.I.P. Trayvon Martin.”

Thursday afternoon, about 30 Sandusky High students donned hoodies and set out on a mile-long march through the city, protesting the Feb. 26 fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

Trayvon, 17, was returning from a store with a bag of skittles and an iced tea when he was shot dead by community watchman George Zimmerman.

Trayvon, who was black, was wearing a hoodie that night.

Zimmerman, described as both white and Hispanic, told police Trayvon attacked him.

The incident has sparked outrage and protests nationwide from people who say the killing was racially motivated.

Police haven’t charged Zimmerman.

And while the shooting played out in a Florida community about 1,000 miles south of Sandusky, the distance did nothing to dilute the voices of this city’s black teenagers.

“It doesn’t just effect his family,” said Brandi Smoot, one of the Sandusky students who protested Thursday. “It effects everybody that cares about what’s right and what’s wrong. It could have been any one of us.”

The students wore hoodies as they marched from Sandusky High to downtown.

“We’re trying to support Trayvon Martin,” Tashay McDonald said. “His death was a horrible mess. He needs justice. His family needs justice.”

Brandi agreed.

“People need to understand they can’t just get away with killing people,” she said.

Some have called Trayvon’s death another instance of racial profiling, demonstrating that even a half century after the civil rights movement, racism is still alive and well in the U.S.

“The person that put powder in Kim Kardashian’s hair got arrested right on the spot, but the person that killed Trayvon Martin is still out,” Smoot said.

The teens said it doesn’t make sense that an alleged killer could continue to walk free in plain sight.

“If we understand it wasn’t right, then why doesn’t everybody else?” asked Destiny Knight.

The group said the know there is no such thing as true justice in this world, although one unidentified girl said this is no reason to shy away from the fight.

“It’s up to us to change that,” she said. “We need to make other people care about making this world right. We have to start here and then we’ll spread out.”

The teens’ march came on the heels of Sunday’s candlelight vigil in Washington park. More than 200 people gathered to support justice for Trayvon, while community leaders spoke out against racial profiling and prejudice.

“No matter what anybody says, I know that it’s still a black and white world,” Smoot said. “We need a bigger crowd.”


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 Im glad to see young people doing something about this injustice. Now let the racist race bashing begin because we know by marching they are causing trouble 30 black kids together makes whites nervious . So they must be out doing something wrong.

November India Golf

i am disappointed there are so few marching... where is everybody ?


 Will they march for Officer Dunn?

November India Golf

re donut guy... a march demanding justice for Officer Dunn would be silly rabbit

Smcc Student

Its not a black and white world. He was hispanic. Why are we blaming whites? You can't just blame the white side of him can you? If he was shot by a black and white person "mixed" liberal media would probably blame the white side of him. This isnt a racial issue. Martin is not a 12 year old 5'6 choir boy who was just randomly shot because he was black. He is a 6'0 monster who was shot because he was pounding Zimmermans face in. Either way he didnt deserve to die and Zimmerman should go to jail. I just wish these teens wouldnt buy all the bull the media has fed them. Zimmerman is obviously guilty, but this should not be made a racial issue.


Smcc Student did you watch the video that Good Morning America showed of Zimmerman getting out of the police car?  He didn't have swelling or blood on his face, his shirt or the back of his me where Trayvon Martin pounded his face in... 

Super Judge

As I recall there was a Officer Dunn march, it drew thousands of people from all over the country!


 Don't think there was a march. There was a memorial service. There was a funeral procession. Don't remember any signs asking for justice.

Super Judge

Your wrong.


 Super Judge,

"Thousands of people from all over the country."  

How did I miss something this big in this little town? 


Donutshop, you are my best friend lol. I too don't understand where the race has to come into play. But I want to put one thing out there, and I am by no means prejudice or racist. But it's the black community that won't let slavery and racism die down. They are the first to throw it into any situation that will benefit them.

These thugs are out there shooting eachother, that doesn't grab the media's attention like this.

Black guys shoot white guys, that doesn't grab the media's attention like this.

Andy's murder (by a black man-criminal) didn't grab the media's attention like this. (and I am talking national media attention. where were the infamaous al and jesse to speak on behalf of him??)

Oh but wait for it, a hispanic, not even a caucasion shoots and kills a black male and that is it.

Seriously people, blacks are the prejudice ones anymore. Not the whites.


Come on people...If you shoot and kill someone for losing a fight that you STARTED, you should at least be charged with something, right ? If the majority of you don't think so, then I have some people I want to start a fight with..They better hope that I am winning the fight, cause if not...I am gonna shoot and kill them. I am gonna start with the man who tried to over charge me for a number 3 combo meal.


Katelih, My 1st reaction to the shooting was "He was wrong", but then the media went and convicted him in the news, not in a court. Once the other information started rolling in I thought, let the investigators do their jobs, we weren't there and we don't know what Zimmerman saw, we don't know what all Martin did to make Zimmerman suspicious, we really don't know the facts, so I'm going to wait for the LEO's of Sanford do their jobs and I hope they are not pressured by outside forces.



Repeat post



Super Judge

I don't understand why there is such outrage over what Al and Jesse say? When was the last time either one of them had a comment that anyone actually took seriously? They are really more of a sideshow, just like most media personas.

Super Judge

Now thats funny!

6079 Smith W

Will POTUS Obama now institute a taxpayer funded "Hoodies for Trayvon" program?

His divide and conquer strategy in order to get re-elected is in full bore mode.

Will POTUS Obama make a TV appearance and ask for calm? No.

Some on the blogisphere fear that there will be riots in the inner cities.

Got your Obama hoodie?


The Big Dog's back

 Gee winnie, hard to contain that racism huh?


Aw, leave them ALONE!  They have a right to gather as Sandusky's future pillars of society.  After all, their role model is Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) who decided he was so SPECIAL and so ENTITLED he decided to disrupt the U.S. Congress in his true black panther conviction.  The EXACT same entitlement and being special is now on display in Sandusky.  So why be critical?  This is exactly what the residents of the city continue to cultivate for the future so leave them alone!  Hey, city residents, you get an A+ in your total failure of the liberal public school system, liberal teacher's UNION, and fine and outstanding success with your elected liberal, democrack leaders.  You should ALL be so proud of yourselves!  Ha! Ha!       

Professor Playdoh

So...... what does it mean "No Peace"? Am I less safe in my home today?



Do me a favor kids, graduate, go out in the world and get a job, pay taxes don't take any government handouts and then tell me what is fair? Would fair be you get up everyday, go to work, raise a family and then return home only to folks hanging in the streets till all hours of the morning, have no taxible income, causing problems and stealing from folks while living off some one on the government gravy train and tell me "That's Fair". Because that is what is pulling society and communities down.

Julie R.

@ Smcc Student: Where did you hear that Martin was bashing Zimmerman's face in? That's not what the news said. They have a video of Zimmerman handcuffed and being taken into the cop station right after the shooting and he doesn't have a mark on him.


Julie, his daddy was all over the new last night claiming Trayvon was bashing his nose in and slamming his head on the concrete sidewalk for ONE MINUTE.  on a tv broadcast with some florida reporter.  They aired that thing about 500 times last night on the news. 

The Big Dog's back

 Isn't funny that the zimmermans have to have a P R person?

Super Judge

katelih maybe you dont belong on this board, because you tend to make sense. Your post was valid.


So, let me get this straight. If you are half black and half white, you are black. If you are half white and half hispanic, you are hispanic. If you are all white, you are white. Who makes this crap up?

This should not be a race issue because we are all of the human race. If the color of your skin doesn't matter for anything else (which it doesn't) then it shouldn't matter here, either. Media loves sensationalism. Those who follow it are devoid of wisdom.


Professor, they mean if this Zimmerman guy doesn't get arrested, tried and CONVICTED there won't be any peace. 

At first it was just arrested. 

Then Sharpton and Jackson got involved and now its all the way to CONVICTED.  

I don't know how that happened but that is what they said on the tabloid crapola news last night on my saltelitte dish on channel 202 news.  whatever the heck that one is.  LOL 

That's all that was on, since there weren't any good movies on I watched Nancy Grace....pardon me while I gag a  

And that's what SHE  She is all for convicting this guy before they even arrest him  But's that's her.


They might as well go over to the 700 block of Perkins, and march on the food store. The race card was flipped out, and cops called over some stupid bananas of all things.