Sandusky grade schools show improvement

SANDUSKY Elementary principals Kathy Pace-Sanders, Jude Andres and William Biehl say they are making
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Elementary principals Kathy Pace-Sanders, Jude Andres and William Biehl say they are making great strides in their schools.

The principals informed Sandusky school board members this month they're particularly proud of recent test results as well as tutoring programs and positive incentives that seem to be making a difference.

"I'm so thrilled to stand here as the principal of Hancock School," Kathy Pace-Sanders said. "We are having a very successful year. Our test scores are continuing to rise."

Pace-Sanders said 85-90 percent of the students at Hancock are enrolled in an after school tutoring program that has resulted in increased test scores.

"Our third graders recently took the Ohio Achievement Test and 72 percent scored proficient," she said. "My students say they go to Hancock School proudly. They are achieving and I'm so pleased with their work."

Jude Andres, who took over the reins at Mills at the beginning of the year, said his students are well on their way to exceeding his expectations.

"They're growing, leaps and bounds," he said. "Because of parent support we're moving fast and smoothly, and we too have increased our test scores."

Andres said Mills' third-grade students scored a little more than 50 percent on the test, but the number is something to be very proud of.

"We're scoring higher than we have before," he said. "With the (resources) we have for our teachers and students, test scores are increasing and students are retaining more information."

Superintendent Bill Pahl smiled through the presentations and he and the remaining board members said they were pleased with the efforts being made.

"Teachers are volunteering their time to help these students after school," said board president Faith Denslow. "They're going above and beyond the call of duty. They step up when there's a need and that shows real dedication as a teacher."

William Biehl, principal of Madison School, said his building is not only focusing on raising test scores, but rewarding children for positive behavior.

"We've implemented several incentives at Madison," he said. "The more we focus on the positives, the more inclined students are to want to succeed."