Word on the Street: What to name west-end overpass?

We hit the streets to ask residents what they thought the city should name the west-end overpass.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 27, 2012


We hit the streets to ask residents what they thought the city should name the west-end overpass. 

Watch the video above to see what they had to say and weigh in with your own thoughts in the comments below.



These comments are heartfelt but why didn't the SR interview any Sandusky residents?

Phil Packer

Let's make sure it gets built first...



Why does this need a name at all?


"Memorial Bridge"

Place a plaque.  Add names to the plaque over the years.  Dunn could be the first person added if you want.  Others may come in future years. 


My uncle died during the vietnam war and went to sandusky high. Better consider him also DENNIS RAMON   and all the others whom have passed away in the line of duty................


The Venice Rd. overpass. 


You're right.

You can name it after any hero you want, but for convenience, it will probably be refered to as the

Venice Rd. overpass.


I agree with Booster. "Venice Road Memorial Bridge" and then if they want a plaque, put one on there so more names could be added.


Sandusky 2012,

     I knew Dennis very well.  Is your Mom His sister, Don't want to mention names.  If so,  She probably has told you how close they were.  She was telling you the truth.

SP/4 Dennis M. Ramon was killed on June,02, 1968 while serving with the 173 Airborn Brigade,RIP!


Yes EZOB   I believe it should not be just anamed after just one individual but all who have protected this country. Then the city can just hang flags all over the bridge..

lets just call it             " Remember Me Bridge"


November India Golf

west end overpass

dig this

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  Veterans Memorial Birdge with a plaque naming all Police  Fire, and Miltary personel from Sandusky killed in the line of DUTY.

Good 2 B Me

Thank you Man4451!

I agree 100%

The Answer Person

How about calling it the Passover Overpass.


That is totally awesome  "The Answer Person"


Leave the overpass alone.  The whole thing is getting way out of hand. 


Either name it nothing at all or call it something generic like "Bridge of Heroes" or "Hometown Heroes Bridge" then allow people to contribute to the purchase of individual nameplates.  Truly, I believe there doesn't need to be any name put on it....who in the heck names overpasses? Considering the state of crime in Sandusky these days, I'd prefer a warning sign "Lock Your Doors, Roll Up the Windows, and Close the Vents Now."


In honor of Cedar Point, Keep Your Arms and Hands Inside the Ride Bridge


Triple Crown Memorial Bridge................Especially if you've ever waited on one. Be our luck if this thing gets built, a Triple Crown will derail and take it out



Good 2 B Me

For eveyone that uses Venice Road, how about you get the Bridge finished and Label it 'Complete'

Lisa Wobser

Devotion Memorial Bridge:  A plaque with the names of the people in our community who did something heroic and then died or someone who was once heroic because of their duty of devotion.


Use the money that is collected for traveling on the closed raod to buy the plaques or signs.  We need a pull-over at the top of the bridge so we can P#SS on the trains as they travel under the bridge.  After all, They have been shi%$ing on us for years.  Obviously, No fond Memories!

Taxed Enough Already

 I remember Chuck Adkins that died in Afghanistan too.  Why does this bridge have to have a name?  


For some reason i think the only sign on this bridge will be one saying "Please don't jump, Its not worth it"


I agree with those who, if we MUST name the overpass, suggest we call it something like the "Heroes Memorial Bridge." To single out one man (or woman) seems to diminish the sacrifice made by other men (or women). To qualify for a plaque, though, I submit the person would need to have died in service to his (or her) country and in the line of duty. Yes, that would include LEO and firefighters who, while not military, most certainly DO serve at least their part of the country, often with distinction.

Okay, now that I've agreed with some of you, let me ask everybody else a question: Why, oh why, do we have to name it? The people who suggest we'll all end up calling it the Venice Road Overpass sooner or later are right...


 i agree with a lot of the commenters on here.  if they really want to do something they should put a plaque up and let people buy names to put on it.  but i dont think andy should be the very first name.  i think they should check out records and go by that.   it would be a nice memorial to all who have fallen


There once was a bridge or'e  a train track

That everyone wanted to name

It went back and forth in a contest

Trying to decide on just what name it should be ?


Then one day a person decided

As he looked at the bridge in such glee

I have it he  shouted in pleasure

Lets just let the plain bridge BE