County considers dumping Osborn MetroPark recycling site

Erie County leaders might scrap yet another popular drop-off recycling center.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 18, 2012

Erie County leaders might scrap yet another popular drop-off recycling center.

Area officials cited two major reasons for their consideration to close the Osborn MetroPark recycling site by April 30.

The Osborn recycling center is located just off East Perkins Avenue near the Erie County Care Facility.

First, and primarily, the center absorbs a major chunk of the county's solid waste district funding.

Operating the Osborn Park site cost about $53,000 last year, 28 percent of the district's $189,000 annual budget.

Secondly, people continually dump prohibited items — such as toilets and large appliances — and litter the site.

The site is also getting heavier use by people using it to discard proper plastics and paper goods after county officials shut down the Columbus Avenue recycling site in Perkins Township a year ago.

County officials closed the Perkins Township center because operations totaled about $120,000 a year.

For more on the proposed closure pick up Sunday's Register.





Doubt It

Donutguy, you're way off base.  I'm not for the government forcing anyone to do anything - I'm not sure where you're getting that from anything that I said ...

I was simply saying that I like to recycle and I see the value in these bins at Osborn.   When I lived in Toledo we had the option of paying a few extra dollars a month for recycling bins you put out with your trash on trash pickup day.  It was actually really nice; I could recycle right from my door step without having to run all over town to the public bins.  I didn't mind paying the few extra dollars a month because I think recycling is a good thing.

The article online doesn't mention anything about forced recycling or even any solutions to the cost of the recycling (I didn't get the paper version, so there may have been more that isn't stated here).  I think, donutguy, that you're referring to previous posts from others who offered government solutions. 




It's a step by step process if you refuse to pay your combined water/recycling bill.  First, they shut off your water.  Second, the Health Department condemns your house as unlivable so you must move out. The odds are that most wouldn't push it past the move-out stage.   ---- The thing that really stands out with all this clamor for recycling is that nobody is scrambling to build a recycling center for public drop off to capitalize on all this money to be made.   Short of building a new recycling center why aren't the trash haulers just allowing the public to just drop off their recyclables at their places of business.  Sounds like a plan to me.   
Falling Down

I have to agree and I have said it before on the Register blog; if the county would have made some that money spent on hauling stuff away for a manned recycling center with compactors, then there would not be this problem of the mess made by lazy people at these drop off sites. As well the county would not be paying so much in hauling.

 Guess the County Commish does not get it, does not care and has no interest in making recycling the positive it could be. It stead of leading by example or learning by other counties or communities that make recycling work, our not so great leaders are running away from the problem.

Way to go County Commish, Trustees, City Commish. Do not lead or take on a challenge run from it.


"A seized property is a property which has been repossessed by the lender (could be a bank) since the owners defaulted on mortgage payments. This process is also called foreclosure. In addition to this, home or property may be seized by the government due to criminal activities or for evasion of taxes. It is difficult to believe but, properties seized annually are a few hundred thousand."

The part in question is" or for evasion of taxes" So yes the government CAN take your paid off house as payment of back taxes.



 A water/garbage bill is not a tax.  It's a utility.  I really don't think a judge would sieze a home unless there were other extenuating circumstances.  If you just let everything go, THEN they may sieze your house.  

I don't think the commisioners know enough about recycling to make an informed decision.  They are just listening to the garbage haulers, of which few actually have a recycling facility.

Here is a MRF realitiviely close.  This is how it SHOULD be.