Naughty or Nice?

SANDUSKY He might have been born at night but he wasn't born last night. Every Friday
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



He might have been born at night but he wasn't born last night.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday since Thanksgiving, area children have been telling Santa Claus in his downtown Sandusky workshop they've been good all year long.

"I've seen it on my list and you had a couple of moments you just needed to try a little harder," he told one girl Sunday night.

One boy, however, got straight to the point.

"I might have had a couple time-outs," he said, and then added. "Why do you have gloves on? I have best friends," which brought out a chuckle from the old man.

Some kids just go with the silent approach.

"Most of the kids are so excited to get in there and then once they see me they just freeze up," Santa said. "One kid was so excited he just sat there and stared. Said nothing, just stared."

Santa said he's seen almost 1,100 kids this year in his Sandusky workshop alone, and heard a wide variety requests.

The most sought after Christmas gift this year: A Nintendo DS. Most boys are asking for a Nintendo Wii, while most girls are asking for Barbie dolls, Dora the Explorer toys, Hanna Montana toys or Butterscotch Pony.

Santa said the most surprising gift request he heard this year was from a 4-year-old who asked for a rifle.

Santa remembers one of the more moving Christmas wishes coming from a boy who didn't want any presents.

"One kid said he wanted all of his gifts to go to his mom and dad for taking care of him and being nice to him," he said.

Still, Santa said sometimes it's the parents who are most entertaining. One father and uncle sang and did the motions to "YMCA" to get their toddler to smile for the camera, while another dad just stuck to jumping around to make his kids laugh.

Todd and Andrea McKillips brought their three children and a family friend out to see Santa Sunday.

"We do it every year," Todd said. "It's a tradition then we hang the pictures on the tree."

Santa said a lot of people come back every year to see him.

"People have come in for years and years and years. Their kids are almost grown, but they still come in to get a picture with Santa," he said.