HILDEBRANDT: What's in your stocking?

'Tis the season ... To speculate about the gifts that Santa Claus might be giving to some of the area's more notable
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


'Tis the season ...

To speculate about the gifts that Santa Claus might be giving to some of the area's more notable public officials and some of the people who have found themselves in the headlines during the year.

Remember, Santa knows if you've been naughty or nice.

School funding problems have plagued the State of Ohio for many years now. And, for that reason Sandusky Schools found themselves in a position to ask voters for additional tax money to sustain services. Local landlord Bill Waldock wasn't too fond of the idea and sent a letter to his tenants letting them know his feelings on the matter. Now that voters approved the levy Santa might find it appropriate to give Bill a glass of "whine" to help him swallow the increase in property taxes.

The Waterfront Watchdogs should be given a clubhouse in Sandusky's Marina District condominiums, and the Sandusky City Commissioners in return will receive lifetime membership in their "club." Santa might have to send in the elves to keep the peace.

Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter has kept himself out of the news this year. And why not, with a brother and now a brother-in-law entering county politics it has been easier to sit along the sidelines. To help him in that political maneuver, Santa's gift is a few more branches on the family tree to add politicians to the family dynasty.

Kevin's brother-in-law Erie County Commissioner Bill Monaghan could use a box of leadership skills to help him fulfill all those campaign promises, promises, promises. It won't be easy.

Bill's cohort, Erie County Commissioner Tom Ferrell, needs a copy of the book "What Color Is Your Parachute," and hopefully a need to use it in the next year or two.

Erie County Sheriff Terry Lyons needs lots of stuff. It would be best to give him a gift card. He could use it to build more jail cells or to hire more deputies or to initiate county-wide dispatching.

All of the fire departments in Erie County received their gifts early this year. It appears they got their last free ride on the dispatching train and next year might find themselves on the giving end of the tree when they have to contribute to the cost of financing the Tom and Terry regional dispatch plan.

Newly appointed Sandusky City Manager Matt Kline needs the gift of common sense to navigate the perils of Sandusky politics. Let's hope Don Miears gives it to him.

Current Sandusky City Commissioner and future (he hopes) Ohio House Representative Dennis Murray Jr. gets a pair of ballet slippers from Santa so he can balance the needs of city residents vs. the needs of campaigning for higher office.

Perkins Fire Chief Rick Myosky finds himself in need of a firearms safety class. Who better to teach the class (and save the township money to boot), than Perkins Police Chief Tim McClung?

Perkins Township Trustee Tim Coleman appears to have worn out the fence he has been sitting on for the past two years. The new one he will receive is made of barbed wire. Ouch. It will be easier to take a stand.

Perkins Trustee-elect Jeff Ferrell could use a set of strings for the puppet show his big brother will put on now that Jeff has been elected to office.

Perkins Trustee Bill Dwelle doesn't need much. Years ago he received a forked tongue and lessons in speaking out of both sides of his mouth. So, instead of offering a gift to him, his wife Sandy will receive a new digital camera with a telephoto lens to help her record the activities of the Perkins employees.

Diane Schaefer, newly elected clerk/treasurer for Perkins Township, will receive a two-year membership card to the Bill Dwelle Fan Club. Hopefully, after two years the club will dissolve and a viable trustee will take office.

And outgoing trustee Tom Pascoe? How about the gift of second-guessing his decision not to run for re-election?

And finally, the residents of Perkins Township need a dose of reality and a civics lesson on the impact their votes have on the future of their community.