County dispatch center releases 911 audio from Showalter call

The Erie County regional dispatch center has released an audio recording of the 911 call made by Jody Showalter on Sunday morning.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 25, 2012


The Erie County regional dispatch center has released an audio recording of the 911 call made by Jody Showalter on Sunday morning.

Showalter, who was off duty at the time, is heard calling dispatchers after a pedestrian pulled a gun on him near Columbus Avenue and Washington Park. Showalter resigned on Tuesday, amid allegations he got into a scuffle with another off-duty officer Saturday night.

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Marcus M

Fourth article, same subject, the registerag continues their agenda.....

Mail order bride

 Moral or the story,

If your an off duty cop dont ever get drunk,

Dont get a gun pulled on you,

And dont call 911.  Typically a gun trumps a public intox charge

Unless your an off duty cop from sandusky during a very slow news

Week in which you will now be the bad guy instead of the victim.


Pastor Ron

Moral of the story

If you are a Sandusky Police Officer...... act like it.

Don't get drunk and fight with your co-workers in the street

Don't get drunk and look for random people to fight in Cabana Jacks.

Don't say people have a gun and when they are stopped.... find that they do not have a gun

Don't crash squad cars

Remember to put your car in park before you get out or it is likely to roll into other cars

Other cops should remember dressing up like you are bikers makes you look like an idiot

Don't send sexual text messages to your co-workers wife ever if she is a dirty @&o#$

When you tear gas people check the direction of the wind

Remember these things and if you leave the SPD..... you might be able to get a job as a mall cop


 Just wondering how longs the Register going to keep beating this up now?


Another cop with   Little Man Syndrome.


I wonder if SPD was as furious as I was reading 03/23's article in the SR where it was nothing but race baiting done by the Register. What I'm referencing to is the writer saying the only description the two men fit was "they were black". Are you that desperate to increase your audience SR? How Emil Whitis earns a paycheck is beyond me; I can only hope he's an unpaid intern.

"typically a gun charge trumps a public intox charge" --couldn't have said it any better myself Mail Order Bride. 


100% agreed FearTheStache03


 This story has been rehashed too many times. Leave the man alone and find other news to report.


Ok!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!  The man resigned....can we move on????  He is no longer a SPO.....leave him doesn't matter any more....geez SR....

Mail order bride

 Pastor ron what website did you buy you pastoral Degree from?  You are very sinical for a " pastor" . Did you eat meat on friday( fish is meat btw). So do you  condone the cover up by the church regarding the child molestation scandal.

God bleas SPD. God hates the Sandusky Register.


Pathetic..... SR is truely a RAG!


Confusion???? Dispatchers have no idea where things are when Jodi tells them where he is and where the suspects are? Thats something that they are not familiar with  if they were not a former SPD dispatcher.Not the dispatchers fault. Drunk or not at least Jodi was able to stay on the line to correct information? They finally had to get a dispatcher that was a former Sanduusky PD dispatcher who first of all knew the area and second of all knew Jodi as a police officer. When the second dispatcher got on the phone almost two minutes had elapsed in the call and her first question was whats going on?Because they had to get a dispatcher who was familiar with the area who obviously didnt answer the call at the dispatch center. This unfamiliarity will cause someone sometime down the road to lose precious time that could cost a life. Some calls are made and only once is the information available before the call is cut off. No time to find a different dispatcher that is familiar with the area.Regional dispatch is not the answer in my opinion, at least for Police. Might save some money but is it worth your family not getting help in time?

Marcus M

pastor Ron, compassion and forgiveness clearly not the tenants of your faith, my guess rejected as a mall cop, mail order/self ordained, pity your flock.......


This ridiculous can we please leave this man alone SR. He has already resigned and he was the victim does it bother anyone that somebody pulled a gun on him and this is what we are talking about.Sandusky is becoming ridiculous there are shootings all time and most of them are not even reported in the register. SR should report the need for more cops or harsher penalties for these thugs rather then keep throwing them back in the system. Prosecutors make to many deals rather than trying them in court. Thugs run Sandusky


Good 2 B Me

This is the biggest bunch of poo.

I cannot believe it for a minute. Why would a couple black guys go up to a cop and pull a gun.

Sounds like maybe he has something to hide?

Considering he set out for a fight according to earlier reports, this comes as no shock.


So, what did these 'black guys' demand while pulling a gun? Did they try to rob him, ask for drugs, threaten to shoot him? Seems to be a lot of missing information from Jody's call. Someone please explain.



this editor is a peice of fecal matter


I agree with been-there-done-that...good argument against Regional Dispatch.  Sure hope Perkins decides NOT to participate in it.


Jody: "two black mails heading south on Columbus Ave, at Adams"

Dispatcher: "are they going downtown?"


DUH! Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Downtown is on the water, which is north! My dad taught me that when I was like 8 years old.

It was St. Patricks Day, Jody was having a beer with friends, what's HER excuse!? She did a terrible job.He told her 3 times what perps were wearing, she asks for a FOURTH time, and his answer is the same everytime.

The police report from that night, SPD said they did not have description of the two black males clothing. Well whose job was it to give it to them? The dispatcher! Terrible job.

So, where are all the HATERS, that said they were so sure Jody used the "N word" to describe the perps? Where are all the haters that couldn't wait to hear the audio?

All I hear is a man in distress, who is quite shaken up at the fact that a gun was just pointed at him, and a dispatcher who is not very good at her job, and has no idea of direction.





Dick Tracy is right except for the dispatcher comment. Yes you know what he was talking about because you are from sandusky. The dispatcher could have been a county or huron dispatcher who dosnt have a clue about the streets of sandusky therefore she has to find a sandusky dispatcher in the room (if there is one) and she then has to get all the information all over again. Regional dispatch only saves money but you get what you pay for!  Hope its not my family that dosnt get the help when needed because a dispatcher didnt have a clue where you are??When you call 911 its like playing russian roulet hope you get the right dispatcher for your area.


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What say you now Kate?

 No, I think a drunk person (Showalter) called dispatch and said," I just got into with  2 n****s...they pulled a gun on me!  Come quick !  I just don't believe there was a gun. I sure wish I could hear the 911 call. 


You all must be gov employees saying leave this alone. Not that i want to hear this all the time but this 911 call proves this guy should not be a cop. Drunk and call 911. why not call police dept direct i think he has the #. He was trying to cover his @$$. Little men in big chairs all over public jobs..This is the smoking gun no one wants people to hear

Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman

Updated: Friday, 23 Mar 2012, 6:19 PM EDT
Published : Friday, 23 Mar 2012, 5:47 PM EDT

ORLANDO - A witness we haven't heard from before paints a much different picture than we've seen so far of what happened the night 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.

The night of that shooting, police say there was a witness who saw it all.

Our sister station, FOX 35 in Orlando, has spoken to that witness.

What Sanford Police investigators have in the folder, they put together on the killing of Trayvon Martin few know about.

The file now sits in the hands of the state attorney. Now that file is just weeks away from being opened to a grand jury.

It shows more now about why police believed that night that George Zimmerman shouldn't have gone to jail.

Zimmerman called 911 and told dispatchers he was following a teen. The dispatcher told Zimmerman not to.

And from that moment to the shooting, details are few.

But one man's testimony could be key for the police.

"The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: 'help, help…and I told him to stop and I was calling 911," he said.

Trayvon Martin was in a hoodie; Zimmerman was in red.

The witness only wanted to be identified as "John," and didn't not want to be shown on camera.

His statements to police were instrumental, because police backed up Zimmerman's claims, saying those screams on the 911 call are those of Zimmerman.

"When I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point," John said.

Zimmerman says the shooting was self defense. According to information released on the Sanford city website, Zimmerman said he was going back to his SUV when he was attacked by the teen.

Sanford police say Zimmerman was bloody in his face and head, and the back of his shirt was wet and had grass stains, indicating a struggle took place before the shooting. 


 Laker what does that have to do with this?  The SR would not print that because it is not important to them.  They only care about horse crap news for the most part.  That should have been the top story days ago but you know lets bash our own first



brutus are you really defending this drunk crying emotional lying officer


 Just drop it! He quit and he's done. My God how much more do I have to read about this guy?


Baby cakes you must want to. you are commenting like everyone reply to me so you can say stop talking about it


 @CAST THE FIRST STONE: I'm nosey, that's why I read it. I just can't believe the Register is managing to make this into multiple stories.


Kottage Kat

Baby cakes, you can choose to NOT read, the choice is yours and obviously, you choose to read.   Kat

Mail order bride

 Notice to all govt employees , 

You cannot get drunk and get a gun pulled on you and call 911. Especially on the anniversary of your releatives MURDER.......You are less than human and are not allowed to be victims of a crime so so dont bother calling for help.

If you do you will be criticized for 5 days straight by the upstanding citizens and their tin foil helmet coalition.

God hates the Sandusky Register 


Sandusky Register, you have gone far beyond reporting into sensationalism as usual.  I am glad you went to the trouble of acquiring the 911 audio because it actually shows the ridiculous drama created out of this incident.  First, there was no need for the big to-do in the paper to begin with.  This same incident could've just as easily have happened to a drunken Register reporter and never made the news.  Second, the police department should've disciplined him internally and required that he receive counselling rather than essentially force his resignation instead of allowing the local media to dictate their actions.  If anyone should be disciplined, perhaps the dispatcher should be subject to some serious retraining or a hearing test because I could clearly hear and understand the majority of what Showalter said on the tape: the nature of the incident, the description of the males, and that they were headed towards Adams from Washington Row on Columbus.  Black pants, white t-shirt, red cap with black bill. Not that hard!  A newspaper should report the news, but should not go beyond in mudraking.  To do so is irresponsible and unjust.  It is bullying.  It is enough to push someone with issues over the edge of their coping abilities and you reporters need to think about that very seriously.  Find the balance between reporting news and empathy because one day, one of you could find yourself having a hard time dealing with circumstances in your own lives and wouldn't want someone adding to that in a way that would put you in a further bind, lost career, etc.


 Okay Labman...You're right..I didn't hear Showalter use the N-word, like I anticipated..I can't make out some of the drunk mush mouth talk he was using but it doesnt seem to be an aggressive racist call...Do you think I am MAD that I am wrong ??? NO WAY !!!! I am happy to be wrong !! Yay..He didn't say the N-Word !


katelih I am glad you are not mad. You asked for the 911 call and it did not support your assumption. There  is a chance that some select adjectives could have been used to discribe the people who pulled a gun on you. I would have let loose with some regardless of their skin color.

Tru Grit

In more important news, a young kid is dead in Florida and we are still writing about this clown who use to have a badge, enough SR. Let's write about real news like how younger kids are obtaining fake id's via outside the Unites States and using them in the local bars.

Julie R.

Maybe if the trial had been up and running this would have never happened. Maybe everybody in Sandusky --- and everybody in Erie County for that matter --- should bombard Judge Tygh Tone with letters urging him to get the trial moving and over with.    


Really really really tired of Andy and the trial being brought up with every incident in the SPD. You ppl are stupid. This particular incident boils down to a normal person, off duty, out with friends drinking and got carried away. Who hasn't? (Besides non drinkers) Plain and simple. Yes it was the anniversary weekend of Andy's murder. But it was also the Cedar Point Police officers reunion as well as St. Patty's Day. Give it a d*** rest already.

Jody, I wish you and your family the best of luck. This will pass...before long the Sandusky Register will find some other police officer or department to start blasting in the paper.


 Cast The First Stone, have you ever called the direct line to the county dispatch?  If so, you would know that you get an automated system, before speaking to a live dispatcher.  911 was his best option for the quickest response. 

Excel, if you think there was no gun at the time of the incident, because there was no gun found on the two males involved in the incident, then you are naive. It is very common in gang oriented circles to pass weapons off to others, when they suspect the heat will be coming to them. 

Has anyone taken a moment to think about how this incident would have turned out if there wasn't off duty cops involved?  Someone would probably be dead or badly injured.

It's truly sad that this poor excuse for a newspaper has so much control over the minds of many in the community.  The fact that the focus was taken off of DeShawn Carr (a lifelong menace to society) and Kendal Burks, making Jody out to be the bad guy, disgusts me... but, does not surprise me. I only hope that Jody, if he chooses to stay in law enforcement, can get into a community where his compassion and level-headedness will be appreciated.


talk mean a officer does not know the inside line to his own station.. I just stil dont get why a sandusky officer would drink enough to be drunk in sandusky..not that they cant drink . I know lots of teachers.emt people and even business owners that like to have a good time out drinking but they are smart enough not to do it in their own back yard.


 After listening to the recording once, I knew the description of the subjects, direction they were heading in, and what they were wearing. The failure here is the dispatcher had no idea what she was doing. Maybe not her fault, as she is forced into regional dispatching without proper street knowledge. The key word here is "ONCE". Now all you can sit there and listen to it dozens of times, and form your conclusion. That is what all attorneys would do. The fact remains that a weapon was drawn on an unarmed man, who the thug had no idea was a Police officer until after the fact. So, we have two violations here. Intoxicated man verses man with gun. What does everybody persue to the fullest??? Of course, it is the intoxicated man, because he is a Police officer. This rag of a newspaper really needs to get on a different track. I wish Jody Showalter well. He is a stand up guy and has been solid as a rock for the past year. Everything happens for a reason.  Oh, and by the way?  Why don't you do an investigative report on who the H_=@ took down the items placed across from Firelands Hospital. They had a very sentimental value to family and friends.


 I want to thank Sandusky Register for releasing the 911 call to the community. Since, Showalter already resigned due to his embarrassment of his actions while being drunk..I think the 911 call HELPS  his reputation more than HARMING it. He was not yelling and screaming profanities like I and some others may have suspected. I remember wishing there was a RE-DO button on occasions when I was with friends and did stupid stuff when drinking. I am pretty sure he wishes he had a RE-DO button, as well. 

As far as the" thug with the gun.". I wish Adams was the one to call that in. I think he would have been more credible. BUT he didn't.. I DID hear Adams say something to Showalter (in the background) Sounds like he said..You're F***ed up, Jody..Showalter's response was No, I'm not.


Reinstate 2075! I hope they went back and picked up there gun so a kid doesn’t find it!


PIB and Kelleys are looking for summer cops.



jon..the audio tape is not a off duty cop drunk isnt us hating..fools call 911 drunk and say they are a victim and idiots like you cant see your saying is just that


Had it not been for the Register's previous articles informing readers of his heavy drinking... I would of swore he was sober by the 911 call. The dispatcher did not pay close attention to the details of the call. That's scary.  


Mar 24, 2012

jon..the audio tape is not a off duty cop drunk isnt us hating..fools call 911 drunk and say they are a victim and idiots like you cant see your saying is just that









and don't call people idiots  this crap has had it . I would call you a bunch of names but I can't stup to your level


your so called saying is calling names ,,read it back to dont get it jon491 stup is spelled stoop and what rhymes with that with id in the end


Didn't sound drunk to me!


For being drunk he sure ran through the discription 4 times and never wavered. Questioned whether they were headed to downtime he instantly said no and said once again headed south.

If there is a good ole boy network at the FOP, how did the the Register know where and how this started. The cops could have said everything started from the park bench at Washington Row after a few brewskis.

Between the Register and Reflector stories on St Pat's Day extracurricular activivites, is the reason I do not partake of St. Pat, Cinco de Mayo, etc. I need no dang holiday to get my drink on and put up with a$$holes


THAT cop did nothing wrong , GET the hell of his back . HE SHOULD GET HIS JOB BACK !

Julie R.



Cracked Cherry

 The dispatch should know the area, But if not all they have to do is relay the info to the patrol cars. That is their only priority. SPD are normal people like us with real problems like us. They are allowed to have fun and have a social life, But they must lead by example on or off duty. Two guys headed south on Columbus Ave and Adams St. What is so hard to comprehend about that? We need to question our dispatch officers not our police officers. We all need them at one time or another and you will be glad they showed up to risk their lives for your safety.

Pastor Ron

It is just a matter of time before some of you mindless police can do no wrong and are above the law types will suggest that Adams and Showalter we deep undercover pretending to be typical drunks trying to catch urban thugs flashing guns.  How exactly does being drunk and out of control protect the public? 


All I have to ask is .Sense we are short 4 officers , what is being done to bring the Dept back up to a standard that can be safe for the residents ?


You have lost Officer Dunn one year ago this month and have placed two or three other officers on suspensions . Now I understand that there is a standerd that all poilce officers have to live by. But when you take away four officers from a under staffed dept , arent you placing the safety of the other officers as well as the city as a whole in jepordy ?

I would like to know the answers to these questions if anyone knows the answer


I think that it is shameful that we as people of Sandusky have walked away from this fine man. Maybe he was drinking. Maybe he did have a real bad night. What do we owe him? I think we owe him more than what he has received. If he is upset because of a loss of a fellow officer we need to help him. He should be on paid leave for a few months. I think that some professional help is needed. At that time see if he can be put back to active duty. He didn’t hurt anyone! He was a victim of being on a bad street in Sandusky. I feel we would be much better served as a city if we had some Brass Step Down. Why do we still have an Interim Police Chief if you are going to keep him give him a contract? We need some steady leadership! Someone they can look up too. Get some big city Brass from Arizona or California.  A change in how things are run even down to the hours they are allowed to patrol in a day.  Anything over 10 hours is crazy! Maybe we could do a lot of positive things with some changes.   

bored reader

This whole thing is a shame. Personally, I don't think he should have resigned. I believe his superiors did him wrong by not forcing him to get help after officer Dunn's death. Now he's been sent out on his own to let the feelings fester more. They should heve kept him on with the condition of seeking help.


It may take months or even years to mentally rehabilitate this cop.  The city doesn't have time to hold hands and babysit each police officer   I want to know where Lang was when all this was going on.  It is obvious that Showalter was treated differently then another drunken man on the street causing trouble.   Lang should give the rest of the officers a warning that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated or you will lose your job.  The city did right in cutting Showalter loose when they had the opportunity because he would have been a big liability to the city and the city doesn'tt need anymore problems on their plate.  We can't manage the rest of the city because the Police Department continues to take up so much of the city's attention with their problems.

Marcus M

This is the FOURTH article on the same subject, right or wrong leave this young man alone, enough is enough, another example of the registerag agenda......


I can't believe I am saying this but I agree with Julie R, all other articles comments are allowed with the exception of, the weekly advertisement for one attorney that is masqueraded as a "news" article on homes being foreclosed on, NO COMMENTS are allowed, Why?


 I wouldn't blame Jody one bit for jumping Westerhold and/or his staff and kicking the nuts!t out of each and every one of them.  LEAVE the kid ALONE!  Evereyone is sick of reading it.  I have NO idea how this paper was voted #1 in Ohio.  Maybe voted #1 gossiping piece of trash!  DROP IT!!!

  I’m surprised by how many people tout that this isn’t news….and to leave this poor guy alone. Look, if you work for the public…it’s your decision. You know what you are getting yourself into. When the public pays your salary, your business (on or off duty) becomes the public’s business. If you choose to abuse your authority on duty - - it isn’t inappropriate for the news to let the taxpayers know. If you deal drugs, get involved in domestic violence, or any other inappropriate type of off duty behavior…once again, it isn’t wrong to report that to us – the taxpayers. In fact, police corruption should be reported…these men and women should be holding themselves at a much higher standard.   You see, the news wouldn’t have anything to report if these things weren’t happening. Had that occurrence with this ex-officer never happened, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. I am not a thug – who bashes police officers whatsoever. I appreciate and respect law enforcement. I am a hard working and highly educated member of society…and even I feel that there is “pattern of behavior” starting to emerge in this Sandusky Police Department. This has nothing to do with reporting the news….rather, it has everything to do with choice behaviors by the officers on the force.    It sounds like this team of law enforcement officials should begin with policing each other…holding each other accountable for honorable standards. I’ve experienced this type of “accountability” in the military and it’s powerful…and…it works.  
44870 South

  Good Grief! I pray to the Good Lord I never get that dispatcher if I have to call 911! Who cares if this officer was off duty and out with some friends. He still is a citizen for Godsake! He is IS ALLOWED. He gave a clear description 5 different times! I could have told you verbatim what those guys were wearing, and the direction they had been heading the first time he said it! I mean my God....Enough with this story! Leave this guy alone. I think the city needs to be more concerned with how well our dispatchers are trained and whether they are competent to be the first line of communication when something bad might be happening.Thank God no one was actually hurt that night.


To Fancy 1: I am so sick of people in the city trying to justify the actions of people. I don't care what was said by whoever, it gives NOBODY THE RIGHT TO PULL A GUN on somebody. It is the same thing with all those juvenilles who almost killed the guy. People are like "what did the man do to provoke them?" That is BS, I wish people would just take responsibility for their own actions and stop trying to point the finger at other people.


It's is indeed sad that Jody make a career altering move , but realistically let's run the scenario. Substitute a couple of players. Envision a man that has worked 20 yrs at his job, one day the company up and folds leaving the man without income. His savings are exhausted so he decides to go and hold up a bank. He is caught and is sentenced to 20 yrs for armed robbery. Now the correlation, is it acceptable for this man to rob a bank even though he has never had any criminal convictions? Is it acceptable to blame his actions on the fact that he was losing his house and was facing foreclosure, had no money, lost his car, even though he was an up standing citizen? Was it acceptable to rob the bank, and given a second chance because of the reasoning he stated for making the robbery? NO, that's why laws are in place regardless of who you are or what you do. Even though Jody stated he is still in mourning over his fellow officer and friend Andy Dunn, doesn't excuse his bad decision. If he was that distraught he should have known that it was affecting his judgement on police issues as well as civil issues when on and off duty. If these type of actions were to be allowed for Jody, then it opens a door up for anyone to use past experiences to justify their present day actions. I have the up most respect for the SPD, and feel that not all the other officers should be judged by Jody's bad decisions he has made as a SPO. It cannot be allowed for a policeman to become intoxicated and go looking for a fight when the very same issue with a civilian would be grounds for an arrest. I also agree the Register is beating this into the ground but we all know how Matt is in regards to the SPD. I wish you well Jody and truly hope you find the peace within yourself to move forward in your next venture.




@ streak

What about the actions of Mr. Showalter?  You cannot hold anyone but Randleman accountable for his actions.  If I didn't commit the crime don't take your anger or grief out on me.  Just because you are the same color as the offender does not mean you condone his actions.


 Pragmatic, I don't think anyone is really upset that the incident was reported as news. Where I and I'm sure many others are upset is because the writer consistently makes up their own facts, when writing articles involving cops. The people with chips on their shoulders are then using these so called "facts" as arguing points, which in turn makes people like Excel look naive for arguing about something they know absolutely nothing about. People want to know why Jody isn't in trouble for "assaulting" Matt Dunn?  The answer is, because he never assaulted Matt Dunn. But the SR was successfully able to get many of the gullible readers to believe that that is how it went down. The bottom line is, I'm all for newsworthy incidents being printed. And this incident was probably newsworthy. Unfortunately, the SR puts its own spin on the incident to make the reader think that Jody was the bad guy. I lost my faith in humanity some time ago. This article and the comments with it is just more evidence that I have better grasp on reality than many. 

Good 2 B Me

Still not clear on what provoked a couple of Black Guys to pull a gun on a Cop. I know he was not in uniform, but you know as well as I do that the majority of them walk around like Cops even when they are off duty. You know...that chip on their shoulder, like they are above the law...



Julie R.

No explanation as to why comments were allowed on this story --- not to mention ALL stories about the Sandusky police --- yet no comments are being allowed on the FORECLOSURE stories?  


So, I hear some residents want charges brought against the officer...thats cool we would have been charged if it was a citizen, but were the charges for the hoodrats that pulled the gun the him?...I thought officers where sworn to protect, on or off duty, instead they defuse it, and let them walk I can go out and pull a gun on cop, and get away with it?..I don't care what color they were because color doesn't matter. You pull on gun on someone, thats charges on or off duty.



Snatchblock, no charges were brought against the two men that were allegedly involved in the confrontation with Showalter because there was no gun found in their possession or in the area after a search.  A person cannot be charged for carrying a weapon that does not exist. 


Jody was drunk? Doesn't sound drunk to me, gave a pretty good discription of the thugs and where they were heading.

Did anyone ever check where they were walking? Maybe they stashed the gun somewhere.

 criminals have all the rights anymore.