Voters head to polls today to settle heated races

OHIO Here's a tip if you are planning to vote today -- don't forget to bring an ID. T
Tom Jackson
May 24, 2010



Here's a tip if you are planning to vote today -- don't forget to bring an ID.

The requirement for all voters to present identification has become part of the election landscape, so local election workers were reminding voters Monday to be sure to bring some form of identification. Polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. today.

Jennifer Ferback, deputy director of Erie County's election board, and Monette Garn, deputy director of the election office in Ottawa County, both emphasized the importance of voters having identification necessary to vote.

Acceptable forms of ID include a driver's license or a state ID card with a current or former address. Or the voter can bring any of the following if it has the voter's name andcurrent address: A military ID, a utility bill, abank statement, a paycheck, a government check or a government document. Voters without an ID will be asked to cast a provisional ballot.

Two polling places in Erie County have changed, Ferback said. Perkins Township Precinct No. 1 has moved from Meadowlawn School to Faith Memorial Church. Huron'sF Precinct has moved from the Huron Eagles to the Presbyterian Church.

Voters in Huron County need to remember they are actually participating in two different elections today, said Tom Gerrity, director of the Huron County Election Board.

They'll be voting in the general election in local races for townships and school boards, but they also will be participating in both Democratic and Republican special election primaries being held to pick a replacement for Congressman Paul Gillmor, who died in September when he apparently fell down the stairs.

So voters will find themselves standing in line twice, once to vote in the general election and once to vote in the primary, Gerrity said.

Voters in Sandusky, Seneca and Huron counties along with portions of 13 other Ohio counties are participating in the special election. Republicans will choose between Bob Latta, Steve Buehrer, Mark Hollenbaugh, Michael Smitley and Fred Pieper. Democrats will choose between Robin Weirauch and George Mays.

Election board workers in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties said all signs point to a relatively light turnout today.

Voters have only local races to worry about in Erie County.

"A lot of the races don't even have any opposition," said Deborah McDowell, director of Erie County's election board.

The Marina District issue is expected to draw attention from Sandusky residents. Sandusky and Perkins Township residents also will decide a municipal judge race that matches incumbent Erich O'Brien against challengers Michael Kaufman and Heather Love Carman.

Perkins Township voters will decide township levies and will settle a Perkins Township trustee race that pits Jeff Ferrell against Jerry Baumgardner and Don Bass.

Huron voters will decide a municipal judge race in which incumbent Bill Steuk faces challenger Bob Kelsey.

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