County considers dumping Osborn MetroPark recycling site

Erie County leaders might scrap yet another popular drop-off recycling center.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 18, 2012


Erie County leaders might scrap yet another popular drop-off recycling center.

Area officials cited two major reasons for their consideration to close the Osborn MetroPark recycling site by April 30.

The Osborn recycling center is located just off East Perkins Avenue near the Erie County Care Facility.

First, and primarily, the center absorbs a major chunk of the county's solid waste district funding.

Operating the Osborn Park site cost about $53,000 last year, 28 percent of the district's $189,000 annual budget.

Secondly, people continually dump prohibited items — such as toilets and large appliances — and litter the site.

The site is also getting heavier use by people using it to discard proper plastics and paper goods after county officials shut down the Columbus Avenue recycling site in Perkins Township a year ago.

County officials closed the Perkins Township center because operations totaled about $120,000 a year.

For more on the proposed closure pick up Sunday's Register.






 Why is the county considering the ending of this site.  Money.

They will force people to use curbide recycling and charge a higher fee to generate money.

They will include the fee in your water and sewer bill so you have no option.  If you don't pay this bill the county can take your house for nonpayment.

Pay attention people.


Other than dropping cardboard and plastic bottles off at Osborne Park, what are the other options Erie County residents have to see that these items do not end up in a landfill? 



"Secondly, people continually dump prohibited items — such as toilets and large appliances — and litter the site."   stupid people! these are the same stupid people who vote morons into office. people can't read signs.  morons!


I will stop recycling and throw the stuff away!

Kenny V

 This is erie county's way of banking more money. How you ask? Well if it isn't going in to be recycled it will be going into the landfill. How will this boost erie county's bottom line you ask? Have you seen what they are charging per ton at the landfill.

Apparently some one isn't doing their homework here. last time I checked most items that are recyclable hold some value. cardboard and paper can be sold to recyclers. There are resorses to take glass, steel, aluminum, and paper. I am not sure on the plastics. 

They shut down the perkins township recycling center, which had surveillance for the major if not the whoe day. To keep one open that has zero surveillance at all. What do you think is going to happen?

This is sad, I was brought up to lessen your footprint on mother earth. Less waste in the landfill and more recycling. Make it a better place to live by recycling. my father recycles everything he can. Now your asking an elderly man to do more then he is physically and financially able to do?

Here is a great article on the subject.

They want more tax dollars to do less for the public. So they can all sit around collect their pay, benifits, and retire wealthy. While the man who's collar is blue busts his butt to make ends meet, raise a family, ruin his body to retire broken down, and struggling to make ends meet.


"I will stop recycling and throw the stuff away!"  i agree. we should all stop and throw it all out with the trash. why pay extra to recycle? show them that we the people are the boss, not the other way around.

dig this

   Another service cut by the County Commissioners. No new taxes, but fewer services!


They close this one and I am done recycling. I used the Columbus Ave one, then moved over to Osborn Park. The price of gas and the amount of time involved with this isn't worth it any more. Into the regular garbage it will all go...and off to the landfill, to have the plastics and aluminum cans sit for a million years. Yep, gonna be a money saver for everyone involved...said sarcastically!!!



i can compress a lot of glass and plastics into those 30 gallon bags. I will make a compost bin for the worms and microbobes to eat up the cardboard and paper waste plus garbage like barnes does. I will save the aluminum to take in once a year. the hell with them. i don't like government intrusion into my life. i find ways to make my refuse bills cheap. plus i get free compost for my garden.


There are at least two trash haulers in the area that will pick up recycling curbside for FREE. Why would you drive all the way to Osborn Park if you didn't need to? And why WOULDN'T you recycle when it saves landfill space and costs you NOTHING?

But maybe the most important question is why in he11 anybody would advocate making this yet another government mandate to FORCE people to do something, and at added expense to boot? You must be a liberal Democrat, donutshopguy! What's next? You're going to mandate what I can and cannot eat? Oh, wait, Michelle Obama is already doing that. Are you going to determine what healthcare I can and cannot receive? Oh, wait, her idiot husband (with a lot of help from various and sundry idiots in Congress) is determined that that's just what the feds will do starting in 2013 or thereabouts (unless the Supreme Court actually upholds the Constitution our politicans won't).

People, we are thisclose to having the government tell us where we can live, what we should do for a living, what kind of car we can drive (or if we're even permitted to own one), and worse. If you think that's an exaggeration, well, just remember that ten years ago you would have laughed me out of the place if I'd said somebody would decide that it would be against the law to include a toy in a Happy Meal or that it would be a felony punishable by up to ten years in prison if you say something or hold a sign that says something too close to certain politicians!

Land of the free? Not anymore. Home of the brave? Not so much, at least not if those of us who actually REMEMBER freedom won't stand up for it!

Mandatory recycling is just one more increment toward the totalitarian state we're rapidly approaching. And unless you consider life in the Soviet Union to be "the good old days," you might want to slam on the brakes before we take so many incremental steps it's irreversible!


Come on people!  Are you serious?  You really think some older person is going to live in poverty and we are going to lose all kinds of freedom because they are considering closing a recycling site?


keep voting for shitnigo or brady (one of the same) the worst is yet to come


Come on people! Are you serious? You really think some older person is going to live in poverty and we are going to lose all kinds of freedom because they are considering closing a recycling site? stalin likes tk.


allo tk. i like you. i make you minister of propaganda, i mean news. you good. i like you. i wave to you.


FruGalSpender, You are being silly.  We are a strong country and I assure you we won't be done in by a bag of aluminum can or a bundle of newspapers.  I have never heard such a bunch of pessimistic people as are on here.  Always whinning that the sky is falling.


Take your plastic bags back to the store and put them in their recycle box. Give your news papers to a friend with a fire place, great fire starter. Many groups like the Humane Society will take your pop and beer cans to rasie money. You can also take your own cans in and get 50 cents a pound for them. Screw the city.


Well, the commissioners said they were going to cut the budget without laying anyone off, so what did you expect would happent?  Keep your eye on the services being cut because the commissioners have to make it up somewhere. More and More services will be cut.  Election year is here and we do not want to lay off an union workers because those are their votes. 



Don't mind the cut in services. Just don't add another cost (tax) to my water and sewer bill for recycling.


hey sam adams, are you a trouble maker like me? a thorn in the side of the goverment elite like i am? we might think alike in many ways.


i am going to buy some clear plastic bags and put my aluminum pop cans and beer cans into them and put them out by the curb. somebody will steal them during the night. no cost to me to drive to get 50 cents a pound. plus some poor person can make a buck or two. free idea.

Seen it All

I don't live in town.  They already charge me $71 every 3 months to come out and pick up my garbage.  When I asked them about recycling, I was told that was not an option.  So, for those of us who do not live in town, and still would like to recycle, places like this make it a hellva lot easier for us. 


"FruGalSpender, You are being silly. We are a strong country and I assure you we won't be done in by a bag of aluminum can or a bundle of newspapers. I have never heard such a bunch of pessimistic people as are on here. Always whinning that the sky is falling." the german people said the same thing when hitler was in power during the 1930s. I have a old computer to sell to you. it is a pentium 1. i paid over $3000 for it. will sell to you cheap for only $1000. good deal to you tk.


germany bombed by allied bombers? not so. it is a landfill as pointed out by tk. don't be pessimistic. think positive. maybe it was termites or bad construction.


over $15,000,000,000,000 in debt is good? tk if you are $1,000,000 in debt, are you doing good? what a butt head.

The Big Dog's back

 I think frugal needs to live in Haiti where there are no taxes.


FruGal, you are so concerned about losing your freedom, but you don't want to give anyone else the freedom to have an opinion of their own.  You think anyone who disagrees with you is stupid.  You don't have to explain WW11 to me.  I lived through it, my brother was in it.  I have lived through much worse economic times then we are having now.  I'm doing fine now.  And remember I'm on the side of those who want to help other people.  Those who need food, shelter and health care. 


tk, welcome to the zoo.  You will find some on here that scream and yell during this election year that EVERYTHING posted on the SR has political overtones which are directly affected by three things:  Obama, the obliteration of the government as we know it and the liberals  Oh, and there are several sundry things as well, but those three things are the BIGGIES. 

I have had many a sleepless night worrying about them, let me tell you.  LOL.  This recycling thing is just as one poster said....a way to cut down on by the Erie county commissioners.  Most people scream and hollar about the expenses being overboard, but they do not want anything to go. Especially if they have to pay for it out of their own pockets. They want everything to remain AS IT IS, and nothing to be cut back. 


Most trash carriers offer recycling for a price.  If yours doesn't call around and see what others offer and how much it would cost to get them to pick up.  You may be surprised.  My garbage service is $63 per month, much less, Frugal.. than yours.  They offer recycling and I might go with that.

It only takes a few stupid people like the ones who left things they shouldn't to stop it for the rest of us. I don't blame the ECC for not wanting to pay anyone for picking up the big stuff.  Why should they? It is expensive.  Why do you suppose the idiots who left that stuff did it?  They were too lazy to take it to the dump themselves or simply didn't want to pay to take it there. 

My dad and I used to go to the dump once a month with big deal.  We may start doing that again ourselves if necessary, or recycle.  Either way, we make the waste, its our responsibilty to get rid of it.

So stop complaining and take responsibility.  Geeze, no one is asking for anything so huge.   You're not being forced, folks, your being forewarned that something isn't going to be there. 



The shoe has already dropped in Huron. You are charged for recycling whether you use it or not. The government decided for you.  Erie County watched and learned.

I'm not against recycling. I'm against government mandates which you have no choice. This is just a new way of taxing the public without calling it a tax.

 By the way, I spend $10.00 per month on trash removal.  


Wiredmama222 wrote:

"So stop complaining and take responsibility.  Geeze, no one is asking for anything so huge.   You're not being forced, folks, your being forewarned that something isn't going to be there."

Erie County hasn't said anything about force...yet. The responses were in regards to donutshopguy's post suggesting that recycling be made mandatory and that everybody be forced to pay for it with increases to their water/sewer bills.

And no, unfortunately, that's not beyond the realm of possibility. In Cleveland, I understand the haulers actually use cameras and you end up being busted if you don't recycle, or dont' recycle enough! "Vee know vhat is besst for you, and you VILL do as vee say!" Sieg heil. <sigh>



Sam Adams......that is in Cleveland......been there lately.  They have trash litering their streets.  They force it because they use their streets like dumps.  I don't blame them for what they did.  Their recycle and trash suppliments were done out of necessity because of their problems.  You are so funny with how you write things.  In my head I heard Colonel Klink just then.  Very good.  LOL. 

To donutshop....and in Huron....I wouldn't live there if they PAID ME to, sorry but that place always seem so demanding.....if they are forcing you to do something you don't want then move away.  I detest anywhere that forces someone to be taxed against their will. 

we all complain about taxes, etc.  But we never seem to get up and DO anything about it.  What happened to things like "taxation without representation is tierany"?   or"  Give me liberty o give me death"?  Or forefathers uttered words like that and didn't let it go but we just complain about it and do nothing.  Why is that?  We sit back and b+tch and let them get away with it.  Why don't we do something to stop it?  I am willing to fight for what I believe in. 



 If anyone knows of organizations that collect cans, paper or cardboard please inform us. I will drive and drop off mine every week or month. 

I will not pay our government to recycle.


 County government discontinuing a service?

It's a government takeover!

This is worse than Hitler and Stalin combined!

Ain't that right FruSpender?


wanna know a way to stop the dumping of the big items?  you can buy a camera to set up for a few hundred bucks and review it when stuff is left..   then comes a fine, and boom, some additional revenue for the facility..  

here in ohio

@ wiredmama222.....your garbage service is $63 per month ?  WOW you are being ripped off BIG TIME !!! I pay $65.00 for 3 months


"County government discontinuing a service?"   if the government discontinues a service, then funding for that program must stop. discontinue a school, stop funding it. discontinue police protection, stop funding it. any discontinuation of any service funded by tax dollars must stop funding that service. like i mentioned before, i will throw some low value recyclables into the trash. I will make use of my compost pile for garbage and paper waste. aluminum i will save for others for free. why should I waste $5 in gas and wear and tear on my car to get $5 back in aluminum? anybody can have my aluminum for free. maybe some poor person or charity can use it.  "Ohio law allows Solid Waste Districts to fund their recycling programs by collecting a fee on solid waste disposed in landfills and transfer stations. The law requires Ohio landfills and transfer stations to collect fees on behalf of Districts and remit the fees monthly to the appropriate Solid Waste District. The Erie County Solid Waste District is funded by a $4 per ton generation fee that is charged on waste originating in Erie County. The fee is collected at any landfill or transfer station in Ohio where Erie County waste is taken. The generation fee will increase to $6 per ton on July 1, 2010. In order to fund educational programs and special waste reduction projects, the District also seeks out and applies for grant funds. The District does not receive funding from the county general fund. Neither can District fees be used to support county activities. Fee revenue can only be spent on District activities."  if service to recycle discontinmues, then funding with public money must end. i will improvise my own recycling plan and i don't want government intrusion into my recycling plans. i also don't feel that my tax dollars should continue to fund a service that have been discontinued. where will the recycling fees ($6 per ton) and grants go to? used to put on a carnival for entertainment as shown in the web page that i provided?


"@ wiredmama222.....your garbage service is $63 per month ? WOW you are being ripped off BIG TIME !!! I pay $65.00 for 3 months"   she sure is being ripped off. that is close to $200 per quarter. i use those 30 gallon bags for trash. depending on how many bags a month that i use, my monthly trash bill is only about $4 to $8 a month.


"I think frugal needs to live in Haiti where there are no taxes." hey big dog, at least i pay taxes. what about some of the people who pay no taxes but still get a tax refund and free phones with 250 minutes. i have been getting all kinds of junk mail from companies that offer free phones with 250 minutes per month with texting. that is over 4 hours a month in free time. how many emergencies consist of 4 hours per month? how about a free cheap basic phone that can only dial 911 instead of using those phones for entertainment purposes? no job, free phones, free food, free medical, free housing, no taxes and still get a refund in taxes to buy a flat screen television or drugs. i had no gripe with you big dog but i do now. maybe big dog should be shipped off to haiti.


Wiredmama you are a trip.  You detest anywhere that forces someone to be taxed against their will?  Where do you live that you actually have a choice in whether or not to pay your taxes?  I want to move there!


 How ironic. Just received an invitation in the mail to enter an agreement to recycle for only $4.50 per month from a private company. Just another $54.00 expense every year.

"Curbside pickup every other week."

'No more messy trips to a drop off center."


It's cheaper to put my recycling in a trash bag every two weeks. Good job Erie County. My trash volume just doubled to the Erie County landfill.

I recycle often. I reuse old caustic chemicals as weed killer, I save all used motor oil in a drum and then spray it on my gravel driveway to keep the dust level down, plastic six-pack holders are excellent wildlife snares. Batteries, old electronic parts, and lightbulbs I save and ship once a year to Indonesia. The orphans there pick the metal out of them and earn enough money to eat; if that wasn’t reward enough, I also use it as a tax deduction. I throw cans into the ditch so scrappers can earn a living. Compost food scraps. I wait until the wind is blowing toward Sandusky, and then set all my plastics, Styrofoam and paper on fire. Heck I don’t want those giant black plumes of carcinogenic smoke billowing back my direction; then I recycle the ashes back into my flowerbeds.    

sorry, mistyped.....$63 every 3 months....not every month.  oops.  and I am not taxed against my will that I am aware of any more than any of you.  If any of you are so fired up about your taxes, why not protest them for real instead of belly aching about them on here. 

You all get on here and talk the talk, why not walk the walk.  None of you really protest for real, do you?  Do any of you get together and protest for REAL?  You come on here and talk about how beset upon you are and how these taxes are RAMMED down your throat and then turn off the computer and go ambly on your way doing nothing more and then pay them.  Why is that?  

If you are truly that upset why not do something about them?  Got to the EC meeting, or local meetings.

Why not take charge of what you don't like and do something instead of just complaining.  Why no show up at the local EC meeting and protest that which upsets you? 

I am curious about the answer to that? 

What do you think they would do if masses showed up in protest.....shoot you, jail you?  Have the tax police show up at our door? 

I am more than willing, are any of YOU?


"If any of you are so fired up about your taxes, why not protest them for real instead of belly aching about them in on here." over 400 people protested and filed relief from unfair property taxes by going through the board of revision. people protest high water and sewer rates. sometimes those in authority have you removed from a public meeting if one protests too much. protest by telephone and calls are not returned. i will use any methods available to protest unfair taxes and unfair property taxes. how many here are satisfied with the use of their property taxes, income taxes and government services paid for by your taxes. if your other avenues of protest go unanswered, protest here. hey wiredmama, are you satisfied with the stolen sandusky CHIP money? i think that there was over $3 million stolen. how about that former sheriff using a county credit for personal use? i get fired up over that because nobody seems to care. the sheep just follow along. maybe some people don't care if their rights are taken away. i will fight for my rights. why wiredmama do you protest against those who find these comments one way to protest? why does that bother you so much wiredmama? we live in the computer age now which provides much more ways to protest and to connect with like thinkers and like minded people. if comments bother you, do not read them.


"What do you think they would do if masses showed up in protest.....shoot you, jail you?"  yes, protesters have been shot and jailed. it is the american way now. remember kent state and that war in vietnam based on lies? how about the iraq war based on lies?


frugal.....when did you EVER show up at an EC meeting to complain about your taxes?  or at a commission meeting to complain?  When did you ever show up at the board of taxation with other to complain about anything with others in tow?  EVER? 

I would love for you to give me a time and place when you did that?  You are really good at  posting items from places like utube and stating facts about Kent State (a place my husband was at DURING those shootings) were you there then?  Do you even really know what that was all about?  I doubt if you even really know what happened other than what you read in a book.  Viet Nam....I doubt you know what that was about either, not really.  Iraq is another matter.  That was a lie. 

No, you have it all wrong.  I am not bothered by what I read here. Protest in word all you want.  You have a masters degree in it.  Sometimes you are off the mark a mile and a half, but you do protest often, and moreso than most.  I read what you write and am often amused that you don't often know what it is you are protesting against, but you DO protest.  I am not bothered by it at all. 

But what I am bothered by is that no one DOES anything about it.  There is a big difference between writing about it and DOING something about it.  That is what I am saying, so don't get the two mixed up in your head. 

Of course you run the risk of being put out of a meeting.  Or being arrested.  That should not stop you.  If you disrupt and do not follow rules, that is what is sure to happen.  But what you site in NOT the way to go.  You are not paying attention, which is often what you do. 

If you are willing to protest it in the written word, why not in ACTION?.  I am saying just that....ACTION.  So I guess I action.  Just as before.  I have been there once, why not again.  I am not afraid to do so.  It didn't bother me in the 60's it won't bother me now.  I will stand up for my rights, and not just in written words, but in actions. 

So you do it your way....I will do it mine.  IN WORDS AND ACTIONS.  


"frugal.....when did you EVER show up at an EC meeting to complain about your taxes? or at a commission meeting to complain? When did you ever show up at the board of taxation with other to complain about anything with others in tow? EVER? I would love for you to give me a time and place when you did that? No, you have it all wrong. I am not bothered by what I read here. But what I am bothered by is that no one DOES anything about it. If you are willing to protest it in the written word, why not in ACTION"    wiredmama, i have records of my property tax revisions. i went to the finance department of sandusky to complain about my city income taxes, i protested in marches during the 1960s and marched in a demonstration around the county courthouse in more recent years. i tried to save the seneca county courthouse by demonstration and written letters. my phone calls to the county commissioners go unanswered or i am brushed off by short responses. i didn't like the way the federal government violated the rights of the hutaree militia so i try to drum up support about our rights. i don't like when a certain former sheriff got a free pass for misuse of a credit card. yes, i protest too much because i care. you on the other hand chastise quite frequently. is it because your husband works ar ford and makes good money and benefits and you think that you are better than me or others? while some of my friends have worked for ford, a few of them think they are better than those who drive a junk car, live in a not so nice house or don't take vacations to some nice places. you wiremama can afford your trash pickup and other luxuries in life. i and others can't. my question to you wiredmama is why you chastise others so much? you chastise me and others for online protests about our freedoms and those of others. wiredmama, you have already found the hutaree militia members guilty before all evidence has been presented to the trial. so wiremama, please tell me why you chastise me if my comments do not bother you?


"No, you have it all wrong."  i have it all wrong and you wiredmama have it all right? i bet that you think that your poop don't stink.


to those who are intrested in the hutaree trial and how the government twists things around can view some partial information here.  other laws will be coming up that protests will be outlawed and those who protest will be sent to prison for 10 years because of vague laws. origen and others put out some good information and people should open up their eyes and minds to what really is going on. protesting online is one way to provide information to the masses. lame stream news holds back truthful information and puts out propaganda to the sheep.


 Come on Erie County. Lets be truthful.

The county need to shed some expenses. That mean services need to be cut. Thus, recycling is on the chopping block.

But, here's the problem. The EPA, which has more power than the county, has mandated public recycling. Cut recycling and the EPA will sue or the state will withold funding. 

County's solution : Curbside recycling paid for by the homeowners. The cost will be added to your water and sewer bill.

If you don't pay that bill, the county has the right to take away your home.   How sweet of a concept is that ?




 Wow, reading these blogs makes my head hurt.  Sandusky apparently has no clue about how to make money with recycling.  FSI does curbside pickup in Huron for a minimal charge.  Overhead is absorbed in part by them already being there to pick up your garbage.  Then they sort, bale, and resell for a profit (or they wouldn’t do it).  Erie county is using these large roll-offs which require more expensive pickup.  If they were smart, they’d start their own recycling center and have the drop-off at that location only plus curbside.  There are many municipal recycling centers around the US that create income for their regions.  It appears the county is contracting this out.  Are they even being paid for the material taken or are they just being charged a “waste removal” fee?

 Even the military makes money doing this.


Doubt It

Recycling is very important - stop and think about all the things you throw away during the day and I bet that over half of it will be recyclable.  Recycling isn't an evil thing and it's not very hard.  It helps to prolong the life of our dumping pits.  Also, buried trash does not degrade very fast (some things take hundreds and hundreds of years) and often times the liners on the pits leak with age.  I think anything we can do to stop filling up waste dumps is a good thing.  I don't like paying taxes or hidden extra fees but recycling is one thing that I don't mind investing in.  I will probably have children someday; I want to do all I can to leave behind a better place for them.  I understand that recycling also consumes a lot of fossil fuels, but in my mind it's the lesser of two evils - the trash has to go somewhere and the less we bury the better.


 Doubt It,

So you are for  government  forced recycling at any cost? Should violators be put in jail? Should violators have their house taken away because they don't comply or pay their mandatory fee ?


 That's a bit of extreem thinking isn't it?  Can they currently take your house away because you dind't pay your garbage collection fee?  Besides, its not government forced recycling, it's garbage hauler forced recycling which is part of the whole free market.  Who do you think sets the rules for collections and fees?  The contracted hauler.  The government just passes on the fees.  



If the county mandates curbside recycling and adds the fee directly on your water and sewer bill, then yes, they can take your house.

Go down and ask your county treasurer.  I did.

Bottom line. If you don't pay the fees or taxes the county has instituted they have the right to take your property.

She will feed you all kinds of other steps taken first, but when pushed, she agreed the bottom line is they have the ability to take your house.

Just so you know, even if your house mortgage is paid off, you don't own your home the government does.


 The government owns my house even if I hold the title??  I think you'll have to cite some examples of that.  I think there's this thing called the Constitution that says otherwise.  Can you also cite examples of where Erie county Sewer & Water confiscated anyone's house for not paying their bill??  The first corse of action would be to shut off your water.  Then they'd send you to collections.  Then probably garnish your wages.  That's if you don't pay ANY bill.  Hey, didn't I see you on Doomsday Preppers??  They might just confiscate your bunker first :)



Like I said "other steps taken first".  But, if you don't pay your county bills, the county  " has' the  legal authority to take your house for non payment.

The federal and state governments have the same legal authority.

Just thought some of you might like to know the concequences of continual taxation and government intervention in your lives.

I know the sheep don't care. 


 No, the sheep just don't believe you.



Yeah, I thought it was a little far fetched until I had a conversation with the county treasurer.

Doubt It

Donutguy, you're way off base.  I'm not for the government forcing anyone to do anything - I'm not sure where you're getting that from anything that I said ...

I was simply saying that I like to recycle and I see the value in these bins at Osborn.   When I lived in Toledo we had the option of paying a few extra dollars a month for recycling bins you put out with your trash on trash pickup day.  It was actually really nice; I could recycle right from my door step without having to run all over town to the public bins.  I didn't mind paying the few extra dollars a month because I think recycling is a good thing.

The article online doesn't mention anything about forced recycling or even any solutions to the cost of the recycling (I didn't get the paper version, so there may have been more that isn't stated here).  I think, donutguy, that you're referring to previous posts from others who offered government solutions. 


Falling Down

I have to agree and I have said it before on the Register blog; if the county would have made some that money spent on hauling stuff away for a manned recycling center with compactors, then there would not be this problem of the mess made by lazy people at these drop off sites. As well the county would not be paying so much in hauling.

 Guess the County Commish does not get it, does not care and has no interest in making recycling the positive it could be. It stead of leading by example or learning by other counties or communities that make recycling work, our not so great leaders are running away from the problem.

Way to go County Commish, Trustees, City Commish. Do not lead or take on a challenge run from it.


"A seized property is a property which has been repossessed by the lender (could be a bank) since the owners defaulted on mortgage payments. This process is also called foreclosure. In addition to this, home or property may be seized by the government due to criminal activities or for evasion of taxes. It is difficult to believe but, properties seized annually are a few hundred thousand."

The part in question is" or for evasion of taxes" So yes the government CAN take your paid off house as payment of back taxes.



 A water/garbage bill is not a tax.  It's a utility.  I really don't think a judge would sieze a home unless there were other extenuating circumstances.  If you just let everything go, THEN they may sieze your house.  

I don't think the commisioners know enough about recycling to make an informed decision.  They are just listening to the garbage haulers, of which few actually have a recycling facility.

Here is a MRF realitiviely close.  This is how it SHOULD be.