Medical bills for jumper now top $90,000

PERKINS TWP. Timothy Thayer's nose dive to the jail's concrete floor cost county taxpayers $20,
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Timothy Thayer's nose dive to the jail's concrete floor cost county taxpayers $20,000 in medical bills.

Following his suicide attempt Aug. 28 at the Erie County jail, medical bills have been pouring in.

In the incident, 47-year-old Thayer suffered serious head and spine injuries after throwing himself over a second-floor railing onto the floor below. 

Surveillance footage of Thayer's jump can be viewed by clicking here.

He was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center and later flown by medical helicopter to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo for further care.

A judge furloughed Thayer from the jail Aug. 30 in an attempt to end the county's responsibility for his ongoing medical bills.

Medical bills for the three days of Thayer's critical care while he remained in jail custody totaled $92,867, according to records kept by the sheriff's office.

Of that amount, county taxpayers are responsible for $20,483, said Sheriff Terry Lyons. Medicaid picked up the rest of the tab.

"That's what we feel pretty confident we are obligated to pay," he said.

Purchase orders for that amount have been submitted to the county, he said Tuesday. It will then be up to commissioners to approve the expenditure and the county auditor to cut a check.

"It certainly would have been into the hundreds of thousands of dollars if the courts wouldn't have cooperated with getting him out on bond," Lyons said.

A little less than $33,000 will be left in the jail's 2007 medical expense budget for inmates after the Thayer bill is paid.

In October, Thayer was sentenced to seven years in prison on a felonious assault charge. His charge stemmed from a January incident in which Thayer threatened to kill family members and himself.

A breakdown of the bills for which the county's responsible:

* Firelands Regional Medical Center: $824.16

* Neurology Network: $498.16

* Anthony J. Raimonde, M.D.: $543.30

* Perkins Township EMS: $200

* Precision Radiology Inc.: $38.85

* Respiratory/Critical Care: $95.19

* Lucas County Emergency Physician: $680.40

* St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center: $17,275.73

Total: $20,483.24

Source: Erie County Sheriff's office