Perkins students propose traffic safety measures

Cameron Crum worries a driver could strike - or even kill - a defenseless pedestrian every time a person drives down Birchwood Drive at night time.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 15, 2012


Cameron Crum worries a driver could strike — or even kill — a defenseless pedestrian every time a person drives down Birchwood Drive at night time.

A lack of street lights makes it nearly impossible for a driver to spot a person walking near the street or playing in the park.   “I can’t see anything in the morning or the night on Birchwood Drive,” Crum said, who makes the daily trek during dark mornings to Perkins High School. “If a young child were to walk out from the park and onto the street, a driver may not be able to see them.”   Instead of ignoring what seems to be a prevalent problem, Crum paired up with classmate Micaela Wichman to research the situation and determine what upgrades are necessary to improve the lighting situation.   The juniors presented their comprehensive project at a recent Perkins Township trustees meeting. Both concluded six streets lights are necessary on Birchwood Drive near Furry Park, the turn by the creek and the intersections where Buckey Lane, Kelley Lane Lauren Court and Linden Way cross the street.   “We focused on intersection and any points of danger,” Wichman said.   Almost all of these sites are bus stops, where multiple children get picked up and dropped off daily — posing even more need for lights.  

Read more about the students' recommendations in Thursday's Register and watch the video above.

Check out a map of the proposed changes here.




Phil Packer

 I think school should start later. Kids shouldn't be getting on buses in the dark, ever.


 How about having sidewalks. I've never lived in a community the was so lacking in sidewalks than Perkins Township. Whole housing developments without a sidewalk in site.


The Answer Person

I agree about the lack of sidewalks in those developments.  Just cheapskatedness on the part of the developers.

They could however take the ones from the neighborhoods in Sandusky since they mostly walk in the streets, day or night, and never use them.

What is up with that???


Sandusky Register Reader's picture
Sandusky Regist...

Wow what very civic minded students you Cameron Crum and classmate Micaela Wichman are.  Congratulations for doing something constructive with your time and talents. Keep up the good work!


 Jerkins will never have sidewalks they are to proud if you hit one of them it wil of course be your fault because they are special.



Peachy Keen

Mrjsiah, from your snarky comment I see why so many Sandusky students left  to attend Perkins. At least these 2 Perkins students care about their community enough to do something worthwhile with their time to try and make things better, which is more than I can say for most of Sandusky's population.


yeah, they can have the sidewalks and street lights in sandusky, you drive down the street and you about run someone over cause they don't know how to use them, even the ones that ride their bikes...i've almost hit acouple of them driving to work



I think they need to get a petition and have all the residents in the Birchwood development sign it

Smcc Alum

Im glad they care about the community but who is going to be playing in the park at 6:45 A.M. Anyways I hope they can raise this money themselves because I dont think any perkins residence that is not affiliated with that neighborhood is going to want to pay for this. I know its for a good cause but we all know where the money is going to have to come from. Taxes.

Keep Focused

Actually if this project would progress, the citizens in the neighborhood would petition the Township to form a Lighting  District. Then the residents in that neighborhood would fund the project.