Anglers aim for steelhead in Chance Creek

Anglers are descending on Northern Ohio hoping to snag some steelhead action.
Emil Whitis
Mar 28, 2012


Anglers are descending on Northern Ohio hoping to snag some steelhead action.

We ran into one fisherman, Patrick Knowleton, of Ashland, and his quarry at Chance Creek. Check out the fish in the video above, and share some fishing tips or hot spots in the comments below.



great interview ...... ??????????


I searched the web for Chance Creek and cannot find it anybody have directions?


I think it's in Lorain county.



Nice steelies can be caught in Cold Creek.........................Try the campground, where you can fish for a small fee,  or wade the falls behind Margaritaville. Nothing like hooking a steelhead. The fight is fantastic, and although it's a trout, the meat is just like salmon.

Whiskey Tango F...

Great footage. Be advised that you have to have permission to fish most places. If you are in a boat it is legal, if you are wading or standing in the stream, you are trespassing. FYI


WTF is correct.  The state of Ohio owns the water, but the property owner owns the land under the water.  You can be cited for trespassing if you walk, wade, anchor, pole, or otherwise make contact with the landowner's property without written permission.  This means you can't anchor your decoys, tie off to a tree, or pole a boat or canoe without permission.  In addition, those who fish from the bank at Margaritaville are also trespassing.  ODNR has no sense of humor when it comes to trespassing and may confiscate your equipment, along with issuing a ticket that can result in a $500 fine.

You can get online with the Erie County Auditor's office and check the ownership of the property.  In the case of Cold Creek behind Margaritaville, Margaritaville DOES NOT own the land under the creek.  I know, I've already checked.