REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: Anderson confesses: He's a leg man

SANDUSKY REGISTER He's a leg man "A major award" is feature
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



He's a leg man

"A major award" is featured In the window of Erik's Clothing for Men, 101 W. Water St., Sandusky.

A fishnet-clad leg lamp is proudly displayed and inspires honks, thumbs-ups and even a "You're my hero" shout for owner Erik Anderson.

"We knew we had just the right window for it, so we thought we'd make it part of the Christmas decor," Anderson said.

Anderson said he bought the full-sized lamp for $200 at The Christmas Story House Museum in Cleveland. It has a variety of lighting options including just the lamp, just the thigh or the thigh and the lamp together.

He said the lamp has been a great way to remind people of the holiday classic movie, "A Christmas Story."

-- Laura Collins

Landfill won't aid Osama bin Laden

The new landfill gas project in Erie County is good for the environment and should generate jobs.

But wait! There's more. The project also hasn't done anything since Tuesday to aid America's sworn enemies.

During Thursday's meeting, Erie County's commissioners were eager to sign a contract with Renewable Energy Services of Ohio to use gas from the landfill to produce electricity. Assistant Prosecutor Gary Lickfelt's job was to make sure all of the legal requirements were in place.

Lickfelt asked James Hiendlmayr, president of the company, if he'd done anything since Dec. 18 to aid international terrorism. Hiendlmayr promised solemnly that he has not.

Under state law, major vendors must sign an affidavit they haven't provided aid for a long list of terrorist organizations. Hiendlmayr had signed the document, but forgot to date it, so the question took care of that bit of paperwork, Lickfelt explained.

Only once has a contractor said he aided terrorists, Lickfelt said. A sewer line installer answered "Yes," but later explained he had mistakenly checked the wrong box, Lickfelt said.

-- Tom Jackson

A picture worth 1,000 words

Wednesday night marked David Warner's last school board meeting after 16 years on the Margaretta Board of Education.

His fellow board members took the opportunity to thank him for all his service to the school district and to poke a little fun. They made copies of two pictures of Warner: one of a young, shirtless Warner in cut-off jean shorts after a fishing trip, and one of him many, many years later.

A caption under the more recent picture pointed out the difference in Warner's hairline in the two pictures and credited it to the 16 years on the board. Warner didn't argue.

-- Laura Collins

Bixler taking his holiday lumps

A Christmas tree on the third floor of the County Services Center has stockings for all of the employees who work on that floor.

Most of the third-floor workers are women. Commissioner Bill Monaghan, playing Santa Claus, slipped a coin into most of the stockings.

County Administrator Mike Bixler, however, received only lump of what appeared to be coal.

"The girls were good," Monaghan explained.

-- Tom Jackson

Retiring board member shares memories

During the Clyde-Green Springs Board of Education meeting last week, board member Ervin "Bud" Rutherford shared a few memories from his time as a driver's education teacher.

Rutherford, who had been the driver's education teacher for 37 years, talked about the many stressful times he had teaching the class.

During that period, he said he ran into some hard times, especially when he suffered two heart attacks in 1993.

The doctors said they were concerned and told him he "had to quit teaching driver's ed."

-- Jacob Lammers