Jackson students respond to Sandusky levy vote

Editor's note Students at Jackson Junior High School wrote business letter samples for a quarterly project and chose as their
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Editor's note

Students at Jackson Junior High School wrote business letter samples for a quarterly project and chose as their common topic a reaction to the recent approval by voters of the Sandusky City Schools levy. Presented here are excerpts fom the students letters representing the range of opinions in the package of letters sent to the Register.

-- Don Lee, Editorial Page Editor

Without the voters voting yes we would have lost our school sports and activities. We would have also lost band, orchestra and choir. We might have even lost more teachers. The voters are using their money to give us the money we need to keep all of these programs and more.

Clarissa Price

The hardest thing for me would have been the pay to play. This is because I am pretty active when it comes to getting involved with school sports. There are some people in our community that I know were not going to vote at all. When I explained to them that pay to play would take place and that extra programs would get cut they decided to go and vote. Posting pictures in the paper really helped persuade people to vote yes on the levy.

Heather Gruhlke

Since this levy passed it will all all the students a chance to participate in many school activities like basketball, choir and many others. We want to thank Sandusky voters for valuing our education and putting the students first. The Register gave very good information to voters of how and when to vote on the levy.

Teiera Carroll-Pack

You guys did an excellent job of showing the voters our wonderful programs at all of the schools. Like band, choir, orchestra and all of our sports. The levy being passed enabled us to keep all of those programs. So thank you to the voters too.

Ashlee Burden

The voters helped us pay for the school and supplies we need. Also they pay for the sports we play. Without the help of the voters we would've had to pay hundreds of dollars topay for the sports. Our education was on the line and it depended on the voters to help us keep our education.

Harsh Patel

The voters use their money to show us that they actually care. Because of them, our schools can carry out their sporting activities. Cross country, track, choir and everything else is still allowed because of everyone's support. Without these voters paying taxes and not being supportive, these activities could be banished or very limited.

Jenna Everson

Knowing that these voters are willing to sacrifice their money and time dedicates me more toward furthering my education and work harder to improve, if not polish, Sandusky's reputation in sports, competitions and academic records.

Andreana Johnson