Local pastor, Michigan native, colors her hair scarlet and gray

CASTALIA Pastor Kathleen Suggitt kept her word before giving the Word Sunday morning.
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



Pastor Kathleen Suggitt kept her word before giving the Word Sunday morning.

As an incentive to raise money for CROP Hunger Walk, she made a deal with her congregation at Grace Lutheran Church in Castalia.

"We were sitting around last January or February and they were kind of joking around and saying, 'our previous pastor shaved his head,'" Suggitt said. "Shaving my head I was a little leery of."

Instead, Suggitt, a Michigan native, said if her congregation raised $1,000 for the walk, she would let them color her hair scarlet and gray the weekend of the Ohio State-Michigan game.

Money raised for the walk goes toward hunger and poverty. Out of 15 local churches involved, Grace Lutheran raised 25 percent of the proceeds. They ended up exceeding their goal and raising around $1,500.

"They caught the spirit. They were already talking about next year and confirmation students were already setting goals," Suggitt said. "I'm really excited that the Holy Spirit took a playful challenge and went to work with it in a number of different ways."

Nevertheless, Suggitt was hoping people would forget about the impending hair do. But before the early service Sunday, Suggitt's hair was colored scarlet and gray.

"She put an old shirt on and had a towel over her face and we painted her hair red with gray streaks in it," said Doug Paule, church member. "She made it clear that the service was still very sacred but she was glad to keep her promise."

Suggitt said the color is temporary and expects it to wash out eventually. Paule said the congregation enjoyed participating in the fundraiser, but the deal with Suggitt made it even better.

"I loved it. But she had the last laugh," Paule said. "She said you could color her hair, but couldn't break her spirit. Under her robe she was wearing a Michigan jersey."