Police: Lock your vehicle

SANDUSKY Lock up your cars. Sandusky Police Chief Kim Nuesse said the detective's bureau is in
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Lock up your cars.  Sandusky Police Chief Kim Nuesse said the detective's bureau is investigating a growing number of car break-ins in the city.

Nuesse attributes most of the increase in thefts to the time of year. She said from late October through December, thieves come out to prey on holiday cheer.

"My guess is they want property or they wantcertain items and they don't want to pay for it," she said. "Or they have a drug addiction and sell the stuff for money."

Lt. Mike Campbell saiddeterring a break-in just takes a little common sense.

"A lot of times what these people will do is try doors. The best thing you can do is lock the doors and don't leave valuables out where they can be seen," Campbell said. "If you're parking on the street, look for areas that are well lit and not secluded."

Nuesse suggests reporting any street lights that are out to the city or the police department.

"Lighting is always a huge deterrent," she said. "People are more likely to commit crimes in dark areas. It's a low-cost, high-impact way of trying to prevent crime."

People should be on the lookout and report any suspicious activity to the police department.

Nuesse said most break-ins occur between late night and early morning.

"If you see people walking through and they're trying car door handles and looking in windows, that's a pretty good indication," Nuesse said.

Nuesse said many of the people who steal items from cars are repeat offenders. She worries that many of them are back on the street because there isn't enough room for them in the Erie County jail.

"I really wish the jail crisis would be addressed ... keeping the folks that commit the crime in jail rather than releasing them on bond because of jail overcrowding," she said.