Cartoon attacks Christians

What exactly is Don Lee trying to say with his cartoon of November 29? That
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


What exactly is Don Lee trying to say with his cartoon of November 29?

That it's perfectly OK to jail a woman simply because the children in her class named a teddy bear Mohammed and this is justified because there have been abuses by Christians in the past? Is the cartoon an endorsement of sharia law?

In that case, he must also think it's perfectly OK to give a woman 400 lashes because she had the temerity to speak up in public about her rape, while her attackers got away with light sentences because they are male and after all, she was asking for it by being out in public without a male escort? Does he also condone the riots and killing of Christians that took place in protest of those Danish cartoons picturing Mohammed?

Two wrongs never have made a right. It is important that we speak up for human rights everywhere when violations come to our attention.

Or is Mr. Lee just taking pot shots at Christianity by implicating Christians in a situation that has nothing to do with us? Maybe he needs toleration/sensitivity training regarding those whose beliefs differ from his.

Either way, he and the Register should cut out publishing scurrilous slanderous cartoons! Such attacks on Christianity and practising Christians are NOT OK!

Mary Ann Chimera


Don Lee replies: The cartoon was meant to speak against offenses committed by humans in the name of their various religions, and wondering what the leaders of those religions would have to say about it, if anyone bothered to ask.